Results – Lotus League 4


Hugo Robinson & Jennifer McAndrew winners at week 4 of the Lotus Circuit Race League 28th May

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Results – Lotus League 4

Ladies E/1/2/3/4 45 min + 1 lap
1st – Jennifer McAndrew Witham Whs 3
2nd – Isla Rush Wyndymilla RT A
3rd – Jen Smart VC Norwich 3
4th – Renee Fox Autostrasse 3
5th – Louise Marsden VC Norwich 3
6th – Nicola Flynn Autostrasse 3
7th – Verity Smith Stowmarket 4
8th – Georgina Pymer Plomesgate CC 4
9th – Nicola Clipstone Ipswich BC 4
10th – Catherine Lee Gt Yarmouth CC ?
11th – Yvette Toms Ipswich BC ?
12th – Melissa Chandler Stowmarket 4
13th – Karen Manning Gt Yarmouth CC?
DNF – Sally Ormond Stowmarket 4

Men E/1/2/3/4 60 min + 1 lap
This is Provisional Result only – disqualification pending.
1st Hugo Robinson Neon Velo 2
2nd – Tom Fitzpatrick Terra Sport Shoes 1
3rd – Phil Hetzel Ipswich BC 2
5th – Liam Gentry Strada Sport 2
6th – Pete Hargreaves VC Norwich 2
7th – Martin Ruepp Iceni Velo 2
8th – Andrew Dean Wisbeach Whs 4
9th – Jason Kierman St Ives CC 2
10th – James Bevan Army CU 2
11th – Freddie Pett Kings Lynn CC 3

1st Jali Packer Great Yarmouth CC A
2nd Dougal Toms Iceni Velo A
3rd Zak Coleman Strada Sport A
4th Keiran Jarvis Great Yarmouth CC A
5th Sophie Wright CCRV A 1st Girl
6th Matt Baker Great Yarmouth CC A
5th Troy Wingar GRT/VC Revolution B 1st B
6th Robert McAndrew Witham Whs B 2nd B
7th Emma Codling Great Yarmouth CC A 2nd Girl
8th Oliver Grantham Norfolk CA B 3rd B
9th Seth Houlgate Great Yarmouth CC B 4th B
10th Alice Codling Great Yarmouth CC A 3rd Girl
11th Josun Cole Iceni Velo B 5th B
12th Hector Garvie Haverhill Whs A
13th Ben Turner Great Yarmouth CC A

1st Adam Lightfoot CC Ashwell C
2nd Isobel Kitto Super Hero C

1st Mark Lightfoot CC Ashwell D
2nd Callum Laborde Iceni Velo D
3rd Edward Cole Iceni Velo D
4th Ned Coke Super Hero D
5th Cam Guy Iceni Velo D
6th Hannah Turner Great Yarmouth CC D 1st Girl
7th Bob Lapping Super Hero D
8th Tristan Kitto Super Hero D

1st Cam Hansell ? E
2nd Mia Rutterford Iceni Velo E 1st Girl
3rd Daisey Grantham Norfolk CA E 2nd Girl
4th Jordan Rumbles Norfolk CA E
5th Connor Rumbles Norfolk CA E

Go Race 30 min + 1 lap
1st Jimmy Hupton Iceni Velo
2nd Lee Shipp Diss CC
3rd Mark Kitto North Norfolk Whs
4th Gareth Flack Molly’s CC
5th Bradley Nelson Bottlesport Decca
6th Ian Nixon Diss CC
7th Tom Coke North Norfolk Whs
8th Shigtgo Neda UEA
9th Paul Shelley Diss CC
10th Leon Cole Iceni Velo
11th Peter Bussey Norwich Amateur BC
12th Oliver Self Diss CC

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