Results – Mid Shropshire Wheelers Circuit Race 4


Dave Griffiths & Jen Edwards winners at round 4 of the Mid Shropshire Wheelers Circuit Racing at Shrewsbury Sports Village

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Results – Mid Shropshire Wheelers Circuit Race 4
(thanks Dave Mellor)

After the Shrewsbury Cycle Festival on Saturday was washed out due to the horrendous weather, it was fingers crossed for the 4th Sunday Circuit race of the season for Mid Shropshire Wheelers at the popular Shrewsbury Sports Village.

George Evans June 8th

Pic: Mid Shropshire Wheelers Junior George Evans strings out the breakaway

Riders fought their way along the M54 past the Cosford Airshow traffic and were treated to an absolutely glorious day of racing starting with a combined under 8s and under 10s race, before moving along to under 12s, under 14s and under 16s. After this it was the turn of the Women and the remergence of Ceris Styler (previously Gilfillan) the ex-international and now Mother of five. A high speed race was always on the cards with Ceris putting in big digs at the front before Jen Edwards unleashed her mighty sprint to take the bunch gallop. Ceris was philosophical with a debut 10th place noting that corners and sprinting are not really her thing!

The Men’s 2/3/4 race was electric from the off with a select group of 7 eventually coming together after a flurry of attacks during the first third of the race. Under the “direction” of Jack Escritt the group held a 30 second gap for the rest of the race on a large bunch and despite the best efforts of Dave Bates (Mammoth) the bunch were destined to be fighting for the minor placings. Paramounts Dave Giffiths launched a solo attack with a lap to go and the rest of the break could only watch as he rode away to take a deserved win.

Youth D
1 Alex Barker Halesowen A & CC
2 Daniel Wylie Morris M & D Cycles
3 Joseph Lycett Mid Shropshire Wheelers
5 Nicholas English Mid Shropshire Wheelers
6 Xavier Teece Round West Wales CRT
10 Thomas White Wolverhampton Wheelers
11 Ben Tomlinson Mid Shropshire Wheelers


1 Grace Lister Wolverhampton Wheelers
2 Bethany Bennett Sosban Riders
3 Georgie Duggins Lichfield CCC
4 Caitlin Harvey Lichfield CCC
5 Holly Styler Halesowen C & AC
19 Fae Corbett Mid Shropshire Wheelers

Youth E
1 Joshua Jackson Lyme RC
2 Sam Tomlinson Mid Shropshire Wheelers
3 Sebastian Ball Mid Shropshire Wheelers


1 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers
2 Grace Styler Halesowen A & CC
3 Mia Anslow Wolverhampton Wheelers
4 Danielle Barker
5 Lottie Styler
6 Isla Woodvine

Youth C
1 Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers
2 Alex Thomson Unattached
3 Alex Barker Halesowen A & CC
4 Will Perry Wolverhampton Wheelers
5 Sam Hall Lyme RC
6 Sam Anslow Wolverhampton Wheelers
7 Joseph Lycett Mid Shropshire Wheelers
8 Ross Corbett Mid Shropshire Wheelers
9 Oliver Bater Wolverhampton Wheelers
10 Jack Young Mid Shropshire Wheelers
11 Isaac Stephenson Wolverhampton Wheelers
12 Will Dale Mid Shropshire Wheelers


1 Hollie Owens Mid Shropshire Wheelers
2 Kate Pugh Mid Shropshire Wheelers
3 Rhiannon Tansley Mid Shropshire Wheelers

Youth B
1 Joseph Guy Wolverhampton Wheelers
2 George Higgins Birkenhead NECC
3 Alexander Stewart Weaver Valley
4 William Duggins Lichfield CCC
5 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century
6 Sebastian Bacon Wolverhampton Wheelers
7 Farley Barber Lyme RC

1 Ellie Russell Mid Shropshire Wheelers
2 Jazz Maddocks Mid Shropshire Wheelers

Youth A
1 Owen Line Graham Weigh RT
2 Tomos Owens Paramount
3 Matthew Radford Wolverhampton Wheelers
4 Josef Feiven Solihull CC
5 Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers
6 Daniel Minor Lyme RC
7 Devon Round Mid Shropshire Wheelers
8 Martin Whyatt Mid Shropshire Wheelers
9 Adam Aitken Mid Shropshire Wheelers
10 Isaac Appleby SportCity
11 Ethan Davies Wolverhampton Wheelers
12 Mark Allen Congleton CC


1 Lowri Thomas M & D Cycles
2 Alice Law Wolverhampton Wheelers
3 Meg Chard M & D Cycles
4 Ellie Russell Mid Shropshire Wheelers
5 Phoebe Martin Lichfield CCC
6 Sophie Wylie Morris M & D Cycles
7 Melissa Baker Wolverhampton Wheelers
8 Hannah Mcewan Graham Weigh RT

1 Jen Edwards Team 22
2 Victoria Grimmer Paramount
3 Maisie Duckworth Wolverhampton Wheelers
4 Bethany Coupland Mid Shropshire Wheelers
5 Lydia Gurley Tri 1st
6 Megan Chard M & D Cycles
7 Lauren Humphreys Rugby Velo
8 Rosemary Homer Newport Shrop CC
9 Phoebe Martin Lichfield CCC
10 Ceris Styler Halesowen A & CC
11 Sophie Wylie Morris M & D Cycles
12 Emily Holland Revolutions Racing
13 Rachel Mullard-Wilson Revolutions Racing
14 Claire Spencer NewcastleTri
15 Hannah Dale Mid Shropshire Wheelers

Men 2 / 3 / 4
1 Dave Griffiths Paramount
2 James Ireson Wolverhampton Wheelers
3 Jack Escritt Velocity
4 Benjamin Manfield-Yorke Wolverhampton Wheelers
5 George Richardson Team2000
6 Elliott Pike Lichfield CCC
7 George Evans Mid Shropshire Wheelers
8 Alexander Simmons Swinnerton Cycles
9 Jordan Peacock Rugby Velo
10 Peter Banham Freds RT
11 Preslav Dimitrov MJS Racing
12 David Bates Mammoth
13 James Walker BornToBike
14 Tim Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers
15 Edward Silverton Bicicielo
16 Kirk Vickers Mid Shropshire Wheelers
17 Gary Brooks Kenilworth Wheelers
18 Stephen Cavey Catford CC
19 Mark McCann
20 Mark Maguire


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