News – Gold for Joanna Rowsell


On day 2 of the Commonwealth Games Cycling, there was Gold for Joanna Rowsell, Silver for Jason Kenny & Gold for Neil Fachie/Craig MacLean

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News – Gold for Joanna Rowsell

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Day 2 of the Commonwealth Games saw a win for Joanna Rowsell in the Womens Pursuit, a fighting second place for Jason Kenny in the Men’s Sprint, Gold for Neil Fachie & Craig MacLean in the Men’s Paracycling Kilo and in the same event, Matthew Ellis & Ieuan Williams were third. Owain Doull was 4th in the Men’s Pursuit.

Wiggle Honda’s Joanna Rowsell has taken the Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Games Individual Pursuit in the white and red colours of England. The 25-year-old World Champion – who is also Olympic Champion in the Team Pursuit with teammates Dani King and Laura Trott – completed the 3000 metre race in a new Games Record of three minutes, 31.615 seconds, to beat Australian Nettie Edmondson by almost four seconds.

“This is the one I really wanted,” Rowsell told BBC Sport. “The Commonwealth Games come round every four years and very rarely near your home country. With the individual pursuit out of the Olympics now, this is the biggest event I can do in it.

“It’s the event I was originally talent-spotted for when I started so it means a lot to me. I’m absolutely over the moon.” Setting off in the last of the ten qualification rounds, Rowsell set a Commonwealth Games Record time of 3:29.038, to push Edmondson – who was seeded into a strangely early heat – off the top spot by more than a second and a half. Rowsell was to get the better of the Australian in the final, as both riders were slightly slower than in the morning, to add Commonwealth Gold to her World Champion’s rainbow bands.

England’s Jason Kenny won a second silver at the competition in the men’s sprint. The three-time Olympic champion, who took Team Sprint silver on Thursday, lost by two heats to one against New Zealand’s Sam Webster in the final. “I am really happy to get a medal to be honest, I really enjoyed today,” Kenny said. “It was a tough day, there wasn’t a lot of rest between rides, 10-15 minutes and the straight back up so it was a tough day but I think we had some good racing in there and the crowd seemed to enjoy it which was nice”.

“I think we (Webster) were both feeling it after a long day so I guess it was anyone’s game but I think he rode the last one perfectly so there wasn’t a lot I could have done really. I had to be a lot closer and he did just enough to put me off really and shake me off his tail.”

Above: Scotland collected a first cycling gold at the Games as Neil Fachie and Craig Maclean won the para-sport tandem kilo. The duo set a Commonwealth Games record of 1:02.096.

1 Joanna Rowsell Eng 3:31.615
2 Annette Edmonson Aus 03:35.450 +3.835

3 Amy Cure Aus 3:35.384
4 Katie Archibald Sco 3:37.078 +1.694

1 Joanna Rowsell Eng 3:29.038 GR – Q
2 Annette Edmondson Aus 3:30.728 1.69 Q
3 Amy Cure Aus 3:31.543 2.50 Q
4 Katie Archibald Sco 3:33.526 4.49 Q
5 Jaime Nielsen NZ 3:34.342 5.30
6 Laura Trott Eng 3:35.213 6.17
7 Elinor Barker Wal 3:36.803 7.76
8 Dani King Eng 3:38.084 9.05
9 Lauren Ellis NZ 3:39.716 10.68
10 Laura Brown Can 3:40.035 10
11 Jasmin Glaesser Can 3:40.050 11.01
12 Anna Turvey Sco 3:42.525 11.48
13 Amy Roberts Wal 3:42.623 13.59
14 Stephanie Roorda Can 3:42.924 13.89
15 Ciara Horne Wal 3:45.119 16.081
16 Georgia Williams NZ 3:45.334 16.3
17 Sunita Yanglem Ind 4:07.614 38.58
18 Tamiko Butler Ant 4:08.979 39.94
19 Bianca Hernould Jam 4:19.202 50.16

