Customer Feature – GC Bike Fit


Owner of ITP Events talks about why after 12 years of cycling and 10 years of racing he went to GC Bikefit and the benefits of doing so

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Customer Feature – GC Bike Fit

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Customer story, GC Bikefit
I’ve been cycling for twelve years and racing for ten, so you do wonder about the merits of messing with something that’s tried and trusted. That’s how I felt when I completed my pre fit questionnaire to send off to the guys at GC Bike Fit Studio in advance of my bike fit appointment.

Surely, after all that time in the saddle, I’ve found my optimum position, haven’t I?


As owner of ITP Events, I see a lot of cyclists arrive at my events. Not all have had over a decade to refine their riding position, so all in all I’m intrigued to see what bike fitting is all about and determine, what are the meaningful benefits for me and my entrants who represent a wide cross section of riders?

I have chosen a tri fit and am encouraged to bring along my existing bike, so that after the fit, we can compare the fit results with my current position.

On the day, I arrive to meet Wayne and we are soon into a detailed discussion around medical and cycling history. These boys do detail and it’s clear from the outset they are targeting perfection. Once on the bike, what strikes me is the dialogue between the rider and fitter. In fact it’s continuous throughout session and I like having the input.

GC is F.I.S.T. certified and has chosen the Exit bike fit system. This is not bike fit by computer, it’s much more fitter led – who is taking direction from the rider. Essentially everything is movable in every direction and Wayne makes numerous minor changes throughout the fit. I notice a wide selection of saddles and handlebars are available for me to experiment with (they both have quick release). Having tri bars pre setup with different extensions is a thoughtful touch.


Initially, Wayne looks at my shoes and aligns my cleats backwards which felt different and immediately I feel like I have gained power. The actual fit hasn’t started yet!

We start by finding my basic saddle position and then move towards assessing the front end. It’s a continuous refining process interrupted by taking specific measurements. Lasers track my leg movement and many parts of the process are captured on video to both show me the differences now and allow GC to keep a record for future reference.

In my case, the saddle has been lowered and brought forward which has stopped me rocking and stabilised my hips. I feel stronger from the core. The handlebars have lowered and moved forward too. Wayne says my weight distribution is now improved.

The resulting position definitely feels more natural and almost like I am driving the bike. The integrated power meter is proving that better position equates to more power. As further bonus is that my frozen shoulder feels more relaxed too.

The fit has produced a better position for me and is the product of the fitter’s knowledge and the riders feel. This collaborative approach has felt very worthwhile and I have gained an instant benefit.


After the fit, and a coffee, we debate the changes required to my existing bike. It looks difficult to get it exactly right in my case, but we can get it a lot closer to my fit measurements which I will take away with me in advance of a Post Fit Report which I will receive by email in the next few days. It would clearly be a good idea to have a fit prior to purchase.

The guys tell me they normally present three options post fit; book the bike in for workshop time and they will make the changes to an existing bike or bikes, work with them to determine the ideal bike for you which they will then source and ensure it is set up to the fit measurements prior to collection or simply take the fit measurements away. Of course you can do all three.

The middle option is interesting – tell them everything you are looking for and let them do it all for you. They promise prices competitive with the internet. If I was looking at spending £1,500 plus on a new bike, this level of service combined with the peace of mind regarding the ideal setup seems ideal.

Road and Tri bike fits for riders of all abilities.

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