Thank you – Records tumble for VeloUK


It isn’t just Alex Dowsett & Matt Bottrill smashing records, the stats for VeloUK smashed the previous best by a long way in May

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Thank you – Records tumble for VeloUK

As expected, the stats for May for smashed the previous bests by a long way. The website has a staff of one (me!) plus some very valuable contributions and the total budget is probably less than any staffer on other more commercial websites. And yet, in May, VeloUK saw 9,000 more unique visitors for a month than ever before.

Well over 67,000 unique visitors. Total visits was only 6,000 higher than the previous best ;-) but page views, over 100,000 more page views than before! Last month I was gobsmacked because the average for each day was 19,000 or 575,000 for the month but in May, peak season yes, the new top stat is 677,003 (almost 22,000 a day). No refresh mode on to pad out the stats like some sites, no message board – just pages of results, news, features and reports.

It is hard work, long hours but its what I want to do and stats like this make it worthwhile but of course I wouldn’t see those stats if it was for the very very valuable advertisers on the website who ensure I can travel to events, the work that I get from Sweetspot at their game changing events and last but not least, the readers who visit the site every day.

We’re a family, a happy family to and I could not have foreseen the success of the site when I made the tough decision not to follow the corporate line at BC back in 2011 and instead continue the work I started way back at the start of the millenium. The toughest job lies ahead and that is to make VeloUK better whilst not compromising its aims of serving the cycle racing community.

I’ll sod off now and make breakfast … thanks for reading ;-)

See you out there people …


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