Report – Mid-Summers Open Track Meet


A great days racing at Newcastle-under-Lyme Track Open Meeting on Saturday 14th June 2014

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Report – Mid-Summers Open Track Meet

In the sponsored Sprinters League, local rider Sean Mayer of Swinnerton Cycles did a blistering ride in the qualification 200m Time Trial to post the fastest time in the competition with a 11.0 sec ride beating a number of full time GB riders.

Unfortunately a slight tactical error saw Sean finishing 5th overall. Pete Mitchell won the event from Matt Rotherham and another Swinnerton Cycles rider Miles Annon rode well to finish 3rd overall.

In the sponsored B-sprint local track League rider Sophie Capewell, still only a Youth Girl rider beat a lot of very experienced senior men to finish in 3rd place. This was surely the outstanding performance of the event.

Earlier Sophie beat the British Youth Girls 200m record with a fantastic 11.91sec a youth girls track record that I am sure will stand for a very long time. Tom Gregory won the event from Max Nethell.

Sophie Capewell also went on to win the sponsored Women’s Sprint. Sophie still only a Youth Girl rider beat all the senior woman. Thanks to Local Cycling club the Newcastle RC 2001/Vekta Velosport For sponsoring the Youth events.

Some great performances by the youth riders, Tom Byers of Eastlands Velo won the event but local Lyme RC riders Caleb Hill came 2nd, Farley Barber 3rd and Bradley Hill 5th. Aiesha Mellor did well to fish 4th Overall and win the 1st Girls prize as well.

In the Newcastle Track 20km Grand Prix over 50 Laps an early break formed with Alistair-Rutherford-Wheelbase Altura MGD and James-Notley-Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team for them to go and finish in that order.

Swinnerton Cycles Sprinters League

Qualifying 200 m time trial
Fastest 12 only to Round 1 (the rest ride the Swinnerton Cycles B-Sprint)
1st Sean Mayer Swinnerton Cycles 11.00
2nd Matthew Rotherham Sportcity Velo 11.11
3rd Miles Annon Swinnerton Cycles 11.15
4th Peter Mitchell Performance Cycle Coaching 11.21
5th Dan Bray PM 11.31
6th Tom Baker Abergavenny Road Club 11.39
7th Joseph Truman I-Team Cyclists Club 11.41
8th Thomas Rotherham Sportcity Velo 11.46
9th Jack Payne Sportcity Velo 11.52
10th Philip Houlton Brooks Cycles 11.62
11th Max Gethin Lyme RC 11.72
12th Benedict Elliott VC St Raphael 11.90

13th Sophie Capewell Lichfield City CC 11.91
14th Matthew Cosgrove Sportcity Velo 12.00
15th Mark Robinson Royal Air Force CC 12.08
16th Max Nethell Performance Cycle Coaching 12.11
17th Adrian Dent Team Terminator 12.42
18th Rowan Elliott VC St Raphael 12.51
19th Toby Sherwood City of Edinburgh RC 12.53
20th Keith Williams Port Talbot Wheelers 12.60
21st Brian Fudge I-Team Cyclists Club 12.68

1st Round
Heat 1 Sean Mayer beat Benedict Elliott
Heat 2 Matthew Rotherham beat Max Gethin
Heat 3 Miles Annon beat Philip-Houlton-Brooks Cycles
Heat 4 Peter Mitchell beat Jack-Payne-Sportcity Velo
Heat 5 Dan Bray beat Thomas-Rotherham
Heat 6 Tom Baker beat Joseph-Truman

1st Round Rep
Rep 1 Tom Baker beat Max-Gethin- & Benedict-Elliott
Rep 2 Thomas Rotherham beat Philip-Houlton& Jack-Payne

2nd Round
Heat 1 Tom-Baker beat Sean-Mayer
Heat 2 Matthew Rotherham beat Thomas-Rotherham
Heat 3 Miles Annon beat Joseph-Truman
Heat 4 Peter-Mitchell beat Dan-Bray

Semi-Final-1 Peter Mitchell beat Tom Baker
Semi-Final-2 Matthew Rotherham beat Miles Annon

Sprinters League Final
1st Peter Mitchell
2nd Matthew Rotherham

3rd & 4th Place final
3rd Miles Annon
4th Tom Baker

Minor final
5th Sean-Mayer
6th Dan-Bray
7th Joseph Truman
8th Thomas Rotherham

Swinnerton Cycles B-Sprint

Round 1
Heat 1 Sophie CapewellBeat Joshua-Dunham & Brenda-Tate
Heat 2 Matthew Cosgrove beat Luke-Draper & Deborah-Capewell
Heat 3 Mark Robinson beat Ellie Coster & Ash Ellis
Heat 4 Max Nethell beat Rachel-James & Paul Gittins& Peter-Humphries
Heat 5 Matthew Callaghan beat Charles Walker & Adrian-Dent & Steve Cronshaw & Lauren-Quenby
Heat 6 Rowan Elliottbeat Hannah-Blount & James Brightwell& Paul Sydenham
Heat 7 Toby Sherwood beat Seb Horner& Christopher Blount & Tad-Skubala
Heat 8 Thomas Gregory beat Keith Williams & Brian Fudge & Chris-Holt & Emily-Capewell

