Report & Results – Mid Shropshire Wheelers Event


Report & results from the Mid Shropshire Wheelers day of racing on 11th May  – Paracycling National Series and West Midland Youth Championships

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Report & Results – Mid Shropshire Wheelers Event
(thanks Dave Mellor)

The third in the summer series of Mid Shropshire Wheelers, Shrewsbury Sports Village Circuit Races took place on Sunday 11th May and incorporated the British Cycling West Midlands Youth Championships and a round of the Paracycling National Series.


Entries were very high which necessitated running separate under 8 and under 10 races to keep within the safe circuit limit which was a first and shows the popularity of cycling at present and the Shrewsbury Sports Village as a venue for top class racing.

Unseasonal May weather meant a day of strong cold winds and occasional rain showers which kept the venue café busy but proved tricky on the hairpin where several riders came to grief in the early races. Local favourite Esme Niblett took a particularly heavy tumble and unfortunately an ambulance had to be called which caused the under 14 race to be halted for a little while. Happily it is reported that Esme soon escaped and will be back on the bike soon.

Paracycling Podium

There were home West Midland Championship wins for Mid Shropshire Wheelers riders Hollie Owens and Ellie Rusell in the under 12 and under 14 girls races respectively, Silver for Rebecca Woodvine in the under 8 girls and in the 2/3/4 Men home club rider Kirk Vickers was narrowly outsprinted for the win from a 4 man breakaway that formed at two thirds distance. In the E/1/2/3/4 Womens race it was a win for Solihulls Sophie Faulkner in a bunch kick.

The Paracycling bike riders mixed it in the 2/3/4 race with Jaco van Gass just missing the top 10 in 12th overall to take the National Series win. In the Trike and Handbike race, Craig McCann took the trike win with Alan Cook and Caroline Wareing rounding out the handbike winners for a full day of racing.

Lichfield Ladies


MSW Under 8

1 Spencer Corder Stratford CC E
2 Joshua Jackson Lyme Racing Club E
3 Lewis Tinsley Stratford CC E
4 Max Bufton Hafren CC E
5 Noah Thomas Wolverhampton Whls E
6 Ben Woodhouse Solihull CC E
7 Max Saunders Solihull CC E
8 Thomas Brookes Halesowen A & CC E
9 Joseph Turnbull Redditch Road & Path CC E
10 Oliver Cotton Redditch Road & Path CC E
11 Joel Brewer Solihull CC E
12 Joseph Gregg Stratford CC E
13 Hamish Cooper Lichfield City CC E
14 Alex Taylor Stratford CC E
15 Morgan Hemmings Lichfield City CC E
16 Samuel Brownsword Solihull CC E
17 Alexander Sharpe Halesowen A & CC E

1 Grace Styler Halesowen A & CC EG
2 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers EG
3 Harriet Tinsley Stratford CC EG
4 Ella Tandy Solihull CC EG
5 Tia Carr Lichfield City CC EG
6 Mia Anslow Wolverhampton Wheelers EG
7 Leah Brookes Halesowen A & CC EG
8 Holly Saunders Solihull CC EG
9 Ella Harris Halesowen A & CC EG
10 Holly Leat Wyre Forest CRC EG
11 Lottie Styler Halesowen A & CC EG

MSW Under 10
1 Ben Askey Lichfield D
2 Daniel Wylie-Morris M&D D
3 Alex Barker Halesowen D
4 Ben Parr Solihull D
5 Joseph Lycett Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
6 Joseph Brookes Halesowen D
7 Oliver Tandy Solihull CC D
8 Christian Stevens Solihull CC D
9 Joe Cooper Lichfield City CC D
10 Alexander Brown Halesowen A & CC D
11 Thomas White Wolverhampton Whls D
12 Rory Bungay Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
13 Leo Hemmings Lichfield City CC D
14 Ethan Pratten Maindy Flyers Youth CC D
15 Jacob Thomas Wolverhampton Whls D

1 Zoe Backstedt Maindy Flyers DG
2 Bethany Bennett Sosban Riders DG
3 Georgie Duggins Lichfield City CC DG
4 Fay Garner Welland Valley CC DG
5 Caitlin Harvey Lichfield City CC DG
6 Holly Styler Halesowen DG
7 Eleanor Cooper Lichfield City CC DG
8 Grace Lister Wolverhampton Wheelers DG

