Report – Reading Track Grand Prix


Peter Mitchell dominated the fourth staging of the Reading Grand Prix at Palmer Park winning both the feature races

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Report – Reading Track Grand Prix
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Photos: Jun Aishima

Peter Mitchell (Performance Cycle Coaching) dominated the fourth staging of the Reading Grand Prix at Palmer Park, winning both the feature races. Mitchell beat Matthew Roper (Brixton Cycles) in the final of the National Sprinters League event, to extend his lead in the overall series, but also surprised the endurance riders at the event by claiming the RaceWare Direct 20k scratch race.

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20K winners

The 24-year-old Mitchell, who has ridden for Great Britain’s track team with the likes of Sir Chris Hoy, is now representing his country as a pilot in the Paralympic Tandem competition, breaking a world record in this discipline earlier this year.

But his talent can extend to longer races and after leading the qualifiers in the flying 200m as part of the National Sprinters League event, immediately lined up for the 20k scratch race, which also included the Central Division Championships.

It proved a cagey affair, with none of the fancied riders being able to make a sustained break and up the pace, playing into the hands of Mitchell, who not unnaturally has a blistering finish. George Clark (High Wycombe CC) finally took courage in his hands with lone break with just over a kilometre remaining and opened up a big gap.

Mitchell took up the chase with defending champion Matt Gittings (AW on his wheel, but with 300m to go his challenge faded and it was a question if Mitchell could overhaul Clark, which he did with about 30m remaining, the youngster’s consolation winning the Central Division title from Gittings.

Madeline Moore (VC St Raphael) rode a well-judged race to take the prize from the sponsor for first woman. Mitchell then proceeded through the rounds of his specialist event, untroubled until being pressed by Roper in the final. Luke Burton (Performance Cycle Coaching) took 3rd, beating Hugo Brennan (Ireland) in the minor final.

The other main feature race saw a win for multi world masters champion Janet Birkmyre, paced by Graham Bristow, in the women’s only derny race over 15k. She proved the stronger in the closing laps from Niki Kovacs (Pip Taylor) and Christine Robson (Tony Hibbert) in a closely fought affair.

Pete Mitchell (Performance Cycle Coaching) leads the chase in the RaceWare Direct 20k scratch race-3

Pete Mitchell full gas.

AW, with Gittings, Nick English, Frazier Carr and Alex Peterson, comfortably took the 4k team pursuit race, which incorporated the Central Division Championships, retaining their title. The other endurance events proved testing in the extreme heat with junior Oliver Moors (Speg-Project 51) coming out on top in the points race and a gruelling Devil Take the Hindmost.

Reading Track League regular Neil Rutter (Cotswold Veldrijen) took runner up to Moors in the devil and to Iain Cook (VC Londres) in the 12-lap scratch race, also finishing third in the main 20k race. Mitchell rounded off the afternoon by winning the men’s keirin, while Moore edged out Lauren Quenby (Swinnerton Cycles) to take the women’s keirin.

The Mayor of Reading, Cllr Tony Jones, presented the main prizes from sponsors, AW and RaceWare


National Sprinters League – 200m qualifiers (First 12 to First Round)
1. Peter Mitchell (Performance Cycle Coaching – 11.51
2. Matthew Roper (Brixton Cycles – 11.77
3. Jack Plumley (Welwyn Wheelers – 12.06
4. Max Nethell (Performance Cycle Coaching – 12.10
5. Luke Burton (Performance Cycle Coaching – 12.20
6. Hugo Brennan (Ireland) 12.30
7. James Brightwell (Performance Cycle Coaching – 12.38
8. Chris Holt (Rossendale RC – 12.93
9. Ash Ellis (Performance Cycle Coaching – 13.46
10. Lauren Quenby (Swinnerton Cycles 13.59
11.Tom Zittel (Willesden CC – 13.66
12. Lauren-Bate Lowe (Sportscity Velo – ) 14.00
13. Sophie Caldwell (Sportscity Velo) 16.24

