Report & Result – Edge Cycleworks Salt Ayre Series


Jake Cowan & James Lindsay winners at week 5 of the Edge Cycleworks Salt Ayre Series in the North West

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Report & Result – Edge Cycleworks Salt Ayre Series
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The Edge Cycleworks Salt Ayre Series saw a depleted number of Elite entries due to the clash with Tour Series but it was an excellent race.

James Gullen (Velosure Giordana), Jake Cowan (Wallis RT), Julian Pearson (Team Hoppers Rollers) and Jack Sadler (Rapha Condor JLT) worked together to establish and hold a half lap gap over the bunch.

In the last 5 laps, James Gullen put in some blistering bursts to try and shed the others and eventually gapped the two sprinters, Julian Pearson and Jack Sadler when neither was prepared to tow the other back on but Jake Cowan just managed to hang on and won the sprint by half-a-wheel.

E/1/2 MEN
1st Jake Cowan Wallis RT
2nd James Gullen Velosure Giordana
3rd Julian Pearson Team Hoppers Rollers
4th Jack Sadler Rapha Condor JLT
5th Richard Haughton Team Hoppers Rollers
6th James Claydon Bill Nickson
7th Jordan Rigby Team Wallis
8th Sam Dobson Green Jersey
9th Henry Hunter Teamwallis CHH
10th Luke Perkin Lune RCC
11th Sandy Lockett The Edge Cycleworks
12th Neil Robinson Lune RCC
13th Andy Markham Lune RCC
14th Steve Abbott Team Hoppers Rollers
15th Ian Rutherford Lune RCC
16th Garry Jackson Lune RCC
17th Anthony Windle BC PM
18th Stuart Percival GB Fire Service
19th Shaun Pearson Team Hoppers Rollers


3/4 MEN
1st James Lindsay Green Jersey
2nd Hamish Fletcher-Cooney Lancaster Uni CC
3rd Adam Hall Salt Ayre Cog Set
4th Scot Easter Felt Colbornes
5th Chris Vaughan Team Hoppers Rollers £10
6th Josh Varty BC PM
7th Joshua Jardine Summit Cycling
8th Matt Hoyle Wheelbase
9th Peter Hollis Team Hoppers Rollers
10th Matt Hallam BC PM
11th Mike Greaves BC PM
12th Ben Harrison Lune RCC
13th Graham Atkinson Lancaster CC
14th James Darnell Garstang CC
15th Jack Wilson Groundwater Engineering
16th Paolo Brucciani Lune RCC
17th Mark Monkhouse Lancaster CC
18th Robert Patrick BC PM
19th Mike Rollason Lancasater Uni CC
20th John Dodgin The Edge Cycleworks
21st Jess Atkinson Team 22
22nd Neil Kenny BC PM
23rd Nicholas Marsdin Lune RCC
24th Gemma Sargent Mercury Cycle Coach
25th Gary Maolldis Chester
26th Mark Stickland Settle www
27th Paul Stables Preston
28th Ian Critchley Litchfield City CC
29th Ryan Coulon Mercury Performance Coaching
30th Phil Peake Lune RCC
31st Tom Brazier Chester
32nd Scot Morley The Edge Cycleworks
33rd Sam Ashcroft BC PM
34th Austin Aldren Bella in Sella
35th Simon Mulholland Team Hoppers Rollers
36th Gaby Duckworth Salt Ayre Cog Set
37th Philip Wake Honister 92
38th Louise Murray Team Hoppers Rollers
39th Jenn Hutton Lune RCC
40th Deb John Lune RCC

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