This Sunday – Beaumont Trophy RR


Startlist for UCI Beaumont Trophy RR, last race before the British Road Championships in Wales

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This Sunday – Beaumont Trophy RR

After six weeks on the road for the Pearl Izumi Tour Series where the enemy of the riders was the travel, the best of the British based riders head to Northumberland for the long running Beaumont Trophy Road Race, part of the Virgin Money Cyclone cycling festival in Newcastle.


Ironically, its last years winner’s brother Russell Downing (above) that wears number 1 with Dean not down to ride although that may change as may many of the teams line ups. One rider who I expect will be on the line will the Jersey Road Road Race winner Adam Blythe who didn’t need his sprint to win after going solo in a very strong show of strength.

The NFTO line up also boasts other possible winners such as Jon Mould but the race includes many other possible winners and the Madison Genesis line up who won last year with Dean Downing, sees the return to British racing of Peter Hawkins, Scott Davies and Alex Peters (below). They will be joined by Tom Scully, Andy Tennant, Ian Bibby, Tom Stewart and Liam Holohan in a very strong team.


An exciting addition to the GB line up is Tao Geoghegan Hart back from racing in the States while Raleigh also see some riders returning to action such as Ian ‘superman’ Wilkinson, Alex Blain and Mark Christian. The team’s Mathieu Boulo showed in the Tour Series what a threat he is as well so yet again we have a line up with more than one possible winner.

Rapha Condor JLT have their Tour of Korea winner Hugh Carthy back in action in Britain with others like CiCLE Classic winner Tom Moses and Chris Opie on the way back after returning to racing during the latter part of the Tour Series. If it comes to a sprint, the men in black have many options including Opie and Graham Briggs.

The other UCI team, Node 4 Giordana boasts a new name, Brad Morgan, along with Steve Lampier who was at the sharp end of the Jersey road race (2nd) and a rider never to be under estimated, Marcin Bialoblocki.


The 140 strong field has many other notable riders. Jonny Bellis, bronze medallist in the U23 World RR Champs before his crippling crash, rides for the Isle of Man while David Clarke is one of the KTM team. Dan Fleeman should find the Ryals to his liking for Metaltek-Kuota whilst the team from Cycling Ulster will be unknown to most of the favourites. Spanish team Start Trigon will again be visiting the UK.

Wheelbase Altura MGD send their strong line up to the race whilst especially pleasing is the Yorkshire Composite with father and son Jake and John Tanner on the start list. There are many other teams missing from the race which is a shame but for those looking for a British Champs warm up, the Beaumont at 117 miles is a great test to see who has the endurance to go that distance.


