Report & Results – London Nocturne Circuit Races


Lots of crit action going on in London at the Nocturne there – we’ll have the latest results from the city events

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Report  & Results – London Nocturne Circuit Races
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Two days after an historic win at the Pearl Izumi Tour Series in Canary Wharf, Tobyn Horton (Madison Genesis) powered to another big win at the London Nocturne


Held in darkness, with street lighting and a wall of noise behind the barriers to guide the riders, the field was soon in a long line with the British based pros showing the way. Familiar faces were seen at the front but it wasn’t the big money pros who were dishing out the pain.

On the pan flat but technical circuit, just like at the Canary Wharf Tour Series round which was also pan flat, a split soon appeared at the front in the second half of the race as fatigue set in. With the race not being a team affair as the Tour Series is, the big question was whether the break would stay clear.

The gap was only ten seconds or so but Tobyn Horton (Madison Genesis), James McCallum (NFTO Pro Cycling), Felix English (Rapha Condor JLT) and Adam Duggleby (Wheelbase Altura MGB) were in the zone and despite a few of the top teams missing out, the gap held strong.

Team Raleigh pressed on at the front of the chasing peloton but were not able to bring the group to together and so the race entered the finale with the break still clear. Adam Duggleby crashed three corners from the end as the leaders went through Smithfield Market whilst at the front Horton, who had been the strongest at Canary Wharf on Thursday, smashed his pedals round on the back straight opening up a small gap to hold on to win by five bike lengths.

Felix English came over the line in second place with Jimmy McCullum in 3rd.

Schwalbe Elite Men’s Criterium
1 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis 44:13.824
2 Felix English Rapha Condor JLT
3 James McCallum NFTO
4 Ed Clancy Rapha Condor JLT
5 Andrew Tennant Madison Genesis
6 Graham Briggs Rapha Condor JLT
7 Tom Scully Madison Genesis
8 Adam Blythe NFTO
9 Morgan Kneisky Team Raleigh
10 Mike Northey Madison Genesis
11 Tom Stewart Madison Genesis
12 George Harper NODE4 Velosure Racing
13 CJ Sutton Team Sky
14 Chris Opie Rapha Condor JLT
15 Mattieu Boulo Team Raleigh
16 Evan Oliphnat Team Raleigh
17 Dean Downing NFTO
18 George Atkins Team Raleigh
19 James Lowsley-Williams NFTO
20 Jon Mould NFTO
21 Liam Stones Team Raleigh
22 Russell Hampton Athlonsport Cloudnine
23 Mark Christian Team Raleigh
24 Kristian House Rapha Condor JLT
25 Matt Cronshaw NODE4 Velosure Racing
26 Peter Hawkins Madison Genesis
27 Adam Duggleby Wheelbase Altura MGD
28 Tom Barras Wheelbase Altura MGD
29 Tom Murray Wheelbase Altura MGD
30 Stuart Reid Wheelbase Altura MGD
31 Andy Coupe Wheelbase Altura MGD
32 Simon Alexander Richardsons Trek – RT
33 Tyler Farrar Garmin-Sharp
34 Nathan Haas Garmin-Sharp
35 Luke Ryan Richardsons Trek – RT
36 Ioannis Sanopoulos BH Solidor WAM Youth
37 Tristan Robbins BH Solidor WAM Youth
38 Alex Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Altura MGD
39 Joe Perrett Team Raleigh
40 James Walsby Catford CC
41 Lawrence Carpenter Catford CC
42 Ashley Dennis Catford CC
43 Andrew Griffiths Richardsons Trek – RT
44 Owen Lake Richardsons Trek – RT
45 Henry Latimer Catford CC
46 Harry Godding Catford CC
47 Tony Lock Nuun-Sigma Sport – London RT
48 George Gori Nuun-Sigma Sport – London RT
49 George Fowler BH Solidor WAM Youth
50 Owen James BH Solidor WAM Youth
51 Josh Edmondson Team Sky
52 Symon Lewis Nuun-Sigma Sport – London RT
53 Sam Harrison NFTO
54 Harry Franklin Catford CC
55 Jez Mccann Catford CC
56 Bevan Humprheys BH Solidor WAM Youth

