Results – Lotus Cars League


Sally Ormond & Chris Guy two of the winners in the Lotus Cars League on 21st May

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Results – Lotus Cars League

Ladies 45 m + 1 lap

E/1/2/3/4 60 m + 1 lap
1 Chris Guy Iceni Velo
2 Dieter Rowe Strada Sport
3 Joe Skipper Strada Sport
4 Peter Hargreaves VC Norwich
5 Jason Kierman St Ives CC
6 Martin Ruepp Iceni Velo
7 Liam Gentry Strada Sport
8 Nick Esser Strada Sport
9 Andrew Bean UEA CC
10 Paul Wright Autostrasse Porsche RT

Go Race 30 min + 1 lap
1 Michael Forrest Iceni Velo
2 Ian Bell Iceni Velo
3 Jonathan Chandler Stowmarket & District CC
4 Neil Collins Diss CC
5 Bradley Nelson Bottlesport Decca

Youth C Boys
1 Adam Lightfoot CC Ashwell
2 Angus Toms Iceni Velo
3 Callum Laborde Iceni Velo

Youth D Boys
1 Cameron Guy Iceni Velo
2 Edward Cole Iceni Velo

Youth D Girls
1 Honeysuckle Carlyon-Blanchard GYCC

Youth E Girls
1 Mia Rutterford Iceni Velo
2 Daisy Grantham NCA

Youth A Boys
1 Jali Packer GYCC
2 Dougal Toms Iceni Velo
3 Patrick Manning GYCC

Youth A Girls
1 Sophie Wright CCN
2 Alice Codling GYCC
3 Emma Codling GYCC

Youth B Boys
1 Seth Houlgate GYCC
2 Josun Cole Iceni Velo
3 Gareth Lewis CC Ashwell

Youth B Girls
1 Massie Redmond GYCC


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