Report – Vericool Circuit of the Fens


Adam Blythe won the the Vericool Circuit of the Fens is on the flatlands of the Fens near Peterborough after a race stopped due to a crash in the support race.

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Report – Vericool Circuit of the Fens
(thanks to Graham Harper for being my pilot to get these photos)

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Sunday, July 27 | Near Peterborough

In a break of 11 after 104 miles raced in two bits, Adam Blythe and his NFTO team dominated the finish with first and third.

It was though a sad for the team as well with a member of the NFTO Club crashing flat stick and requiring to be taken to hospital . We certainly hope he is okay and wish him well.

Update: As of Monday morning, the rider concerned is in a critical but stable condition at Addenbrookes Hospital. Everyone in the team (and many more including me at VeloUK) wishes him well. The team, NFTO Pro Cycling, would like to thank the fast response and professional response from the police & East Anglia Air Ambulance without which he would not have survived.


Chris Opie (2nd), Adam Blythe (1st) and Russell Downing (3rd)

Live Photos internet permitting

Photo Report


Adam Blythe celebrating lengths clear of Chris Opie and Russell Downing fighting over second place.

The Vericool Circuit of the Fens was an eventful day for riders and officials alike with a crash in the support race causing both races to be halted and two laps of the first circuit had been covered. A rider crashed at speed and and an air ambulance was called for the rider taken to hospital where he is being treated.

The mood in the race suddenly changed from racing at full speed to concern for the rider injured and there was talk at one point of the race not being resumed. With the rider being treated and then flown to hospital, the decision was taken to resume the race which up until the stoppage had been absolutely flat stick.


Ian Wilkinson of Raleigh wins the sprint for 14th place from last years winner Marcin Bialoblocki

Speeds of 50kph and hour constantly with surges of speed on top of that, saw break after break getting ten seconds or a little more before being brought back. Nothing was sticking. Even when the wind had got up and there were crosswinds on certain sections of the course, no-one was able to break the race up and make it stick.

When the stoppage to the race happened, there was a long break where riders took shelter under trees. It was over an hour the stoppage and once the accident had been clear and police given the okay for the race to go ahead, a plan was put to team managers and given the go ahead. There was 50 or so miles to be raced which would give the riders just over 100 for the day and whilst they didn’t go for it as soon as the flag went in, it wasn’t long before the red mist descended and the riders were hammering along.

Again, more breaks came and went and the face of the race was changing that quickly it was hard to keep pace with the changes. A break did stick for a while but the gravel section saw the number of punctures in double figures. I’d stopped there to get the pics and by the time we got to the front again, the race was in pieces.
It wasn’t the gravel but the size of the rocks on the gravel road that caused so much damage to tyres and the race itself.


James Lowsely-Williams showing great form again, driving the break for his team leaders Adam Blythe and Russell Downing.

More breaks came and went and eventually, one stuck on the finishing circuit. With the leaders still so close to what remained of the peloton, riders like Russell Hampton were able to cross to the move and so the numbers in the break swelled but not by much.

NFTO had good numbers, as did Raleigh but the break had some very quick sprinters like Blythe, Opie and Downing and it was those three that took the podium spots with Bythe so dominant in the sprint, he was sitting up 20 metres or more from the line to start his celebration.

When you consider how quick Chris Opie is, (top 5 on the final stage of the Tour of Britain won by Mark Cavendish) , that performance by Blythe shows that he has lost none of that sprint he used in the WorldTour peloton.

No word yet on the injured rider but when we do, we’ll let you know.  We send our best wishes to him and his family.


Russell Hampton, kitted out in Bioracer clothing, crossed to the break and drives it along through the finish area with two to go.


Tom Moses on the attack as they race hit the finishing circuit and was all together.


Mike Northey of Madison Genesis leads a move heading towards the finishing circuit but dropped right back later, perhaps because of punctures.


The scene after the gravel section, riders walking on the pavment there team cars gone, others riding back and others trying to get back into the race. It was though gone for them …


Yet another team car stops for a puncture victim.


Matt Cronshaw leads a very serious break onto the gravel.


The peloton was quite large when it got to the gravel… not so large later on!


Matt Cronshaw tries to G up the break which had 15 seconds but didn’t see to be working well together but did get its act together and held the lead for a long time.


With a break of a dozen up the road, Russell Downing, as he had already done in the race, tries to cross to the move with NFTO teammate Sam Williams.


Hugh Wilson of NFTO attacks and a break of a dozen formed with some real power behind it like Kristian House, Tobyn Horton (Madison Genesis), George Atkins (Raleigh), Mattheiu Boulo (Raleigh), Ian Wilkinson (Raleigh), Matt Cronshaw, Matt Holmes (Madison Genesis) & Rhys Lloyd (Metaltek-Kuota).


One of the many breaks that went clear but only ever had seconds over the hard chasing peloton.


Tom Stewart buries his head to pull a break clear with Chris Opie.


Ian Bibby this time having a go with Richard Handley


 Tom Bustard leads Raleigh’s Alex Blain in one of the early moves.


The peloton across the road waiting to for the most one to make the move.


Julia Gilbert talks to the team managers about the race to follow the stoppage.


Riders take shelter under trees whilst the injured rider is treated down the road.


The final move led here by Raleigh’s Yanto Barker before the race was stopped. It was one of many in the opening first hour of the race.


A rider from Richardsons Trek makes the first move of the race.

