Results – Eelmoor Round 7


Lewis Atkins, Simon Jodrell & Tamina Oliver winners at round 7 of the Eelmoor circuit races on 24th July

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Results – Eelmoor Round 7
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Latest news – Last official round is going to be Wednesday 13th August.

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Category A Boys
1 Josh Ellis
2 Jack Freeman Alton CC
3 Alex Collins Fareham Wheelers
4 Alex Cross Oakley Pedlers
5 Ed Bishop VC Meudon
6 Jacob Vaughan Team Corridori
7 Tom B? VCL
8 Ashley Evans Dorking CC
9 Chris Jenkinson Wyndy Milla

Category A Girls
1 Emma Clarke Palmer Park Velo
2 Quanta Cory Charlotteville CC

Category B Boys
1 Ieuan Woods Charlotteville CC
2 Lewis Haller Charlotteville CC
3 Troy Loxley NHRC
4 Ben Bishop Charlotteville CC
5 Hugh Johnson Charlotteville CC
6 Tom Clarke Palmer Park Velo
7 Max Mamilrowe Charlotteville CC
8 Ben Moore Charlotteville CC

Category B Girls
1 Ellie Cooper Charlotteville CC
2 Eleanor Shorey Charlotteville CC

Category C Boys
1 Nathan George Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Sam Bishop Charlotteville CC
3 Malin Cory Charlotteville CC
4 Elliot Moreve Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5 Simon Williams Charlotteville CC
6 Andrew McNaughton Dorking Raiders
7 Kye Lewis Willesden Wheelers
8 Evan de Suys-Shrubb Charlotteville CC
9 Daniel Pellatt Charlotteville CC

Category C Girls
1 Emma Keiller Charlotteville CC
2 Amelia Pateman Unattached

Category D Boys
1 Joe O’Brien Hillingdon SS
2 Ben Bisson Hillingdon SS
3 Harry Clarke Palmer Park Velo
4 Ben Flatau Charlotteville CC
5 Federico Heath CCC
6 Joshua Johnson Charlotteville CC
7 Alex Bishop Charlotteville CC
8 Daniel Cox Charlotteville CC

Category D Girls
1 Katie Keiller Charlotteville CC
2 Daria Wozniak Wyndy Milla
3 Detti Cory Charlotteville CC
4 Eleanor Pateman

Category E Boys
1 James Brown Palmer Park Velo
2 Ben Coppola Hillingdon SS
3 Edward Charles Charlotteville CC
4 Luca Leefe Hillingdon SS
5 Gee Peter Pedal Heaven RT
6 William Flatau Charlotteville CC
7 Charlie Hoy Felt Colbornes
8 Finn O’Brien Hillingdon SS
9 Joseph Peters
10 Tom Newall VC Meudon
11 Harrison Tennant VC Meudon
12 Edward Frake-Whysall Charlotteville CC
13 Isaac Taylor Charlotteville CC
14 Lucas Jesse Pedal Heaven RT
15 Harry Kolcazk
16 Oli Newall VC Meudon

Category E Girls
1 Electra Morris Charlotteville CC

1 Lewis Atkins Pedal Heaven RT
2 Mike Smith
3 Adrian Lansley
4 Dave Creeggan Pedal Heaven RT
5 Rob McCarthy Pedal Heaven RT
6 Robert Ward Felt Colbornes
7 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT
8 Anders Christensen Pedal Heaven RT
9 Richard Mardle Felt Colbornes
10 Tim Elverson Pedal Heaven RT

1 Simon Jodrell Odiham CC
2 Grant Smith Crest CC
3 Marcus Thompson Team Cystic Fibrosis
4 Jamie Newall Pedal Heaven RT
5 David Page Wyndy Milla
6 Mark Workman Festival RC
7 Unknown
8 Ryan Smith VC Meudon
9 Will Davidson VC Meudon
10 Nick Kirke

1 Tamina Oliver Endura Lady Force
2 Jo Munden Pedal Heaven RT
3 Lucy Chittenden Hoops Velo
4 Becca Carter Wyndy Milla
5 Katharine Broadbent Durham Uni CC
6 Lili McLean Felt Colbornes
7 Nasima Siddiqui Wyndy Milla

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