Elite Women’s Criterium
1 Nicola Juniper Echelon Rotor 28:52.384
2 Gabriella Shaw Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International
3 Katie Curtis Starley Primal Pro Cycling
4 Grace Garner RST Racing Team
5 Amy Roberts Wiggle Honda
6 Eileen Roe Starley Primal Pro Cycling
7 Laura Greenhalgh Twickenham CC
8 Louise Mahe Team Mulebar Girl
9 Annasley Park RST Racing Team
10 Lydia Boylan Velosport Pasta Montegrappa
11 Jessie Walker Matrix Fitness – Vulpine
12 Clemence Copie Team Mulebar Girl
13 Louise Borthwick Matrix Fitness – Vulpine
14 Jo Tindley Matrix Fitness – Vulpine
15 Claire Thomas Velosport Pasta Montegrappa
16 Jasmine Dotti Velosport Pasta Montegrappa
17 Hannah Walker Epic Cycles – Scott WRT
18 Rebecca Womersley Wyndymilla Reynolds
19 Mhairi Mackenzie London Phoenix
20 Tamiko Butler Wyndymilla Reynolds
21 Gillian Taylor Fusion RT Gearclub BikeScience
22 Helen Wyman Matrix Fitness – Vulpine
23 Natalie Creswick Team Mulebar Girl
24 Helen Ralston Les Filles RT
25 Tanya Griffiths Starley Primal Pro Cycling
26 Harriet Owen Matrix Fitness – Vulpine
27 Lucy Chittenden East St Cycles
28 Lauren Creamer Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International
29 Dani Christmas SPEG Project 51
30 Ciara Horne Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International
31 Charline Joiner Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International
32 Paige Milward Bike Pure – Lemond – Aspire Velotech
33 Emily Nelson Fusion RT
34 Keira McVitty Wyndymilla Reynolds
35 Mary Costelleo Wyndymilla Reynolds
36 Sigrid Jochems Matrix Fitness – Vulpine
37 Abbie Dentus De very cycles
38 Penny Rowson Matrix Fitness – Vulpine
39 Hannah Payton Wyndymilla Reynolds
40 Clare Gillott Les Filles Race Team
41 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team
42 Jennifer Taylor Starley Primal Pro Cycling
43 Jennifer Crouch London Dynamo
44 Hisayo Kaneko Boom Cycle
45 Darrelle Parker Boomcycle Race Team
46 Laura Cheesman RP Racing
47 Nicola Engelbach Les Filles RT
48 Anna Marie Hughes Bike Pure – LeMond – Aspire Velotech RT
49 Chloe Weller Starley Primal Pro Cycling
50 Sam Burman Team WNT
51 Rebecca Carter Wyndymilla
52 Emma Towers Twickenham CC
53 Adel Tuson-Bloor Team Mulebar Girl
54 Tracy Corbett London Dynamo
55 Lucy Harper Bike Pure LeMond Aspire Velotech
56 Maeve Savage London Dynamo
57 Francesca Morgans-Slader Bike Pure/Le Mond/Aspire Velotech RT
58 Hester Stembridge Bike Pure/lemond/velotech
59 Victoria Williams Team WNT
60 Emily Barnes Team Mulebar Girl
61 Elanor Cadzow Bonito Squadra Corse
62 Rose Osborne High Wycombe CC
63 Clover Murray Braintree Velo
64 Vivienne Martin CC LONDON
65 Claire Richardson London Dynamo
66 Alexandra Sheehan Team Merlin Cycles

IMI Folding Bike Race Final
1 Keith Henderson 5:07
2 Philip PATEMAN
3 Joseph Brown
4 Yavor Mitev
5 Rimas Grigenas
6 Joe Nixon
7 Antonius Wubben
8 Rupert Wyllie
9 Gareth Syms
10 Gavin Morton
11 Richard Haigh
12 Andy Matthews
13 Paul Morgan
14 Stephen Janaway
15 Alasdair Leighton-Crawford
16 Peter Georgallou
17 Richard Collins
18 Peter Buckney
19 Mark Songhurst
20 Arbi Dardani
21 Andy Betton
22 Khalid Mahmud
23 Henry Smith
24 Stanley Nutter
25 Robert Hendricks
26 John Batchelor
27 Paul Williams
28 Ashley Briggs
29 Kevin Jones
30 Jeremy Conway
31 James Preston
32 Laurence Green
33 Anup Patel
34 Derek Mortland
35 Gary Eisenhauer
36 David Parkinson
37 Daniel Weston
38 Alice Ewen
39 Thomas Steven
40 Mark Woollard


Brooks Retro Criterium
1 Thomas Zittel Early 60s Claud Butler Super Torino
2 Will Downing Raleigh team USA circa 1983
3 Nick Cotton Team Eroica Britannia
4 Chris Burnell TBC – but it will be HEROIC
5 Leon Gower 1987 Geoff Wiles (Steel)
6 Ian West 1980 Carlton Super Course
7 Michelle Sellars 1980 Steel frme. Columbus tubing.
8 Richard Wood
9 Tiago Falcone Raleigh Equipe 1987
10 Tim Hubbard Team Eroica Britannia
11 Laurence Bellamy Peugeot Premiere
12 Giles Henday byercycles
13 Ben Spurrier Condor
14 Gian Bohan Team Eroica Britannia
15 Timothy Everest
16 Marco Mori Team Eroica Britannia
17 Laurent De Meyrignac Redingote – Express
18 Russell Bodycomb Pashley Speed 5
19 Aneska Kosinska Raleigh
20 Bregan Koenigseker 1982 CBT Italia