Men’s Para-Cycling 1000m TT B2 Tandem
1 Sco Neil Fachie/ Craig MacLean 1:02.096 GR
2 Aus Kieran Modra/ Jason Niblett 1:02.244 +0.148
3 Wal Matthew Ellis/ Ieuan Williams 1:04.095 +1.999
4 Aus Paul Kennedy/ Thomas Clarke 1:05.261 +3.165
5 NI James Brown/ Dave Readle 1:09.413 +7.317

Men’s Pursuit
1 Jack Bobridge Aus 4:19.650
2 Alex Edmondson Aus 4:24.620 +4.970

3 Marc Ryan NZ 4:23.599
4 Owain Doull Wal 4:25.664 +2.105

1 Jack Bobridge Aus 04:19.211 Q
2 Alex Edmondson Aus 04:20.853 Q
3 Owain Doull Wal 04:21.369 Q
4 Marc Ryan NZ 04:22.511 Q
5 Andy Tennant Eng 04:23.723
6 Miles Scotson Aus 04:24.819
7 Patrick Bevin NZ 04:26.909
8 Dylan Kennett NZ 04:26.930
9 Remi Pelletier Can 04:28.525
10 Steven Burke Eng 04:31.752
11 Mark Stewart Sco 04:32.279
12 Ed Veal Can 04:33.775
13 Theuns Van der Bank SA 04:40.041
14 Morne Van Niekerk SA 04:44.415
15 Oupa Maluleke SA 04:48.368
16 Manjeet Singh Ind 04:55.164
17 Sombir Ind 04:57.202
18 Amit Kumar Ind 04:58.444


Gold medal race
1. Sam Webster NZ 10.120 10.408
2. Jason Kenny Eng 10.466

3. Edward Dawkins NZ 10.551 10.502
4. Peter Lewis Aus

Fifth to eighth place
1 Matthew Glaetzer Aus 10.507 68.525 km/h
2 Matthew Archibald NZ
3 Mohd Azizulhasni Awang Mas
4 Matthew Crampton Eng

Heat 1
Jason Kenny Eng bt Peter Lewis Aus 10.554 10.318 10.258

Heat 2
Sam Webster NZ bt Edward Dawkins NZ 10.391 10.163

Heat 1
Jason Kenny Eng bt Matthew Glaetzer Aus 10.909 10.405

Heat 2
Edward Dawkins NZ bt Matthew Crampton Eng 10.534 10.467

Heat 3
Sam Webster NZ bt Mohd Azizulhasni Awang Mas 10.419 10.364

Heat 4
Peter Lewis Aus bt Matthew Archibald NZ 10.644 10.314
First round repechage

Heat 1
1 Matthew Crampton Eng Q
2 Njisane Phillip Tri
3 Philip Hindes Eng

Heat 2
1 Jason Kenny Eng Q
2 Callum Skinner Sco
3 Lewis Oliva Wal

First round
Heat 1
Matthew Glaetzer Aus bt Matthew Crampton Eng

Heat 2
Edward Dawkins Eng bt Jason Kenny Eng

Heat 3
Sam Webster NZ bt Callum Skinner Sco

Heat 4
Peter Lewis Aus bt Njisane Phillip Tri

Heat 5
Matthew Archibald NZ bt Lewis Oliva Wal

Heat 6
Mohd Azizulhasni Awang Mas bt Philip Hindes Eng

1 Matthew Glaetzer Aus 9.779
2 Edward Dawkins NZ 9.818
3 Sam Webster NZ 9.933
4 Peter Lewis Aus 9.975
5 Matthew Archibald NZ 10.055
6 Philip Hindes Eng 10.108
7 Mohd Azizulhasni Awang Mas 10.158
8 Lewis Oliva Wal 10.171
9 Njisane Philip Tri 10.188
10 Callum Skinner Sco 10.198
11 Jason Kenny Eng 10.206
12 Matthew Crampton Eng 10.213

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