1 Russ Downing NFTO Pro Cycling
2 Adam Blythe NFTO Pro Cycling
3 Jon Mould NFTO Pro Cycling
4 Sam Williams NFTO Pro Cycling
5 Hugh Wilson NFTO Pro Cycling
6 Josh Hunt NFTO Pro Cycling
7 Sam Harrison NFTO Pro Cycling
8 James Lewis NFTO Pro Cycling
9 Peter Hawkins Madison Genesis
10 Ian Bibby Madison Genesis
11 Alex Peters Madison Genesis
12 Andrew Tennant Madison Genesis
13 Thomas Stewart Madison Genesis
14 Liam Holohan Madison Genesis
15 Scott Davies Madison Genesis
16 Tom Scully Madison Genesis
17 Alistair Slater 100% ME
18 Tao Geoghegan Hart 100% ME
19 Jacob Ragan 100%ME
20 Germain Burton 100%ME
21 Oliver Wood 100%ME
22 Christopher Latham 100%ME
23 Jonathan Dibben 100%ME
24 Christopher Lawless 100%ME
25 Ian Wilkinson Team Raleigh
26 Alex Blain Team Raleigh
27 Yanto Barker Team Raleigh
28 Mark Christian Team Raleigh
29 Evan Oliphant Team Raleigh
30 Matthieu Boulo Team Raleigh
31 Morgan Kneisky Team Raleigh
32 George Atkins Team Raleigh
33 Elliott Porter Rapha Condor JLT
34 Christopher Opie Rapha Condor JLT
35 Hugh Carthy Rapha Condor JLT
36 Michael Cuming Rapha Condor JLT
37 Richard Handley Rapha Condor JLT
38 Thomas Moses Rapha Condor JLT
39 Graham Briggs Rapha Condor JLT
40 Kristian House Rapha Condor JLT
41 James Gullen Velosure Giordana
42 Brad Morgan Velosure Giordana
43 James Moss Velosure Giordana
44 Rob Partridge Velosure Giordana
45 Steve Lampier Velosure Giordana
46 Matt Cronshaw Velosure Giordana
47 Nathan Edmondson Velosure Giordana
48 Marcin Bialoblocki Velosure Giordana
49 Henry Hunter Isle of Man
50 Ian Field Isle of Man
51 Edward Perry Isle of Man
52 Jonathan Creegan Isle of Man
53 Jonny Bellis Isle of Man
54 Andrew Roche Isle of Man
55 Joe Kelly Isle of Man
56 Jacob Tipper KTM
57 David Clarke KTM
58 Kit Gilham KTM
59 Harry Tanfield KTM
60 Andy Hawdon KTM
61 Michael Mottram KTM
63 Robert Orr Metaltek-KUOTA RT
64 David McGowan Metaltek-KUOTA RT
65 Ben Stockdale Metaltek-KUOTA RT
66 Chris Bartlett Metaltek-KUOTA RT
67 Dexter Gardias Metaltek-KUOTA RT
68 William Bjergfelt Metaltek-KUOTA RT
69 Rhys Lloyd Metaltek-KUOTA RT
70 Dan Fleeman Metaltek-KUOTA RT
71 Marc Potts Cycling Ulster
72 Mike Millar Cycling Ulster
73 Cormac Clarke Cycling Ulster
74 Daniel Stewart Cycling Ulster
75 Alastair Macaulay Cycling Ulster
76 Mark Buchanan Cycling Ulster
77 Fraser Duncan Cycling Ulster
78 Philip Lavery Cycling Ulster
79 Andrew Whitehall West of Scotland
80 Andrew Hale West of Scotland
81 Scott McCrossan West of Scotland
82 Steven Lawley West of Scotland
83 Peter Murdoch West of Scotland
84 David Griffiths West of Scotland
85 Gavin Shuttleworth West of Scotland
86 James Locker Zappis Racing Team
87 Daniel Pearson Zappi’s Racing Team
88 Dante Carpenter Zappis Racing Team
89 James Knox Zappi’s Racing Team
90 James Newey Zappis Racing Team
91 Callum Ferguson Zappis Racing Team
92 Ulises Castillo Start Trigon Cycling Team
93 Carlos Henrique Dos Santos Start Trigon Cycling Team
94 Lars Pria Start Trigon Cycling Team
95 Gustavo Miño Start Trigon Cycling Team
96 Ruben Caseny Start Trigon Cycling Team
97 David Van Eerd Start Trigon Cycling Team
98 Perry Bowater Starley Primal
99 George Pym Starley Primal
100 Will Fox Starley Primal
101 Jack Pullar Starley Primal
102 David Lines Starley Primal
103 Ryan Davies Starley Primal
104 Hefin Price Starley Primal
105 Josh Burns Starley Primal
106 Joe Moses Wheelbase Altura MGD
107 Matthew Clarke Wheelbase Altura MGD
108 Tom Barras Wheelbase Altura MGD
109 Simon Wilson Wheelbase Altura MGD
110 Alex Bottomley Wheelbase Altura MGD
111 Andy Coupe Wheelbase Altura MGD
112 Sam Boast Wheelbase Altura MGD
113 Mark Baines Spirit Bikes Race Team
114 Josef Metelka Spirit Bikes Race Team
115 Jack Beezer Spirit Bikes Race Team
116 Chris Dredge Spirit Bikes Race Team
117 Jack Waller Spirit Bikes Race Team
118 Julian Pearson Spirit Bikes Race Team
119 Matt Exley Spirit Bikes Race Team
120 Sebastian Baylis Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear
121 Jordan Hargreaves Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear
122 Ben Kellett Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear
123 Samuel Jackson Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear
124 Dillon Byrne Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear
125 Michael Ashurst Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear
126 Hamish Graham Yorkshire Composite Team
127 Alastair Kay Yorkshire Composite Team
128 Matthew Kipling Yorkshire Composite Team
129 Jake Tanner Yorkshire Composite Team
130 John Tanner Yorkshire Composite Team
131 Matthew Bulmer Yorkshire Composite Team
132 Duncan Moralee Yorkshire Composite Team
133 Matthew Robinson Yorkshire Composite Team
134 Daniel Smith Achieve Skinnergate Racing Team
135 Colin Humphrey Achieve Skinnergate Racing Team
136 Karl Denton Achieve Skinnergate Racing Team
137 Carl Donaldson Achieve Skinnergate Racing Team
138 Ben Hetherington Achieve Skinnergate Racing Team
139 James Alder Achieve Skinnergate Racing Team
140 John Rigby Champion System/Club Roost/Maxgear

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