Result – Richmond Park TT

Rob Sharland of Kingston Wheelers fastest in the Richmond Park Time Trial

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Result – Richmond Park TT

The second London Dynamo Richmond Park 10.4 mile time trial took place early this morning in mild but overcast conditions. However, shortly after 6am as the first riders set off, the rain started to fall, making for extremely slippery roads with several riders sliding on the infamous ‘Cancellara corner’.

With the event selling out within days when entries opened on RiderHQ, it was disappointing to see so many non-starters this morning. This time trial is always oversubscribed, so please bear this in mind next time.

In the women’s road bike category there was a strong showing from London Phoenix, with Bella Leach in 3rd with a time of 29:37 and Michelle Sellars 2nd in 29:33. However it was Clare Gillott of Les Filles RT who took the win 21 seconds ahead, completing the course in 29:12.


There was a very competitive field in the women’s TT category, with the winner of the road bike category in the last event, Maryka Sennema of Kingston Wheelers 3rd in 26:19. Jasmijn Muller (Kingston Wheelers) was just 3 seconds faster to take 2nd in a time of 26:16. However it was Rebecca Slack (Look Mum No Hands! RT) who put in a very strong performance to get within just 11 seconds of the course record, despite sliding on Cancellara corner and taking a cyclocross diversion on the grass! Rebacca, who founded the Richmond Park TT, won this category in 25:49.

There was a small junior category this morning with just 2 riders competing. Both performed well with Boru Pratt McCullagh (VC Londres) finishing in 28:28 for 2nd place. London Dynamo’s Tobias Dahlhaus (just 14 years old) took the win in a time of 27:51. It must be mentioned that 17 year old Gabriel Evans is also a junior, but he was racing in the men’s TT category where he finished 2nd overall.


In the men’s road bike category Henry Sheldon finished 3rd in 25:50, with Xavier Disley (RST Sport/Aero-Coach) just 1 second faster in 2nd place with 25:49. However it was 19 year old Jamie Francis of London Dynamo who took the win over a minute ahead in a time of 24:27.

Finally there was another competitive field in the men’s TT category with the top 4 all under 25 minutes. Chris Nicholls (Freespeed Skechers) was 3rd in 24:12, with junior Gabriel Evans putting in a very strong ride to finish 2nd in 23:56. However, Rob Sharland of Kingston Wheelers was 37 seconds ahead, winning his second successive Richmond Park TT in a very quick time of 23:19.


The podium finishers in each category received vouchers generously sponsored by Sigma Sport and all competitors received a free For Goodness Shake at the finish.

