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Philip Peters & Dotii Jasmine winners at the Apres Bank Holiday Bonanza at Preston Park, Brighton on Bank Holiday Monday

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ApresLogoResults – Apres Bank Holiday Bonanza

Looking down the start sheet it was always going to be a hard day for anyone else not in CSE Racings well drilled squad and so it proved. They took it on from the start with Ryan Visser and Philip Peters in an early break soon bridged by Tony Gibb, with Twickenhams Graham Crow nearly spanning the gap on his own but CSE spotted that and a short burst left the old lad dangling…

Like that really with CSE working like shadows, whos’ where…? Nicely done, showing depth, good tactics and good to see them sharing it out too. Be good to see other teams come down next time and have a good ding dong. Philip Peters took the win.

1. Philip Peters CSE Racing
2. Tony Gibb CSE Racing
3. Ryan Visser CSE Racing
4. Henry Farrell CSE Racing
5. Graham Crow Twickenham CC
6. Sam Evans Dulwich Paragon
7. Joe Donohue Southern Planning Practise
8. Daniel Walker Fareham Wheelers
9. Jack Evans InGear
10. Greg Moss Dulwich Paragon

Vets (Masters C+)
Nice and aggressive from the off, as usual with guys wanting to race their bikes. A head wind on the 2% uphill section has an accumulative effect after 40 or 50 times….and used by some of the canny old gits to their advantage.

An early break by Keir Apperley Hackney CC and Matt Farren Brighton Mitre hung out for 15 mins until joined by Sean McAuliffe Redhill CC and Dominic Gabellini of Rapha CC but was eventually caught by an intent group.

Graham Crow had some digs but paid for earlier racing, Robin Parker East Grinstead CC had a well timed couple too and PB racings Barney Willard went off with Mr Crow again. South Downs Matt Bubear saw the end of that one though and it all came back together. A nice attack from early escapist Keir Apperley was like deja vu with Matt Farren again working together for the last 9 laps with Keir taking the win.

1. Keir Apperley Hackney CC
2. Matt Farren Brighton Mitre
3. Wayne Beba Adalta CC
4. Matt Bubear Southdowns Bikes
5. Sean McAuliffe Redhill CC
6. Robin Parker East Grinstead CC
7. Bill Hawkes Thanet CC
8. Dominic Gabellini Rapha CC
9. Paul Butler PB Cycle Coaching
10. Adrian Cansfield Southdowns Bikes

Womens 2/3/4
Ooh this one was a good race thanks to Claire Leonard (Brighton Mitre) who, returning to Women’s racing had 5 or 6 goes throughout. Racing is exactly that – racing not a procession and it takes repeated efforts to break a group.

Not this time though, with a couple of strong girls determined for it not to split. Unlucky for two from Dulwich who both punctured but rejoined and gained something for the effort. The Italian dark horse Dotii Jasmine Team Velosport Montegrappa took the sprint. Unlucky too for Laura Cheesman RP Racing who’s chain broke in the sprint but remained upright and rolled over the line.

1. Dotii Jasmine Team Velosport Montegrappa
2. Jennifer George Dulwich Paragon
3. Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre
4. Sarah Phelps Brighton Mitre
5. Lucy Manning Dulwich Paragon
6. Judith Philip Hackney CC
7. Jennifer Smart VC Norwich
8. Laura Cheesman RP Racing
9. Alison Lewis Brighton Mitre

A cagey affair to begin with opened up nicely and a couple of early digs was brought back together & then countered by Jed Williamson of Brighton Mitre. We applaud solo attempts and Jed gave it a proper go gaining half a lap and looking like he’d broken the hearts of the chasers.

A uniformed group of 4 working together didn’t get momentum to break the group but dragged it all together leaving it again for a bunch sprint. Learning to race and how to attack could have seen the 5 away but as it was, divided their chances to 31-1…..and then adding danger into the mix.

Marred by two crashes on the final lap, speaking to riders all said it was just both instances of riders coming together. I’ve made the decision not to be involved in bunch sprints myself and would urge the breakaway mentality to overide the ‘leave it to the last lap’ please. Marcus Thompson Team Cystic Fibrosis took the sprint.

1. Marcus Thompson Team Cystic Fibrosis
2. Ian Tosh 4T Velo Club
3. Ian Jones 4T Velo Club
4. John Cordner Eastbourne Rovers
5. Bill Hawkes Thanet CC
6. Dimitri Demishev Hackney CC
7. Arthur Tye Dulwich Paragon
8. Doug Tandy Fareham Wheelers
9. Viktor Kazinec Dulwich Paragon
10. Greg Moss Dulwich Paragon

Robert Rollins Lewes Wanderers CC took it on early looking very strong, pulled back though by the bunch. A couple of other turns saw a fast paced ride but nothing to snap the elastic. This takes pace and timing at a circuit like Preston Park. A good idea to stick around and see the E123 or Vets to learn the ropes. Daniel Simmonds Private Member took the sprint.

1. Daniel Simmonds Private Member
2. Albert Townley West Kent RC
3. Robert Rollins Lewes Wanderers CC
4. Ralph Stokeld Cadence Performance
5. Oliver Williams Dulwich Paragon
6. Slawomir Giecewicz Eastbourne Rovers
7. Louis Benson VCL
8. Elliot Brown Eastbourne Rovers
9. Adam Wells Kingston Wheelers
10. Rory Barrett Southborough & Dist. Wheelers


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