1st Thomas Gregory, Halesowen A & CC,
2nd Max Nethell, Performance Cycle Coaching
3rd Sophie Capewell, Lichfield City CC

Minor Final
4th Rowan-Elliott-VC St Raphael ,
5th Steve-Cronshaw-Brooks Cycles,
6th Mark-Robinson-Royal Air Force CC

Women’s Sprint “Derby”
1st Sophie-Capewell-Lichfield City CC
2nd Rachel-James-Abergavenny Road Club
3rd Ellie-Coster-Bush Healthcare CRT.
4th Lauren-Quenby-Swinnerton Cycles

Minor Final
5th Deborah-Capewell-Brooks Cycles
6th Emily-Capewell-Lichfield City CC
7th-Brenda-Tate-Brooks Cycles

1st Masters Rider – Deborah-Capewell-Brooks Cycles

Newcastle Track 20km Grand Prix 50 Laps
1st Alistair-Rutherford-Wheelbase Altura MGD
2nd James-Notley-Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
3rd Leon-Gledhill-Teamwallis CHH Racing Team
4th David-Brearley-Team Zenith – Buzz Cycles
5th Thomas-Rotherham-Sportcity Velo
6th Iain-Cook-VC Londres
7th Jack-Payne-Sportcity Velo
8th Stephen-Clayton-Lichfield City CC
9th James-Risk-Weaver Valley CC
10th Charles-Walker-Halesowen A & CC
11th Thomas-Gregory-Halesowen A & CC

Youth Omnium sponsored by local club Newcastle RC 2001
1st Tom Byers Eastlands Velo – 1st, 1st, 4th, 1st (7-Points)
2nd Caleb Hill Lyme RC – 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 3rd (8-Points)
3rd Farley Barber Lyme RC – 3rd, 4th, 3rd, 2nd (12-Points)
4th Aiesha Mellor Newcastle RC 2001 – 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, (13-Points)
5th Bradley Hill Lyme RC – 5th, 5th, 5th, 5th (20-Points)

1st B (U14) Caleb Hill Lyme RC
1st Girl rider Aiesha Mellor Newcastle RC 2001
‘A’ Endurance Riders Devil take the Hindmost
Alistair-Rutherford-Wheelbase Altura MGD
Leon-Gledhill-Teamwallis CHH Racing Team
David-Brearley-Team Zenith – Buzz Cycles

‘A’ Endurance Riders 10 Lap Course–de-Primes
Matthew-Rotherham-Sportcity Velo
Leon-Gledhill-Teamwallis CHH Racing Team
Leon-Gledhill-Teamwallis CHH Racing Team
Thomas-Gregory-Halesowen A & CC
Matthew-Rotherham-Sportcity Velo
Thomas-Gregory-Halesowen A & CC
James-Notley-Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
Alistair-Rutherford-Wheelbase Altura MGD
James-Notley-Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
Alistair-Rutherford-Wheelbase Altura MGD

‘A’ Endurance Riders Points Race 15 Laps
Alistair-Rutherford-Wheelbase Altura MGD
John-Brearley-Cottingham Coureurs RT
James-Notley-Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team

Women & B’s 12 Lap Scratch
1st Ellie-Coster-Bush Healthcare CRT
2nd Andrew-Jackson-Team Moda
3rd Phillip-Braybrooke-Manchester Whlrs Club

Women & B’s Devil take the Hindmost
1st Rachel-James-Abergavenny Road Club
2nd Andrew-Jackson-Team Moda
3rd Ellie-Coster-Bush Healthcare CRT

Women & “B” Men riders Only Win & Out
1st Rachel-James-Abergavenny Road Club
2nd Hannah-Blount-Derby Mercury RC
3rd Andrew-Jackson-Team Moda

Sprinters Win & Out
1st Jack-Payne-Sportcity Velo
2nd Benedict-Elliott-VC St Raphael
3rd Toby-Sherwood-City of Edinburgh RC

Women & B’s 10 Lap Course–de-Primes
Rachel-James-Abergavenny Road Club
Christopher-Blount-Derby Mercury RC
Joshua-Dunham-Team Swift
Joshua-Dunham-Team Swift
Joshua-Dunham-Team Swift
Joshua-Dunham-Team Swift
Rachel-James-Abergavenny Road Club
Andrew-Jackson-Team Moda
Rachel-James-Abergavenny Road Club

Thursday Track League. Lyme Valley Stadium in Newcastle-under Lyme, Staffordshire is the home of the Brooks Cycles Track League, one of Great Britain’s leading Track Leagues we have separate Sprint and Endurance Track events every Thursday throughout the Summer. Starts at 7.30pm

This session is for more experienced riders of any age. The session starts at 6.30pm with the warm up. After the warm up the groups are split in to Sprint and Endurance. The lead coaches for this night are Steve Cronshaw (Sprint) and Chris Pyatt (Endurance ). Starts 6.30pm

This session is for Under 18’s riders and Novice/less experienced riders of any age. Starts at 6.15pm


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