Results – Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 2


Martin Ruepp & Sophie Lankford among the winners in week 2 of the Lotus Cars Cycle Race League on May 14

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Results – Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 2


MEN E/1/2/3
1st Martin Ruepp Iceni Velo 2 60 min + 1 lap
2nd Frank Longstaff Team Terminator A @ 2 lths
3rd ?? ?? All same time
4th Jason Kirman St Ives CC
5th Freddie Pett Kings Lynn CC
6th Paul Wright Autostrasse
7th Lewis Stevens Strada Sport
8th Thomas Bicknell PCH
9th Simon Millard Iceni Velo
10th Chris Bartlett Metaltek

Ladies E/1/2/3/4
1st Sophie Lankford ?? ? 45min +1lap
2nd Clover Murray Braintree Velo J 2nd All same time
3rd Renee Fox ? ?
4th Jen Smart Velo Club Norwich ?
5th Nicola Flynn ? ?
6th Isla Rush Windymillar A
7th Louise Marsden Velo Club Norwich 3
8th Sally Ormond ? ?
9th Verity Smith ? ?
10th Melissa Chandler ?
11th Mandy Bunn
12th Jenny Anderson
13th Amy Cole Iceni Velo 4


1st Jali Packer Great Yarmouth CC A
2nd Dougal Toms Iceni Velo A @ 1 lth
3rd Zak Coleman Great Yarmouth CC A @ 1 sec
4th Troy Wingar N/A B @ 2 sec
5th Keiran Jarvis Great Yarmouth CC A All st
6th Sam Asker West Suffolk Whs B
7th Sophie Wright Eastern Region ?
8th Gareth Lewis Ashwell CC B
9th Josun Cole Iceni Velo B
10th Melissa Dowell?? Braintree Velo??
11th Blue arms????
12th James Ormond Stowmarket CC??
13th Mathew Baker Great Yarmouth CC
14th Seth Houlgate Great Yarmouth CC B
15th Sophie Holmes Team Terminator B
16th Harrison Charlwood Great Yarmouth CC B
16th Alice Codling Great Yarmouth CC A
17th Emma Codling Great Yarmouth CC A
18th Tom Ferguson N/A B

U12 – C
1st Angus Toms Iceni Velo
2rd Adam Allen Iceni Velo

U10 – D
1st Callum Laborde Iceni Velo
2nd Edward Cole Iceni Velo
3rd Honeysuckle Carlyon-Blanchard Great Yarmouth CC

U8 – E
1st Mia Rutterford Iceni Velo
2nd Daisey Grantham Norfolk CA

Finishing Order
1st Angus Toms Iceni Velo C 15 min + 1 lap
2nd Callum laborde Iceni Velo D
3rd Edward Cole Iceni Velo D
4th Adam Allen Iceni Velo C
5th Honeysuckle Carlyon-Blanchard Great Yarmouth CC D @1 lap
6th Cameron Guy Iceni Velo D
7th Mia Rutterford Iceni Velo E
8th Daisey Grantham Norfolk CA E

Go Race 4/Provisonal/Novice
1st ? ?? ? 30min +1lap
2nd ? ? ? Same time
3rd Leon Cole ?? Iceni Velo 4 @ 1 sec
4th ?
5th ?
6th ?
7th Neil Collins Diss CC P
8th ?
9th Peter Sweeting Diss CC @ 4 sec
10th ?
11th ?
12th ?
13th ? Velo Club Norwich @ 6 sec
14th ? ? @ 8 sec
15th ? @ 9 sec




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