TfL Cycle Hire Race
1 Ryan Carus 7:37
2 Leo Tong
3 Massimo Saetta
4 Jack Elton-Waters
5 Pete Hobson
6 Sebastian Burley
7 Pete Eggleston
8 Chris Kerrigan
9 Dave Elder
10 Mark Hughes
11 Mikill Pane
12 Ali Gardezi
13 Emma Duff
14 Andy Samuels
15 Joe Burnett
16 Charlie Miller
17 Sakr Al-Makhadhi
18 Lucy Eggleston
19 Liz Hartless
20 Joseph James
21 Jon Dixon
22 Sterling Ramsey
23 Jade Avia
24 Kazeem Ajobe
25 Chris Hedges
26 Samantha Pashley
27 Jeanette Kwakye


Penny Farthing Race
1 Richard Thoday Thoday
3 Roger Davies UDC 2.5
4 Dave preece Mesicek 54″
5 Scott Brown Mesicek
6 Peter semler AuntiePlantie
7 Keith Read Summerfield Mk 5
8 Kat Jungnickel 52″ Sullivan
9 Hannah Hawkins Sommerfield
10 Jim Crew Thoday
11 Paul Gwyther Summerfield
12 Graeme Waters Bogus and Sham MK3
13 Joff Summerfield Summerfield World tour
14 Mark Rushton UDC Mk2.5
15 Russ Hogge Summerfield Mk5
16 Graham Earl Mesicek
17 Leslie New Bogus & Sham No2 silver knight + b
18 Matthew Trott The Ordinary Bicycle Company
19 Edwin Knight Greyhound 52
20 Patsy Harrington Agnes
21 John Gray Grayhound 48″

Ignitr City Criterium
1 Richard Mardle Stott and May 11:53.859
2 Barry Hughes New London Architects
3 Andy Shackel Wiggle
4 Derek Bouchard -Hill Wiggle
5 Ben Simmons Wiggle
6 Nick Sturman Stott and May
7 Christian Rudolf BAML
8 Aaron Saturley Stott and May
9 Austyn Tusler Stott and May
10 Matt Heusch Malmaison
11 David Cowie JP Morgan
12 Stuart Clapp Ignitr
13 Alex Simmonds PwC
14 Luis Miguel Malmaison
15 John Ellis PwC
16 Simon Hare PwC
17 Jonathan Berryman BAML
18 William Downing JP Morgan
19 Craig White New London Architects
20 James Corry JP Morgan
21 John Woodward Malmaison
22 Kawai Chung Cadwalader
23 Nick Field BAML
24 Colley Brenan Malmaison
25 Tobias Schaffrin New London Architects
26 James Henderson BAML
27 Mike Lane Ignitr
28 James Lee Ignitr
29 Youssouf Bamba JP Morgan
30 CHRIS Horn Igloo
31 RICHARD Parkin Igloo
32 CHRIS Brown Igloo
33 Tom Gough PwC
34 Alex Kay Cadwalader
35 Sean Wilkins Mount Anvil
36 Darren England Mount Anvil
37 JOHN Tathan Igloo
38 David Cottle Cadwalader
39 Tanya Oram Ignitr
40 Mark Litz New London Architects
41 Peter Turner Jupiter
42 Jon Spring Mount Anvil
43 David Carling Jupiter
44 Helen Rawlinson Mount Anvil
45 Ruby Bhatoya Jupiter
46 Ella Green Jupiter

1st Team
Andy Shackel Wiggle
Derek Bouchard -Hill Wiggle
Ben Simmons Wiggle

2nd Team
Richard Mardle Stott and May
Nick Sturman Stott and May
Aaron Saturley Stott and May
Austyn Tusler Stott and May

