Result – Ford CC Go Race


Jeremy Perks the lastest winner in the Ford CC Go Race series, 26th June

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Result – Ford CC Go Race

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The success of the Ford CC Go Race series is evident by the 123 different riders that have contested the 5 races so far, many being newbies to the sport. The top 8 riders in the series standings were among the 40 contenders for this, the 5th, and penultimate race in the series.

The first prime after Lap 4 was taken by Rob Young (Team Vision Racing ). The pack generally stayed together until the second prime after Lap 8 which was taken by Tim Savage (Maldon CC ). The high pace continued causing some to slip off the back of the pack.

The final prime on lap 12 was taken by Andrew Walden (Ford CC). The final bunch sprint for the line was taken by Jeremy Perks (Athlon Sport ), followed by Colin McPherson (Travers Bikes ) and Rob McLean (Maldon CC ).

The overall series standings couldn’t be tighter with Colin McPherson having 2 wins, a 2nd and a 3rd battling with Jeremy Perks with 1 win and 2 2nd’s. With 4 races counting it’s all dependent on the final race of the series on 10th July.

Full results were:
1 Jeremy Perks Senior Athlon Sport
2 Colin McPherson Veteran Travers Bikes
3 Rob Maclean Senior Maldon CC
4 Martin Ryan Veteran Ford CC
5 Tim Savage Veteran Maldon CC
6 Graham Rudd Veteran Redbridge
7 Darren Bigmore Veteran Glendene CC
8 Luca Reina Veteran Crest CC
9 Lee Cullender Senior 0
10 Kateel Rahman Quereshi Senior Travers Bikes
11 Andrew Walden Senior Ford CC
12 Michael Travers Veteran Travers Bikes
13 Russ Welch Veteran Travers Bikes
14 Ray Ricks Veteran Velo Schils Interbike
15 Jay Guarnieri Veteran LLB
16 Graham Masters Veteran Eagle RC
17 Jake Darragh Junior Maldon CC
18 Kevin Darragh Veteran Maldon CC
19 Rob Young Veteran Team Vision Racing
20 Ross Courtnell Senior Travers Bikes
21 Kevin McClintock Veteran 0
22 Ryan Savage Senior Crest CC
23 Andrew Robertson Senior Essex Roads CC
24 Andy Sarling Senior Athlon Sport
25 James Samuel Senior Crest CC
26 Jeremy Wilson Senior Glendene CC
27 Andrew Summerfield Veteran Hippo Collective
28 Trevor Dyster Veteran Essex Roads CC
29 Clive Woods Veteran Essex Roads CC
30 Dan Selby Veteran Gateway CC
31 Ross Hollands Senior Essex Roads CC
32 Thomas King Junior Welwyn Wheelers

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