Result – Salt Ayre CA Series May 6


Hamish Fletcher-Cooney winner of the category 3/4 circuit race in the Salt Ayre CA Series on May 6

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Result – Salt Ayre CA Series May 6

1st Hamish Fletcher-Cooney Lancaster Uni CC
2nd James Lindsay Green Jersey
3rd Peter Hollis Team Hoppers Rollers
4th Matt Hallam BC PM
5th Neil Kenny BC PM
6th Chris Gambles Horwich CC
7th Peter Danby Bill Nickson RT
8th Ben Harrison Lune RCC
9th Joseph Baldwin Salt Ayre Cog Set
10th Jack Wilson Project De-watering
11th Steve Wilson Barrow Central Whls
12th Mike Arnold Wheelbase co uk
13th Eve Dixon Team 22 £10
14th Chris Vaughan Team Hoppers Rollers
15th Gemma Sargent Mercury Performance £5
16th Matt Hoyle Wheelbase / MGD
17th John Dodgin The Edge Cycleworks
18th Joshua Jardine Summit Cycling
19th Phil Peake Lune RCC
20th Mark Monkhouse Lancaster CC
21st Mark Stickland Settle www
22nd James Darrell Garstang CC
23rd Sam Ashcroft BC PM
24th Paul Andrews Lancaster CC
25th Jess Atkinson Team 22
26th Tony Hood HereComeTBelgians
27th Simon Mulholland Team Hoppers Rollers
28th Adrian Hamilton Lancaster CC
29th Nicholas Marsdin Lune RCC
30th Paul Troughton Wheelbase co uk

31st Jack Hannam-Pearson Lancaster Uni CC
32nd Gaby Duckworth Salt Ayre Cog Set
33rd Philip Wade Honister 92
34th Andy Hill Lune RCC
35th Mary Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set


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