Live! East Yorkshire Classic Crit


The East Yorkshire Classic circuit race was won by Mike Northey of Madison Genesis tonight after a solo effort at the end of one very fast race.

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Live! East Yorkshire Classic Crit

Northey was part of a four up break that formed early on in the Elite Men’s race and with Raleigh having missed it, they started the chase but with two National Champions out front, Northey and Blythe as well as ‘Steve’ Cronshaw (real name Matt) and Graham Briggs, there was no way it was coming back. The peloton held it for a while but the break was gaining a few seconds a lap and soon looked like lapping the peloton.

The Commissaires took the decision to finish the peloton a lap early and just as well because seconds after Dean Downing had won the bunch kick, Northey crossed the line to win the race to show that ahead of the Commonwealth Games, he has great form. Adam Blythe won the sprint for second from Graham Briggs and Matt Cronshaw.

Live  Photos – Internet Permitting


Podium for Beverley: Graham Briggs (3rd), Mike Northey and Adam Blythe (2nd). Adam came on podium and said he was pleased to be first Brit … tongue in cheek! – so does this make Mike champion of champions (Kiwi crit champion, Adam British)….


The four up break led by British champion Adam Blythe from Mike Northey, Graham Briggs and Matt Cronshaw.


Mike comes out of the darkness to win the East Yorkshire Classic.


Adam Blythe wins the sprint for second from Briggs and Cronshaw.


Dean Downing wins the bunch kick for 5th place.


Mike Northey full gas. Everyone was saying just how fast the race was tonight, riders, officials and spectators. It was soooo fast!


Adam Blythe tries to escape  to chase Northey.


Mark Christian on his custom Raleigh Militis for the Commonwealth Games chasing the break.


Russell Downing trying to get away late in the race.


Crowd was just bloody awesome. Why the Nationals wasn’t here I don’t know! 


Iona Sewell wins the Womens race dominated by GB Cycles riders… nice pay day for them.


 Flora Gilles wins the bunch kick for the women and second place.


Philip Gray wins his first race and what a race with a long solo effort to take victory whilst behind a crash marrs the sprint.

1. Mike Northey, Madison Genesis
2. Adam Blythe, NFTO @18 seconds
3. Graham Briggs, Rapha Condor JLT
4. Matt Cronshaw, Velosure Giordana
5. Dean Downing, NFTO, @ 1.28
6. Adam Duggleby, Wheelbase
7. Chris Opie, Rapha Condor JLT
8. Alex Blain, Raleigh
9. Andrew Hawdon, KTM
10. George Atkins, Raleigh
11. Ian Wilkinson, Raleigh
12. Richard Hepworth, Velosure Giordana
13. David McGowan, Metaltek, Kuota
14. Russell Downing, NFTO
15. Will Fox, Starley Primal
16. Harry Tanfield, KTM
17. Jacob Tipper, KTM
18. Will Bjergfelt, Metalktek Kuota
19. Alex Paton, Pedal Heaven
20. Simon Wilson, Wheelbase

21. Dale Appleby, NFTO
22. Jonathan Shuster, Corley Cycles
23. James Sampson, Haribo Beacon
24. Hugh Wilson, NFTO
25. Jake Womesley, Haribo Beacon
26. Rob Partridge, Velosure Giordana
27. David Shackleton, Wilson Wheels
28. Tom Stewart, Madison Genesis
29. Guff Lewis, Pedal Heaven
30. Jack Sadler, Rapha Condor JLT
31. Ian Bibby, Madison Genesis
32. Sam Williams, NFTO
33. Matheiu Boulo,Raleigh
34. Tom Bustard, Velsoure Giordana
35. Mark Christian, Raleigh
36. Alexander Royle, BH Solidor
37. Liam Holohan, Madison Genesis
38. Richard Handley, Rapha Condor JLT
39. Morgan Kniesky, Raleigh



1. Philip Gray, Kuota
2. Joshua Varty
3. Kenny Gray, Kuota
4. Matthew Pearce, Bronte Wheelers
5. Nick Nettleton
6. Nicholas Armistead
7. Jake Beach, Velocity
8. Richard Benson, Albarosa
9. Joshua Gale, Flex Tech
10. James Ward, Knottingly Velo
11. Paul Mace Royal Air Force
12. Mr Towart
13. Giles Porter, London Dynamo
14. Andy Rudd, ALl Terrain
15. Andrew Turner, Manchester Wheelers
16. Craig Gath, York Cycle works
17. Daniel Posnet, Hull Thursday
18. Kyle Whitfield, Bonito
19. Luke Preston, Airedale Olympic
20. Will Thomas, Hull Thursday

1. Iona Sewell, GB Cycles
2. Flora Gilles, Speg
3. Brit Tate, GB Cycles
4. Charlotte Colclough, Sleaford Wheelers
5. Karen Poole, GB Cycles
6. Sam Thoy, Team Jadan
7. Ruth Taylor, Manchester Wheelers
8. Nicola Moore, Squadra RT
9. Sinead Burke, PH MAS
10. Jessica O’Brien, RST Racing

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