Results – Hove Park Crit Series 2


Paul Flynn & Stuart Read winners at the sec ond of the George Samuel  Hove Park Crit Series in Brighton on May 9

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Results – Hove Park Crit Series 2

Cat 4 Race
Race 1 of the 2014 George Samuel Crit series saw some fierce racing in both the Cat 4 and the Cat 2/3 races and this looks to have set the standard for the rest of the races judging by what was witnessed at Hove Park on the 9th May.

Race 2 of the series once again saw sizeable fields take to the line in both races under clear skies although a strong wind was going to make the going tough for all concerned. First off was the Cat 4 race and with a bunch numbering 26 riders those stuck at the back on the descent with the sharp right hand bend would have to make a lot of effort to remain in contact. The Hove Park races show that it requires more than strength and fitness to make a good bike rider – circuits like this require great bike handling skills and tactical savvy to stay in contention.

A relentless pace saw the bunch get smaller and smaller with each passing lap and it wasn’t long before the main contenders were in a group of about 9 whilst several riders were either struggling in no one man’s land or were trying to form small working groups to keep themselves in the race. The lead group eventually started lapping riders and it became a matter of survival for most riders whilst the leaders started watching each other as the 5 laps to go board was flashed up.

Stuart Read (Evans Cycle Race Team) looked to be one of the strong men and was taking the corners like a Belgian pro whilst Laurence Dodd (Brighton Mitre) was keeping a watchful eye on the front of the group. Last lap saw a massive dig from Read take him clear and he held off the bunch to take an impressive solo victory. Rounding off the podium steps were John Ashton (Private Member) and Richard Molt (Private Member).

Race 2 – Cat 4 Results
1. Stuart Read (Evans Cycle race Team)
2. John Ashton (Private Member)
3. Richard Molt (Private Member)
4. Lee Benson (Fareham Wheelers)
5. Robert Rollings (Lewes Wanderers)
6. Laurence Dodd (Brighton Mitre)
7. Gregor Ross (Brighton Mitre)
8. Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre)
9. Simon Taylor (Brighton Phoenix)
10. Richard Farrell (Private Member)
11. Dan Armitage (Private Member)
12. Nick Wheeler (BRC)
13. Richard Smith (Private Member)
14. Darren Haynes (Crawley Wheelers)
15. Elliot Brown (Eastbourne Rovers)
16. Jamie Crookston (Brighton Mitre)
17. David Harries (Eastbourne Rovers)
18. Martin O’Neil (Brighton Mitre)
19. James Cornford (SPS)
20. Chris Gore (BRC)
21. Liam Brightmore (Brighton Mitre)
22. Stephen Roberts (Eastbourne Rovers)
23. Martin Broughton (Chapeau the People’s BC)
24. James Cotton (Private Member)
25. Alex Beyfus (Sussex Nomads)

Cat 2/3 Race
In contrast to race 1 the weather started to turn as the 2/3 riders lined up to do battle. With a strong wind and the clouds gathering overhead it was going to be tough going out on the circuit. With a couple of the series contenders not in attendance tonight was a chance for others with designs on the title and the bunch quickly set about tackling the 50 minutes plus 5 laps with determination.

Almost immediately riders lost contact due to the high tempo being set and with prime 1 coming very early on in the race it meant disaster for many of the riders who simply didn’t have the legs. The first prime sent shockwaves through the group with Phil Glowinski (VC Londres) taking full points followed by Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre) and Euan Adams (Private Member). The result of this acceleration saw a severely depleted field ride clear with a smaller group forming behind followed by riders spread all over the circuit.

The pit area started to fill up with DNFs as the pressure took its toll and the small lead group – which contained some of the challengers for the overall spot – set about tearing up the race at a high rate of knots whilst anyone left on the circuit suffered out in the wind.

Prime 2 saw the spoils go to Robins with Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods) second and up-and-coming star Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee) third. The gauntlet was well and truly thrown to the ground and the battle for victory was on – riders started to think tactically: were we going to see a late escape to seal the win or would the title contenders settle for a controlled bunch finish to try and consolidate their points on the leader board?

The third and final prime came late in the race and once again Robins took the prize followed by Flynn and Corum-Haines. The points were mounting up and pressure was building – who was going to take the honours tonight?

Unfortunately Robins ruled himself out the finishing points with becoming a DNF and soon we were down to 6 in the leading group with the minor placings to come from those who were hanging on with thoughts of some points.
It was all too much for some and even those in with a chance of scoring a place simply blew and tried to ride home to the finish.

5 laps to go brought audible shouts of relief from the stragglers whilst at the sharp end of the race Corum-Haines went clear with Flynn. However although this move didn’t stick the front runners left it all out on the road with a frenetic last couple of laps and it was Flynn that took the victory stealing away from Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon) and Phil Glowinski (VC Londres).

Once again the organisers would like to thank all the riders and helpers who make this series possible.

Message from the organisers: following post-race discussions we have looked at the way we award points to the riders whereby points scored go towards the overall series placings. We feel that to be fair to all riders that take part in the races that riders scoring prime points must finish the race to keep their points unless they suffer a legitimate mechanical issue or other problem that may occur during the race. This will be at the discretion of the organisers / commissaire. This ruling will apply as of race 3 in the 2014 series.

Race 2 – Cat 2/3 results
1. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)
2. Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)
3. Phil Glowinski (VC Londres)
4. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)
5. Marc Townsend (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)
6. Euan Adams (Private Member)
7. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)
8. Matt Farren (Brighton Mitre)
9. John-Paul Brophy (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)
10. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)
11. Tim Warner (Blazing Saddles Cycles)
12. Jonnie Blackman (Beckenham Rugby Cyclists)
13. Francisco Piai (Brighton Mitre)
14. Oli Pepper (Morvelo Kinesis Project)
15. Frazer Clifford (Pivot Boompods)
16. Andrew Moore (Southdowns Bikes)
DNF Jed Williamson (Brighton Mitre)
DNF Alberto Battaglia (Dulwich Paragon CC)
DNF James McCoy (Private Member)
DNF Paul Horta-Hopkins (Handsling Racing)
DNF Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre)
DNF Jon Spiers (Private Member)
DNF Rory Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)

Overall Standings (after race 2)

1. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)………………….35 pts
2. Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre)………………….…28 pts
3. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)………….…….26 pts
4. Phil Glowinski (VC Londres)…………………….25 pts
5. Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)…………….…..14 pts
6. Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)……..12pts
7. Jules Birks (VC Londres)………………………..…..8pts
8. Euan Adams (Private Member)…………….……7pts
9. Marc Townsend (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)…6pts
10. Jon Cannings (…………………………4 pts
10. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)…………………………………4pts
12. James Plumb (……………………..….3pts
12. Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers)……………..……3pts
12. Matt Farren (Brighton Mitre)……………………..…3pts
15. John-Paul Brophy (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)….2pts
16. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)…………………………1pt


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