Blog – Jack Sadler (RCJ)


Rapha Condor JLT’s Jack Sadler writes about the disappointment of illness as he deals with a rough start to his season

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Blog – Jack Sadler (RCJ)

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Jack writes … After failing to sit down and write a blog since December and being a little hesitant with my tweets lately, I felt it was time to put pen to paper and flip over the unturned pages.

To be honest, I’ve had a pretty rough start to my first season with Rapha Condor JLT, and all that I can put that down to is inexperience.


Struggling with my fitness and health during my time in Australia on a three month training and racing trip, has meant most of my season has suffered as a consequence. Whilst training, I pushed myself in order to reach new heights, but suffered as a result.

My eagerness to succeed, being with the team and having that motivation and support drove me on. With such an amazing opportunity in my hands, I grasped it too hard and failed to listen to my body as much as I should of making myself ill on several occasions.

Taking a step back now and reviewing it, I needed to find the balance between training hard and not tipping myself over the edge. Having spent a big chunk of my season away from the team, my confidence was low and I wasn’t where I wanted to be. But reassurance from John (Herety) made me see the bigger picture.

It’s a development process, it will happen. After several discussions with both manager John and coach Ken (Matheson), we have reviewed my time in Australia and the first half of my season. Coming to a conclusion and agreement to concentrate on the British Elite Circuit Race Series.


I’ve just finished a block of races, getting my race fitness back and retrieving my old self. I had my first win of the season at a mid-week E,1,2,3 circuit race at Salt Ayre a few weeks ago. Even though it means very little in the big scheme of things, it was nice to get a win and get some confidence back.

To finish the racing block off, I raced with two team mates Ed Clancy and Graham Briggs at the new Doncaster Cycle Festival crit (good company). This was for sure the turning point for me this season. It was the one race I felt back to my old self in and it was fantastic to be back with John and the team. I managed 9th place in the end after Ed won from a break of three from Dean Downing and James Moss.

I tried to go too early in the sprint for 4th, aiming to get into the tight corner first but couldn’t hold on to the finish. After having a bit of a joke and advice off John at the finish, I’ve definitley learnt from this mistake!

Currently, I’m on a short break from racing to concentrate on training for the circuit race series, which starts on 2nd July in Otley. A structured plan from Coach Ken is going really well and I’m feeling the best I’ve felt all year.

I’m building confidence every day. Unfortunately, this means I will miss out on this year’s Irish National Road Race Championships. At this moment in time, I wouldn’t be fit enough for a 190km road race with some of the best bike riders in the world. I feel it would be better to go next year and give it a shot when I’m a year older, stronger and more experienced.

Meanwhile, the team have had unbelievable success throughout the last few weeks. The crit team sealed the win in the 10 week televised Pearl Izumi Tour Series. Whilst the climbers were out winning three stages, claiming jerseys and winning the Tour of Korea!!

Being part of such a strong squad inspires me and drives me on. It’s amazing to be part of Rapha Condor JLT and I’m motivated for the last few months of the season.

British Elite Circuit Race Series:
• 2nd July – Otley
• 11th July – Stockton
• 16th July – Colne
• 18th July – Beverly
• 23rd July – Sheffield
• 30th July – Abergavenny

Other races:
• 27th July – CDNW Ulverston?
• 1st August – Staffordshire Grand Prix Criterium
• 2nd August – Staffordshire Grand Prix Kermesse

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