Brief Results: Guildford Crits


Gruffudd Lewis, Ben Marks and Tamiko Butler winners at the Guildford Crits on Wednesday night

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Brief Results: Guildford Crits

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Colbornes Elite Criterium:

1. Gruffudd Lewis Pedal Heaven/Colbornes RT
2. Alex Paton Pedal Heaven/Colbornes RT
3. Richard Mardle Felt/Colbornes RT

Gold-i Womens ‘Gold Rush’ :
1. Tamiko Butler
2. Lydia Gurley
3. Mhairi Mackenzie

Cycleworks ‘Local Heroes’ :
1. Ben Marks
2. Jamie Newall Pedal Heaven/Colbornes RT
3. Jack Noy

Chapters Financial Children Races

E category (U8)
1. Greta Carey
2. Bobbie O’Brien
3. Ella Beaton

1. Ben Coppola
2. James Brown
3. Edward Charles

C category (U12)
1. Isabella Escalera
2. Freya Richardson
3. Poppy Pattinson

1. Gabriel Banner
2. Sam Bishop
3. Owen Giles

D category (U10)
1. Zoe Algar
2. Katie Keiller

1. Jed Smithson
2. Jamie Gostick
3. Joseph O’Brien


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