Round One:
Heat 1: Mitchell beat Lowe
Heat 2: Roper beat Zittel
Heat 3: Plumley beat Quenby
Heat 4: Nethell beat Ellis
Heat 5: Burton beat Holt
Heat 6: Brennan beat Brightwell

First Round reps
Heat One: Brightwell beat Zittel and Bate Lowe
Heat Two: Holt beat Ellis and Quenby

Round Two:
Heat 1: Mitchell beat Brightwell
Heat 2: Roper beat Holt
Heat 3: Brennan beat Plumley
Heat 4: Burton beat Nethell

Heat 1: Mitchell beat Burton – 11.94 seconds
Heat 2: Roper beat Brennan – 12.15


Minor Final (5th to 8th)
5th Plumley
6th Nethell
7th Brightwell
8th Holt

3rd/4th place final
Burton beat Brennan – 11.93 seconds

Mitchell beat Roper – 11.61 seconds

RaceWaredirect Reading Grand Prix (20k)
1: Peter Mitchell (Performance Cycle Coaching
2: George Clark (High Wycombe CC)
3. Neil Rutter (Cotswold Veldrijden)
4. Nick Noble (BH-Solidor – WAM Youth)
5. Matt Gittings (AW
6. John McClelland (Bush Healthcare)

Central Division Championships
1: George Clark
2. Gittings
3. Alex Peterson (AW
4. Donal Linehan (Newbury CC)
5.Tom Zittel (Willesden
6. Frazier Carr (AW

1) Madeline Moore (VC St Raphael)

Women’s Only Derny Race (15k)
1. Janet Birkmyre – (TORQ Performance) (Graham Bristow)
2. Niki Kovacs (Brixton Cycles) (Pip Taylor)
3. Christine Robson (VC Londres) (Tony Hibbert)
4. Madeline Moore (VC St Raphael) (Matt Gittings)
5. Caroline Harding (VC St Raphael) (Tim Read)
6. Jo McRae (RPM 90) ) Alan McRae
7. Amber Joseph (Palmer Park RT) John Wann
8. Marianne Harding (Willesden CC) (Sean Bannister)

Men’s Points Race (12 laps)
1) Oliver Moores (Speg-Project 51)
2. Neil Rutter (Cotswold Veldrijden)
3. Brendan Drewett (Fareham Wheelers)
4. John McClelland (Bush Healtcare)
5. Alex Peterson (AW
6. Brett Nethell (NFTO)

Men’s Team Pursuit (9 laps)
1. AW (Gittings, Peterson, Carr, Nick English) 5 mins 04.74 secs
2. Banjo Cycles (Donal Linehan, Mark Shepherd, Martyn Harris, Jason Streather)
3. Police UK CRT (Steve Legg, David Baker, Alan Davies, Nick Backster)
4. Twickenham CC (Gavin Mitchell, Daren Austin, Christos Pagidas, Robert Drury)


Central Division Champs: 1. AW
B Sprint Final
Brett Nethell (NFTO) beat Caldwell

Men’s scratch race (12 laps)
1. Iain Cook (VC Londres)
2. Neil Rutter (Cotswold Veldrijden)
3. Oliver Moors (Speg-Project 51)
4. Brett Nethell (NFTO)
5. George Clark (High Wycombe CC)
6. Alex Peterson (AW


Devil Take the Hindmost
1. Oliver Moors (Speg-Project 51)
2. George Clark (High Wycombe)
3. Nick English (AW
4. John McClelland (Bush Healthcare)
5. Martyn Harris (Banjo Cycles)

Course des Primes (9 laps)
1. Pete Mitchell
2. Peter Mitchell
3. Pete Mitchell
4. Neil Rutter
5. Iain Cook
6. George Clark
7. George Clark
8. George Clark
9. George Clark

Men’s Keirin final
1. Peter Mitchell
2. Matthew Roper
3. Max Nethell


Women’s Keirin final
1. Madeline Moore
2. Lauren Quenby
3. Amber Joseph


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