Report & Results – Brooks Cycles Track League


The 2014 Brooks Cycles Track League season resumed on Thursday 29th May after a week off due to rain at the Lyme Valley Velodrome, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs.

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Report & Results – Brooks Cycles Track League (thanks Chris)

Although rain threatened throughout the evening it never came and a full program of events was completed. The Freewheelers league was a GO Ride racing night and although the numbers were down with the weather and also the school holidays the riders who attended put on some great racing with close finishes across all groups. After each group had done four races the medal winners were as afollows

Group 1 Gold l Aaron Mansell Lyme RC
Silver Brooklen Houlton Newcastle RC 2001
Bronze Bradley Heath Lyme RC

Group 2 Gold Chloe Shepherd Lyme RC
Silver Ruby Jennings Lyme RC
Bronze Amelia Perry Lyme RC

Group 3 Gold Nicholas Sandbach Lyme RC
Silver Owen Shepherd Lyme RC

The main league saw some great racing with a good turnout across all group. In the youth racing first year fixed gear rider Alistair Kennington ( Lyme RC) had a great night as he won the 200m TT, devil and was a member of the winning team sprint team. The other winner on the night in the youth category was another first year rider in Caleb Hill ( Lyme RC) won who the final 6 lap scratch. Special mention also to Farley Barber ( Lyme RC) who is the latest freewheeler to move up to the main league. He rode well on the night and it won’t be long before he is getting in to the points.

The Sprinters League saw a really close finish in the Neil Potter 500m handicap league where Tom Rotherham ( Sportcity Velo) came storming through to take the win from Max Gethin (Lyme RC) and Steve Cronshaw ( Brooks Cycles). The team sprint was won by Phil Houlton ( Brooks Cycles), Tom Rotherham and Joe Swinnerton ( Lyme RC) and the Sprint final went to Sean Mayer ( Swinnerton Cylces) who rode a fast last 200m time of 11.8 on a cold windy night.

The A Class endurance saw Joe Swinnerton win the 10 laps scratch, devil and points race to show he is a force to be dealt with this year in this league. The B Class events saw an equally dominant display from Rob Standring ( V Sprint race Team) as he won the 10 lap scratch, devil and points race. The only win he missed out on was the 10 mile scratch where sprinter Dave Smith ( Stafford RC) took a fine win.

Group 1
Race 1
1st Aaron Mansell Lyme RC
2nd Harry Horn Lyme RC
3rd Brooklen Houlton Newcastle RC 2001

Race 2
1st Ambrose Morris Lyme RC
2nd Bradley Heath Lyme RC
3rd Natasha Sandbach Lyme RC

Race 3
1st Brooklen Houlton
2nd Aaron Mansell
3rd Harry Horn

Race 4
1st Joel Cooper Lyme RC
2nd Bradley Heath
3rd Natasha Sandbach

Group 2

Race 1
1st Chloe Shepherd Lyme RC
2nd Ruby Jennings Lyme RC
3rd Amelia Perry Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Ruby Jennings
2nd Chloe Shepherd
3rd Amelia Perry

Race 3
1st Amelia Perry
2nd Chloe Sheppard
3rd Ruby Jennings

Race 4
1st Amelia Perry
2nd Chloe Shepherd
3rd Ruby Jennings

Group 3

Race 1
1st Owen Shepherd Lyme RC
2nd Nicholas Sandbach Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Nicholas Sandbach
2nd Owen Shepherd

Race 3
1st Owen Shepherd
2nd Nicholas Sandbach
Race 4
1st Nicholas Sandbach
2nd Owen Shepherd


Youth 200m TT
1st Alistair Kennington Lyme RC
2nd Caleb Hill Lyme RC
3rd George Hancock Lyme RC

A Class Endurance 10 lap Scratch
1st Joe Swinnerton Lyme RC
2nd Alan Davis PS UK Race Team
3rd Steve Hall Lyme RC

B Class 10 lap Scratch
1st Rob Standring Team V Sprint racing
2nd George Edwards Lyme RC
3rd Sallie Birchall Lyme RC

Neil Potter 500m Handicap League
1st Tom Rotherham Sportcity Velo
2nd Max Gethin Lyme RC
3rd Steve Cronshaw Brooks Cycles
4th Phil Houlton Brooks Cycles
5th James Roberts North Cheshire Clarion
6th Dave Smith Stafford RC

Youth Devil
1st Alistair Kennington
2nd James Duncalf Lyme RC
3rd Alex Coates Lyme RC

A Class Endurance Devil
1st Joe Swinnerton
2nd Alan Davis
3rd Steve Hall

B Class Devil
1st Rob Standring
2nd Ben Goddard Newport CC
3rd Conner Fearon Weaver Valley CC

Sprinters League Team Sprint
1st Joe Swinnerton
Phil Houlton
Tom Rotherham
2nd Dave Smith
Barney Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles
Max Gethin
3rd Sean Mayer Swinnerton Cycles
James Roberts
Steve Cronshaw

Youth Team sprint
1st Megan Williams Newcastle RC 2001
Aleshia Mellor Newcastle RC 2001
Sam Hall Lyme RC
Bradley Hill Lyme RC
Alistair Kennington

B Class Points
1st Rob Standring
2nd Ben Goddard
3rd Richard Coates Lyme RC

A Class Points
1st Joe Swinnerton
2nd Alan Davis
3rd Steve Hall

Sprinters League Sprint Final
1st Sean Mayer
2nd Tom Rotherham
3rd Phil Houlton

Minor Final
1st Barney Swinnerton
2nd Max Gethin
3rd Steve Cronshaw

Youth 6 lap Scratch
1st Caleb Hill
2nd Alistair Kennington
3rd James Duncalf

A Class 10 Mile Scratch
1st Tom Rotherham
2nd Chris Pyatt NTCA
3rd Alan Davis

B Class 10 Mile Scratch
1st Dave Smith
2nd Ben Goddard
3rd Rob Standring




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