Result – Eastern Counties CA 10


Terry Garlinge of East London Velo just fails to break 20 with victory in the Eastern Counties CA 10 on August 2nd – fastest are  tandem paring Geoff Perry/Kevin Stokes with 19.44

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Result – Eastern Counties CA 10

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1st Terry Garlinge East London Velo 20:01
2nd Jack Sears Stowmarket & Dist CC 20:05
3rd Harley Matthews Great Yarmouth CC 20:15
3rd Matt Molloy Finsbury Park CC 20:15
5th Dave Green RAF CA 20:18
6th Rob Young Team Vision Racing 20:34
7th Sam Hayes Team 20:41
8th Rory Havis St Ives CC 20:43
8th Ben Wimpory PMR @Toachim House 20:43
10th Tom Boulton Finsbury Park CC 20:44
11th Jonathan Coulson PMR @Toachim House 20:45
12th Gavin Moore Pro Cycle Hire UK RT 20:47
13th Timothy Wood Chelmer CC 20:53
14th Robert Watson Newmarket C & Tri CC 20:54
15th Jonathan Weatherley CC Sudbury 20:57
16th Declan Davis (J) CC Breckland 21:06
17th Jody Downs CC Sudbury 21:08
18th Paul Saunders Glendene CC 21:11
19th Martin Canes Cycles UK 21:15
19th Mathew Eley Ely & Dist CC 21:15
21st Hugo Hocknell Team 21:23
21st Paul Smith Catford CC 21:23
23rd Mark Steers Team Vision Racing 21:27
24th Mark Richards VC Baracchi 21:29
25th Ewan Hendon Ciclos Uno 21:33
26th Andrew Ballentyne Easterley Road Club 21:43
27th Michael Martin CC Ashwell 21:46
28th Chris Nudds CC Breckland 21:48
29th Keith Dorling Bishop’s Stortford CC 21:49
30th Colin Hodges Verulam CC 21:55
31st Julia Freeman (W) Easterley Road Club 21:58
32nd Tim Savage Maldon & Dist CC 22:04
32nd Chris Dyason Cambridge CC 22:04
34th Jon Wilson Newmarket C & Tri CC 22:06
35th Paul Donegan Chelmer CC 22:08
36th Andrew Digby Verulam CC 22:11
37th James Long Bishop’s Stortford CC 22:15
37th Alex Eason Chelmer CC 22:15
39th James Jenkins Southend Whs 22:19
39th Mark Ready Diss & Dist CC 22:19
41st Paul Rooke West Suffolk Whrs CC 22:21
42nd James Dynes Cambridge CC 22:23
42nd John Golder Chelmer CC 22:23
44th Philip Murrell Finsbury Park CC 22:25
45th Carlito Rendora Eagle Road Club 22:28
46th Nicholas Webber Colchester Rovers CC 22:29
47th Richard Reade Norwich ABC 22:36
48th Chris Roberts Anglia Velo 22:39
49th John Parkes Stowmarket & Dist CC 22:40
50th Mark Newnham Anglia Velo 22:43
51st Simon Keen Crest CC 22:46
52nd Joe Empson Anglia Velo 22:53
53rd Robert Golding Ely & Dist CC 22:56
54th David Crisp CC Sudbury 22:57
54th Andy Page Team Vision Racing 22:57
56th Paul Barnes Newmarket C & Tri CC 23:01
57th Peter Hall Colchester Rovers CC 23:11
57th Simon Scott Anglia Velo 23:11
59th David Warlow Essex Roads CC 23:18
60th Michael Wood CC Breckland 23:19
61st Graham Pepperdine Verulam CC 23:20
62nd Laurence Toombs West Kent RC 23:21
63rd John Iszatt Team Vision Racing 23:28
64th John Royle Fenland Clarion 23:29
64th David Webster Wisbech Whs 23:29
66th Ann Shuttleworth (W) Chelmer CC 23:35
66th Brian Davies Anglia Velo 23:35
68th Vince Freeley Finsbury Park CC 23:37
69th Don Saunders CC Breckland 23:39
70th Peter Tibbitts Ford CC 23:44
71st Bob Quarton Wolsey RC 23:46
72nd John Adams Stowmarket & Dist CC 23:48
73rd Alan Harvey Shorter Rochford RT 23:50
74th Glen Clark Ely & Dist CC 23:51
75th Keith Clarke Colchester Rovers CC 23:54
76th Matthew Saunders Gateway Cycling 23:58
76th Clayton Knight Shaftesbury CC 23:58
76th Chris Hartley Team 23:58
79th Clive Faine Team Milton Keynes 23:59
80th Mary Twitchett (W) Cambridge CC 24:02:00
80th Colin Ashcroft West Kent RC 24:02:00
80th Stuart Payne Ford CC 24:02:00
83rd David Howes West Suffolk Whrs CC 24:05:00
84th Steve Peck Newmarket C & Tri CC 24:11:00
85th Malcolm Sadler Chelmer CC 24:26:00
86th David Lancaster VC 10 24:29:00
87th Len Benton Colchester Rovers CC 24:40:00
88th John Brown Wisbech Whs 24:41:00
89th Derek Ricketts Ely & Dist CC 24:43:00
90th Colin Whitechurch Ely & Dist CC 24:46:00
91st Mark Fairhead CC Breckland 24:49:00
92nd Steve Seeby Icknield RC 24:56:00
93rd David Solomon Whitewebbs CC 25:09:00
94th Graham Doe Maldon & Dist CC 25:10:00
95th Steven Watson Hertfordshire Whrs 25:13:00
96th Esther Hamill (W) Stevenage CC 25:18:00
97th Keith Dalton Ford CC 25:26:00
97th John Coles West Suffolk Whrs CC 25:26:00
99th Brian Martin Ciclos Uno 25:36:00
100th Shaun Qureshi Chelmer CC 25:37:00
101st Andrew Porter Welwyn Whrs 25:39:00
102nd John Jenkins West Kent RC 25:40:00
103rd Matt Traynar CC Sudbury 25:43:00
103rd Will Shepherd Ely & Dist CC 25:43:00
103rd Douglas Williams Colchester Rovers CC 25:43:00
106th Bob Brabbins Victoria CC 26:30:00
107th James Greenwood West Suffolk Whrs CC 26:32:00
108th Honor Wood (W) Maldon & Dist CC 26:33:00
109th Merv Player Hertfordshire Whrs 26:45:00
109th Trevor Benson Redbridge CC 26:45:00
111th Lou Campion (W) Wisbech Whs 26:46:00
112th Peter Horsnell Chelmer CC 26:49:00
113th Colin Clarke Wolsey RC 27:45:00
114th Denese Hallahan (W) Wisbech Whs 27:57:00
115th Derek Lusher Norwich ABC 28:23:00
116th Celia Whitechurch (W) Ely & Dist CC 28:52:00
116th John Wilson Maldon & Dist CC 28:52:00
118th Lynda George (W) Maldon & Dist CC 28:59:00
119th David Mccarthy Lea Valley CC 29:02:00
120th Ray Ross Comrades CC 29:35:00
121st Dave Rudkin Victoria CC 29:48:00
122nd Stuart Hocknell Team 30:03:00
123rd Stephen Penney Anglia Velo 30:52:00
124th Charles Jepson Becontree Whrs CC 31:01:00
125th Eddy Fone Norwich ABC 32:26:00
126th Mary Horsnell (W) Chelmer CC 37:58:00


1st  Geoff Perry & Kevin Stokes Team Milton Keynes 19:44

2nd  Chris & Joanne York Maldon & Dist CC 22:21

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