1. Adam Blythe, NFTO Pro Cycling
2. Chris Opie, Rapha Condor JLT
3. Russell Downing, NFTO
4. Alex Blain, Raleigh
5. Yanto Barker, Raleigh
6. Matt Cronshaw, Velosure Giordana
7. Kristian House, Rapha Condor JLT
8. Alex Peters, Madison Genesis
9. Russell Hampton, Athlonsport/Bioracer
10. Morgan Kniesky, Raleigh
11. James Lowsley-Williams, NFTO Pro Cycling
12. James Lewis, NFTO Pro Cycling
13. Tobyn Horton, Madison Genesis
14. Ian Wilkinson, Raleigh
15. Marcin Bialoblocki, Velosure Giordana
16. Liam Stones, Raleigh
17. Ian Bibby, Madison Genesis
18. John Tanner,
19. Tom Stewart, Madison Genesis
20. Richard Handley, Rapha Condor JLT
21. Tom Moses, Rapha Condor JLT
22. Dale Appleby, NFTO Pro Cycling
23. Sam Williams, NFTO Pro Cycling
24. Will Fox, Starley Primal
25. Tom Barras, Wheelbase
26. Rob Partridge, Velosure Giordana
27. Dave Creegan
28. Jacob Scott, Haribo Beacon
29. Henry Hunter, Team Wallis
30. Mike Cuming, Rapha Condor JLT

31. Wouter Sybrandy, Sigma Sport
32. Andrew Coupe, Wheelbase
33. George Atkins, Raleigh
34. Nathan Edmondson, Velosure Giordana
35. Mike Northey, Madison Genesis
36. 130
37. Matthieu Boulo Raleigh
38. Richard Mardle, Felt Colbournes Hargroves Cycles
39. George Fowler, BH Solidor
40. Adam Martin, Metaltek Kuota
41. George Pym, Starley Primal
42. Dillon Byrne, Champion System
43. David Lines, Starley Primal
44. Henry Latimer, Catford CC
45. Jake Womersely, Haribo Beacon
46. Matthew Clarke, Wheelbase
47. Simon Alexander, Richardsons Trek
48. 128
49. Sebastian Baylis, Champion system
50. Rhys Lloyd, Metaltek Kuota
51. Joshua Hunt, NFTO Pro Cycling
52. Peter Hawkins, Madison Genesis
53. Steve Lampier, Velosure Giordana
54. Tom Bustard, Velosure Giordana
55. Owen Lake, Richardsons Trek
56. Tony Lock, Nunn Sigma Sport
57. Michael Ashurst, Champion System
58. Lloyd Champion, Richardsons Trek
59. Alex Bottomley, wheelbase
60. Will Bjergfelt, Metaltek Kuota
61. Rory Townsend, Pedal Heaven
62. Jamie Caldwell, Starley Primal
63. Michael Cripps, Army Cycling Union

SUPPORT RACE (thanks John & Sue)

1 Toby Parnell Cambridge CC
2 Wayne Crombie East London Vélo
3 Anthony Morris Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
4 Jason Kierman St Ives CC
5 Freddy Pett Kings Lynn CC
6 Stuart Travis 45 Road Club
7 James Bevan VC Meudon
8 Edward Watkiss Bonito Squadra Corse
9 George Georgallides Finchley Racing Team
10 Martin Ruepp Iceni Velo
11 Andrew Cartledge Peterborough CC
12 Mark Smith Finchley Racing Team
13 Matthew Garfield Peterborough CC
14 William Drury Glendene CC
15 Matthew Exley
16 Paul Fielding St Ives CC
17 Rory Havis St Ives CC
18 Jack Burgin St Ives CC
19 John Woyton Glendene CC
20 David Langlands Fenland Clarion CC
21 Daniel Young Neon-Velo Cycling Team
22 Stephen Wood Peterborough CC
23 Wayne Tunnah St Neots CC
24 Paul Searson Nottingham Clarion CC
25 Rudie Marais
26 Craig Nicholls Glendene CC
27 Ross Simmons Bio Cadenza RT
28 Andy Lyons Richardsons-Trek RT
29 Stephen Nunn Finchley Racing Team
30 John McVey Velo Schils – Interbike RT
31 Jamie Scott WyndyMilla – Reynolds
32 Ken Buckley AW Cycles
33 George Fox 45 Road Club
34 John French Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
35 Ben Howell Strada-Sport
37 Thomas Brazier Chester RC
39 Nicholas Esser Strada-Sport
40 Harley Matthews Strada-Sport
41 Simon Hime Finchley Racing Team
42 Andrew Perrin Finchley Racing Team
43 David Bird London Phoenix CC
44 Ben Smith Welwyn Wheelers CC
45 Mick Bath API – Metrow/Essex Utilities
46 Ian Cullen Army Cycling Union
47 Oliver Caddy Cambridge CC
48 Henry Robertshaw Glendene CC
49 Carmelo Luggeri Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
50 Nick Perks Velo Schils – Interbike RT
51 Vince Divine Finchley Racing Team
52 Benjamin Brown Cycling Club Hackney
53 Peter Nicholls Bio Cadenza RT
54 Richard Stanton Arbis – Colbert Cycles RT
55 Jonathan Pool Chelmer CC
56 Edward Farnell Cambridge CC
57 David Mclean Cambridge University RT – Hunte
58 Shaun Holbrow Haverhill Cycling Club
59 Neil Murphy Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
61 Michael Cowland St Ives CC
62 Scott Walford Iceni Velo
63 Michael Rostoft Chelmer CC
64 Jason Burrill Bourne Whls CC

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