MSW Under 12
1 Jack Rootkin-Gray Solihull CC C
2 Edward Woodward Leicester Road Club C
3 Bevan Smith Maindy Flyers Youth CC C
4 Taylor Carr Lichfield City CC C
5 Josh Field Halesowen A & CC C
6 Connor Smith Lichfield City CC C
7 Matthew Kingston Lichfield City CC C
8 Rhys Thomas M & D Cycles C
9 Emile Alexander Lichfield City CC C
10 Simon Wyllie Halesowen A & CC C
11 Ryan Phillips Maindy Flyers Youth CC C
12 Ryan Brookes Halesowen A & CC C
13 David Hird Stratford CC C
14 Daniel Barnes Lichfield City CC C
15 Samuel Hall Lyme RC C
16 Ethan Roberts Wolverhampton Wheelers C
17 Luke Prenelle Leigh Valley Juniors C
18 Alex Thomson Wolverhampton Wheelers C
19 Leo Bungay Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
20 Ayrton Smith Maindy Flyers Youth CC C
21 Nathan Edensor Solihull CC C
22 Conor Jones Solihull CC C
23 Samuel Holwill Hafren CC C
24 Sam Anslow Wolverhampton Wheelers C
25 Ross Corbett Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
26 Ed Prince Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
27 Lewis Page Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
28 Will Perry Wolverhampton Wheelers C

1 Hollie Owens Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
2 Libby Smith Matlock CC CG
3 Rhiannon Tansley Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
4 Charlotte Johnson Stratford CC CG
5 Mia Edgington Lichfield City CC CG
6 Isla Mason Redditch Road & Path CC CG
7 Hannah Turnbull Redditch Road & Path CC CG

MSW Under 14

1 Lewis Askey Lichfield City CC B
2 Matthew Shaw Solihull CC B
3 Will Manfield Wolverhampton Wheelers B
4 Ben Healy Solihull CC B
5 Matty Lewis Wolverhampton Wheelers B
6 Toby Barnes Lichfield City CC B
7 Harrison Knight Solihull CC B
8 Jacob Knight Solihull CC B
9 James Alexander Solihull CC B
10 Joseph Lister Wolverhampton Whls B
11 Daniel Cooper Lichfield City CC B
12 Joseph Guy Wolverhampton Wheelers B
13 William Duggins Lichfield City CC B
14 Harry Gillett RLS Cycling Club B
15 John Chesney Stratford CC B
16 George Hancock Lyme RC B
17 Seb Bacon Wolverhampton Wheelers B
18 Henry Lloydlangston Halesowen A & CC B
19 William Lodge Solihull CC B
20 James Ralph Solihull CC B
21 Oliver Kirwin Solihull CC B
22 Alexander Harper Solihull CC B

1 Ellie Russell Mid Shropshire Wheelers BG
2 Lucy Nelson Solihull CC BG
3 Gabriella Homer Wolverhampton Whls BG
4 Isabelle Cumming Wolverhampton Whls BG
5 Elena Smith Matlock CC BG
6 Niamh Jones Newport Olympic Cycling Club BG
7 Elynor Backstedt Maindy Flyers Youth CC BG
8 Abby Andrews Solihull CC BG
9 Annabel Lindsay Redditch Road & Path CC BG
10 Esme Niblett Mid Shropshire Wheelers BG

MSW Under 16

1 Owen Line Graham Weigh Racing A
2 Charlie Cox Lichfield City CC A
3 Jake Stewart Solihull CC A
4 William Lewis Wolverhampton Whls A
5 Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers A
6 Josef Feiven Solihull CC A
7 Joe Swinnerton Lyme RC A
8 Cameron Biddle Solihull CC A
9 Devon Round Mid Shropshire Wheelers A
10 Daniel Minor Lyme RC A
11 Matthew Radford Wolverhampton Whls A
12 Thomas Knipe Wolverhampton Whls A
13 Ethan Davies Wolverhampton Wheelers A
14 Oliver Dighton Halesowen A & CC A
22 Samuel Morris Wolverhampton Whls A
23 Martin Whyatt Mid Shropshire Wheelers A
29 Mark Allen Congleton CC A

