Results – Eelmoor Circuit Races


Rob McCarthy, Charles Page & Lucy Chittenden winners at round 4 of the Eelmoor Circuit Races on Wednesday (June 18)

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Results – Eelmoor Circuit Races
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Category A Boys
1 Lewis Martin Fareham Wheelers CC
2 Josh Ellis Epsom CC
3 Thomas Nel I-Team-CC
4 Joe Clark I-Team-CC
5 Harvey McNaughton I-Team-CC
6 Chris Jenkinson Wyndy Milla
7 Joshua Rundle Charlotteville CC
8 Ed Bishop VC Meudon
9 George Bounds Farnborough and Camberley CC

Category A Girls
1 Emma Clarke Palmer Park Velo
2 Quanta Cory Charlotteville CC
3 Meggy Hester Charlotteville CC
4 Bethany Audas Wyndy Milla

Category B Boys
1 Lewis Haller Charlotteville CC
2 Troy Loxley NHRC
3 Liam Harris Palmer Park Velo
4 Jay Allen
5 Maxwell Binfield VC Meudon
6 Tom Portsmouth Charlotteville CC
7 Tom Clarke Palmer Park Velo
8 Jamie Series Unattached
9 Sam Clark I-Team-CC
10 Ben Moore Charlotteville CC

Category B Girls
1 Ellie Cooper Charlotteville CC
2 Alice Matravers Charlotteville CC
3 Eleanor Shorey Charlotteville CC

Category C Boys
1 Gabriel Banner Hillingdon SS
2 Sam Bishop Charlotteville CC
3 Malin Cory Charlotteville CC
4 Kye Lewis Willesden Wheelers
5 Simon Williams Charlotteville CC
6 Ben Fox Charlotteville CC
7 Seb Egan Charlotteville CC
8 Carrick Binfield VC Meudon
9 Kieran Daniels Charlotteville CC

Category C Girls
1 Josie Goble
2 Amelia Pateman Unattached

Category D Boys
1 Joe O’Brien Hillingdon SS
2 Alex Uphill Hillingdon SS
3 Ben Bisson Hillingdon SS
4 Ben Flatau Charlotteville CC
5 Harry Clarke Palmer Park Velo
6 Daniel Cox Charlotteville CC

Category D Girls
1 Mia Loxley NHRC
2 Detti Cory Charlotteville CC
3 Ella Pateman Unattached

Category E Boys
1 James Brown Palmer Park Velo
2 Pascal Giret Hillingdon SS
3 Ben Coppola Hillingdon SS
4 William Flatau Charlotteville CC
5 Edward Charles Charlotteville CC
6 Joseph Peters
7 Sam Graham NHRC
8 Luca Leefe
9 Gee Peter Pedal Heaven RT
10 Edward Whysall Charlotteville CC
11 Charlie Hoy Felt Colbornes
12 Edward Loveday Charlotteville CC
13 Lucas Buckley
14 Lucas Jesse Pedal Heaven RT

Category E Girls
1 Bobbie O’Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Hannah McIntyre Charlotteville CC

1 Rob McCarthy Pedal Heaven RT
2 Adrian Lansley
3 Mitch Webber Pedal Heaven RT
4 Lewis Atkins Pedal Heaven RT
5 Isaac Pucci Mountain Trax-Vauxhall Motors
6 Max Stedman Pedal Heaven RT
7 Mike Lancaster VC Meudon
8 Dante Carpenter Zappis RT
9 Albert Ellison VC Meudon
10 Dave Creeggan Pedal Heaven RT

1 Charles Page Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Adam Moore Team Dassi
3 Jack Noy
4 Keith Scott Farnborough and Camberley CC
5 Ryan Keynes Odiham CC
6 Grant Smith Crest CC
7 Mark Workman Festival RC
8 Simon Jodrell Odiham CC
9 Samuel James Farnborough and Camberley CC
10 Simon Potter Wyndy Milla

1 Lucy Chittenden East St Cycles
2 Anna-Marie Hughes Bike Pure
3 Rebecca Carter Wyndy Milla
4 Elizabeth Dunne Wyndy Milla

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