3rd Team
Alex Simmonds PwC
John Ellis PwC
Simon Hare PwC

Leigh Day Kermesse 
1 Alex Minting Neon-Velo 37:06.092
2 George Wood Richardson Trek RT
3 Ben Simmons Team Wiggle
4 Hugo Robinson Neon-Velo
5 Kendal Noctor Feather Cycles Racing
6 Rob Reid London Dynamo
7 James Wakelin ViCious Velo
8 Oliver Moors Speg Project 51
9 Phil Dempsey Aprire Bicycles
10 Harrison Jones NFTO Race
11 Will Hayter London Dynamo
12 Alex Ioannides Dulwich Paragon
13 Mike Smith Cycleworks/Specialized
14 Ben Knapp Dulwich Paragon
15 Alex Anderson Neon-Velo
16 Vojtech Blazejovsky Brixton Cycles CC
17 Matt Kuwertz Southborough & District Wheelers
18 Barry Hughes Rapha Condor Club
19 Craig Maclean Nuun-Sigma Sport – London RT
20 Paul Wain Moda RT
21 Matthew Clements Cycle Lab
22 Paul Sewell Bigfoot Cycle Club
23 Rhys Keepence Dulwich Paragon
24 Toby Parnell Cambridge Cycling Club
25 Philip Cooper Neon-Velo
26 James Bevan VC Meudon
27 Chris Wilkinson Dulwich Paragon
28 James Hayward Woolwich CC
29 Tyler Lemmon Team Bottecchia UK
30 Wayne Van Ry BigFoot CC
31 Craig Calder Bigfoot CC
32 Tom Dyson East London Velo
33 Luke Merrilees WyndyMilla Reynolds
34 Phil Lenney Team GWB – ACTiV
35 James Davies London Dynamo
36 Ross Bryan Team Gwb-ACTiV
37 Marc Townsend Neon-Velo
38 Andrew Shackel Team Wiggle
39 John Wood NFTO Race
40 Karl Owen Manchester Wheelers
41 Gabriel Evans London Dynamo
42 Chris Rees Pearson CC
43 Andrew Colvin Bigfoot CC
44 Stuart Spies London Dynamo
45 Dan Thut London Dynamo
46 Wayne Crombie East London Velo
47 Simon Bromley Mono Velo CC
48 Charles Batho Dulwich Paragon
49 Sam Humpheson Look mum no hands!
50 Stuart Baldwin 4t+ velo
51 David Bird London Phoenix
52 Jamie Francis London Dynamo
53 Damien Lodge Imperial Racing Team
54 Gavin Ryan London Dynamo
55 Jacob Nicholson Team Bottecchia UK
56 Kieran Dineen Amersham RCC
57 Pierce Cook-Anderson Kingston Wheelers
58 Matthew Hammond Dulwich Paragon
59 Oliver Craig Mono Velo CC
60 Tim Mckean
61 Paul Barnard southdowns bikes

Track Bike Criterium
1 Paolo Bravini Team Cinelli Chrome 14:59
2 Wayne Crombie East London Velo
3 George Garnier The 5th Floor CC
4 Alessandro Bruzza Team Cinelli Chrome
5 Dimitri Demishev Rollapaluza
6 Giovanni Bocchi Team Cinelli Chrome
7 Francesco Martucci Back2back/Rapid Inside
8 Alex Blomeley Unassigned
9 Matthew Theobalds CS Grupetto
10 Neil Phillips TMCC
11 Giorgio Rubasalami Team Cinelli Chrome
12 Taki Theodoracopulos Red Hook
13 Timothy Pulleyn Restrap
14 Carlos Beltran Commuters team
15 Brendan Drewett Fareham Wheelers CC
16 David Trimble Red Hook
17 Reece Wood RagPicker
18 Edgars Aizbalts Druid Cycles
21 Daren Austin Twickenham CC
23 Paul Evans LFGSS CC
25 Stefania baldi Team Desgena
26 Lucy Walker Leeds University
27 Joseph Ashkarian

IMI Folding Bike Race – Heat 1
1 Rimas Grigenas
2 Joseph Brown
3 Stephen Janaway
4 Alasdair Leighton-Crawford
5 Richard Collins
6 Andy Betton
7 Richard Haigh
8 Peter Georgallou
9 Peter Buckney
10 John Batchelor
11 Khalid Mahmud
12 Andy Matthews
13 Robert Hendricks
14 Jeremy Conway
15 Keith Henderson
16 Arbi Dardani
17 Gary Eisenhauer
18 Kevin Jones
19 Oliver Cooke
20 Laurence Green
21 Alice Ewen
22 Wesley Curtis
23 James Baldwin
24 Tom Hall
25 George Knott
26 Mark Brodermann
27 Andrew Barnett
28 Richard Edwards
29 Colin Lawson
30 Tim Elsdale
31 Paul Simpson

IMI Folding Bike Race – Heat 2 Result
1 Philip PATEMAN
2 Gavin Morton
3 Antonius Wubben
4 Joe Nixon
5 Rupert Wyllie
6 Yavor Mitev
7 Gareth Syms
8 Robin Plowman
9 Paul Morgan
10 James Preston
11 Jason Wood
12 Henry Smith
13 Stanley Nutter
14 Daniel Weston
15 Paul Williams
16 Mark Songhurst
17 Derek Mortland
18 Anup Patel
19 David Parkinson
20 Thomas Steven
21 Adam Rudd
22 Dan Mccormack
23 Paul Williams
24 Howard Smith
25 John Yates
26 Mark Spreadbury
27 Roger Stocker
28 Jon Nott


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