1 Sophie-Jo Wylie-Morris M and D Cycles/Scimitar Sports/ Fusion Sports RT AG
2 Alice Law Wolverhampton Whls AG
3 Elizabeth Bennett Jif AG
4 Phoebe Martin Lichfield City CC AG
5 Amy Garner Welland Valley CC AG
6 Becky Simmons Wolverhampton Wheelers AG
7 Connie Hudson Wolverhampton Wheelers AG
8 Sophie Capewell Lichfield City CC AG
9 Georgia Hilleard Wolverhampton Whls AG
10 Hannah Mcewan Graham Weigh Racing AG
11 Caitlin Shaw M & D Cycles AG
12 Elain Davies Marsh Tracks Race Team AG

1 Amelia Cass North Midlands Youth Squad FC4

MSW E/1/2/3/4 Women
1 Sophie Faulkner Solihull CC 2nd
2 Lowri Thomas M & D Cycles A
3 Lauren Creamer Pearlizumi 2nd
4 Emily Capewell Lichfield City CC 2nd
5 Maisie Duckworth Wolverhampton Wheelers 2nd
6 Victoria Grimmer Paramount CRT 3rd
7 Rosemary Homer Newport Shropshire CC 3rd
8 Janet Rees Cardiff JIF 3rd
9 Emma Birtles Lichfield City CC 2nd
10 Karen Summers Wrekinsport CC 4th
11 Megan Backstedt Maindy Flyers Youth CC 3rd
12 Julie Cooper Lichfield City CC 3rd
13 Michelle Ashley Lichfield City CC 3rd
14 Nina Critchley Lichfield City CC 4th
15 Rachel Mullard-Wilson Revolutions Racing 3rd
16 Harriet Ballantyne Paramount CRT 4th
17 Emma Grayson Wolverhampton Wheelers 4th
18 Isabelle Clarke Lichfield City CC 3rd
19 Megan Giglia Stratford Cycle Studio – RPC FC3
20 Sydnie Price Cardiff JIF 3rd

MSW 2/3/4 Men
1 John Holt Borntobike/Bridgtown Cycles 2nd
2 Kirk Vickers Mid Shropshire Wheelers 2nd
3 Oliver Kyte Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
4 Hefin Evans Bynea CC 3J
5 George Evans Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
6 Peter Banham Fred Williams Cycles 2nd
7 Adam Studzinski Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
8 Kamil Studzinski Brooks Cycles 2nd
9 James Walker Borntobike/Bridgtown Cycles 3rd
10 Alexander Simmons Swinnerton Cycles 2nd
11 Gary Brooks Kenilworth Wheelers CC 3rd
12 Jaco van Gass Team Battle Back MC5
13 Craig Preece Team Battle Back MC4
14 Mark McCann Borntobike/Bridgtown Cycles 4th
15 Steve Clayton Lichfield City CC 2nd
16 Adrian Jones PH-MAS Cycling MC4
17 Benjamin Goddard Newport Shropshire CC 3rd
18 Samuel Rees Cardiff JIF 3rd
19 Keith Minor Lyme RC 3rd
20 Dan Cox Lichfield City CC 3rd
21 Iain Bullar Gannet CC 3rd
22 Joshua Wilkes 4th
23 Matthew Alcock Lichfield City CC 3rd
24 Michael Rennison Cleveland Wheelers CC MC5
25 Andrew Mortimer Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
26 Andrew Evans Hafren CC 4th
27 Stephen Biddulph Borntobike/Bridgtown Cycles 3rd
28 Jonathan Wren MC5
29 Matthew Hamilton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club MC5
30 Andrew Kelsey Team Battle Back MC2
31 Richard Blackman Solihull CC 4th
32 Kevin Parsons WDMBC/Beyond/Specialized MC4
33 Joe Longford Congleton CC 4th
34 Mark Maguire Vision Racing 3rd
35 Matthew Faucher Newport Youth Velo Cycling Club MC5
36 Alex Copp Lyme RC 3rd
37 Ian Critchley Lichfield City CC 3rd
38 Tim Challinor Mid Shropshire Wheelers MC5
39 Ryan Gray Team Battle Back 4th
40 Paul Bufton Hafren CC 4th
41 Jordan Spragg Borntobike/Bridgtown Cycles 3rd

Trike and Handbike
1 Alan Cook The Handcycling Association of the UK MH2
2 Steven Arnold Team Battle Back MH3
3 Caroline Wareing FH3
4 Ben Zissman Team Battle Back MH2
5 Josh Boggi Team Battle Back MH2
6 Craig McCann Houghton Cycling Club Trike
7 Kevin Dearne Handcycling UK MH3
8 Matthew Humphreys Derby Mercury RC Trike


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