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1. Rob Sharland Kingston Wheelers Men TT 0:23:19
2. Gabriel Evans London Dynamo Men TT 0:23:56
3. Chris Nicholls Freespeed Skechers Men TT 0:24:12
4. Jamie Francis London Dynamo Men Road 0:24:27
5. Steve Irwin Kingston Wheelers Men TT 0:24:33
6. Sam/Charlie Humpheson/Easton Look mum no hands! Tandem 0:25:11
7. Stephen ralston london dynamo Men TT 0:25:45
8. Rebecca Slack Look Mum No Hands! RT Lady TT 0:25:49
9. Xavier Disley RST Sport/Aero-Coach Men Road 0:25:49
10. Henry Sheldon Men Road 0:25:50
11. Aaron Olszewski Kingston Wheelers Men Road 0:25:55
12. James Griffin Kingston Wheelers Men TT 0:26:08
13. Matthew Clarke Men Road 0:26:10
14. Jasmijn Muller Kingston Wheelers Lady TT 0:26:16
15. Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers Lady TT 0:26:19
16. Alex Ioannides Dulwich Paragon CC Men Road 0:26:42
17. William McAvock London Dynamo Men TT 0:26:59
18. Tam T londonDynamo Men Road 0:27:00
19. Matt Lunt QTCC Men TT 0:27:02
20. Rob Allen Handsling Racing Men TT 0:27:08
21. Angus beaumont Serpentine Men TT 0:27:10
22. Serge Bouschet Dulwich Paragon CC Men TT 0:27:12
23. Nicholas Sen Men TT 0:27:14
24. Mark Gray London Dynamo Men TT 0:27:20
25. Jonathan Zisaruk N/A Men Road 0:27:26
26. Charles Peach London Dynamo Men TT 0:27:26
27. Tim Lawn Kingston Wheelers Men Road 0:27:29
28. Giles Porter London Dynamo Men Road 0:27:43
29. Tobias Dahlhaus London Dynamo Junior 0:27:51
30. Robert Shiels London Dynamo Men TT 0:27:55
31. Louise Moriarty Look Mum No Hands! Lady TT 0:27:59
32. Adam Wells Kingston Wheelers CC Men TT 0:28:01
33. David Spring BAML treasury Men Road 0:28:03
34. James Mackenzie London Phoenix Men TT 0:28:05
35. Clare Campbell-Smith Bridgtown Cona Testa Triathlon Team Lady TT 0:28:09
36. Stuart Anderson Team Freespeed Men TT 0:28:15
37. Alex Wilmer London Dynamo Men Road 0:28:16
38. Greg Russell TMG Horizons Men Road 0:28:18
39. Sandra Blenkinsop Kingfisher Triathletes Lady TT 0:28:19
40. Tom Simpson Brixton CC Men Road 0:28:21
41. Boru Pratt McCullagh VC Londres Junior 0:28:28
42. Jamie McLoughlin Kingston Wheelers CC Men TT 0:28:32
43. John Sellars London Phoenix Men TT 0:28:41
44. Edd Sowden Men Road 0:28:41
45. Christian Kinmont London Dynamo Men TT 0:28:51
46. Rupert Baker London Dynamo Men Road 0:28:58
47. John Beer Kingston Poenix RC Men TT 0:29:05
48. Clare Gillott Les Filles RT Lady Road 0:29:12
49. rexford pennington Men TT 0:29:12
50. chris campbell London Dynamo Men Road 0:29:29
51. Michelle Sellars London Phoenix Lady Road 0:29:33
52. Bella Leach London Phoenix CC Lady Road 0:29:37
53. Nicole Oh Les Filles RT Lady TT 0:29:38
54. Ulrike von Saldern Dulwich paragon CC Lady TT 0:29:49
55. Peter King Crystal Palace Triathletes Men TT 0:29:51
56. james spackman London Dynamo Men Road 0:30:01
57. Sarah Phelps Brighton Mitre CC Lady TT 0:30:05
58. Joe Hinder n/a Men TT 0:30:09
59. colin mercer Men Road 0:30:12
60. Jorge Alberzoni London Dynamo Men Road 0:30:41
61. Anita Jones Brighton Phoenix Lady TT 0:30:44
62. Edward Corrigan Men Road 0:30:46
63. Kathryn Morris Dulwich Paragon Lady Road 0:30:47
64. Mark Corliss Hastings & St Leonards CC Men TT 0:31:10
65. Alice Saltmarsh RST Sport/Aero-Coach Lady Road 0:31:14
66. James Etheridge Men Road 0:31:41
67. Elin Williamson Brighton Mitre Lady Road 0:31:43
68. James Watthey London Dynamo Men Road 0:31:47
69. David Smith Vc londres Men Road 0:32:00
70. Eleanor Doody Ful on tri Lady TT 0:32:09
71. Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon CC Lady Road 0:32:19
72. Nicholas Szmigin Men TT 0:33:51
73. Jack Barrass Men Road 0:34:49
74. Sarah Cashman WyndyMilla Lady TT 0:35:13
75. Zoe Capstick Brixton CC Lady Road 0:35:50
76. James Corrigan Clapham Chasers Men Road 0:36:21


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