News – Craig Maclean smashes record


142mph on a bike — Craig Maclean on Guy Martin’s “Speed” bike Rollapaluza

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News – Craig Maclean smashes record 

Rollapaluza invited past competitors for a unique opportunity to see just how fast they could go on the Rollapaluza rigs. Jason Rourke of Rourke Cycles and Guy Martin kindly gave their permission for this unique oppportunity to use the bike created for Guy’s successful British paced land speed record for his Channel Four TV show “Speed”

In advance of the event it was not clear just what the potential maximum speed would be, or indeed if it would be even possible to get the huge 380 inch gear turning without the “tow” required when the bike is on the road. On the night though all riders set amazing times and speeds, cheered on by crowds at London’s Look Mum No Hands.

Craig Maclean max speed effort

The challengers had to attempt two records, a fastest 500m time and peak speed record, where they had 90 seconds to reach their maximum speed. Star attraction multiple, Olympic, world and Commonwealth medallist and reigning Paralympicchampion Craig Maclean, who will also be racing in Rollapaluza Keirin Manchester event on June the 28th, did not disappoint with a blistering 500m time of 11.34 seconds (averaging 99.2 mph from a standing start) and 142mph in the maximum speed test.

Craig’s calves proved too wide for the extra width of the mechanism on the double-transmission Rourke bike, so he improvised body-armour by strapping himself with Gaffer tape from the Rollapaluza tool box to protect his legs!

Jennifer Coruch set the best female times with 14.09 seconds for the 500m and 113.1 mph maximum speed despite being the only rider to have never raced on the Rollapaluza rigs previously.

Is this a world record? there are various stationary bike records, but it seems no official one, Bruce Bursford’s speed of over 300kmh was set on powered rollers that brought him up to 100mph before his attempt and other attempts use different equipment. Caspar Hughes of Rollapaluza explained. “Dave Legrys’ 1986 record of 126 mph was always our target and reference point for this attempt, though ultimately the challenge was to see how fast it was possible to go using this amazing bike and our regular rigs, so we won’t be calling Guinness.”

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