Report & Result – Win 20 for Bottrill


Matt Bottrill is eight seconds short of his course record in the Ratae RC Open 10 mile time trial for win number 20 of 2014

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Report & Result – Win 20 for Bottrill

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Saturday afternoon Ratae RC promoted their annual 10 mile time trial on the Six-hills course in Leicestershire. Riders would battle it out over the, Triangular circuit, starting near Thurssington with Severn corners to negotiate and the undulating circuit, its a really test of pace and judgement.


Sixty five riders would take part with the first rider leaving the start at 2:01pm. First to break the 21 minute barrier was Zenith CC rider James Perkins with 20:22. Perkins time at the top of the leader board was short lived as Matthew Sinclair (Lutterworth CC) was on a mission setting a course best of 19:49.

Last rider to start was newly crowned National 25 mile champion Matthew Bottrill ( on local roads for the Leicestershire rider. Getting his ride under way at 3.05pm, Bottrill, was soon hitting speeds in excess of 30mph and flying through the field.

At halfway, the numbers from the power meter were looking great but then the fatigue of a hard weeks training finally took its toll and Bottrill was slowing. It was still going to be a great time of 19:16, just eight seconds off his course record.

Before Bottrill set off for his ride home, he explained “I felt ok too start with but it’s always hard to push that bit harder when you have ridden a National Championship the week before. So much mental energy goes into the race, its always hard to push yourself that little bit extra”.

“But I’ve not really stepped off the gas. I have the National 10 mile championship in three weeks time which is going to be the biggest test for me. The 10 is always so close especially with the course its being held on. But I will be training hard and staying focused all the way to the race.”

1 Matt Bottrill 00:19:16
2 Matt Sinclair Lutterworth CC 00:19:49
3 James Perkins Zenith CC 00:20:22
4 James Garratt Welland Valley 00:20:50
5 Gareth Pymm CoalvilleWheelers 00:21:13
6 Ian Guilor Mapperley CC 00:21:29
7 Sean Vincent Zenith/Buzz Cycles 00:21:57
8 Geoff Platts MG Décor 00:21:57
9 Carl Bromley Leicester Forest CC 00:21:58
10 Chris Sprott Leicester Forest CC 00:22:05
11 Dean Tacey Leics. RC 00:22:39
12 Andy Smith Nth Notts Olympic 00:22:40
13 Richard Gamble Hinckley CRC 00:22:49
14 Peter Levine CoalvilleWheelers 00:22:49
15 Neil Taylor Coalville Wheelers 00:22:54
16 Steven Loraine Hinckley CRC 00:23:03
17 Stephen Radmall Hinckley CRC 00:23:04
18 Jon Beere Witham Wheelers 00:23:15
19 Neil Holden Lutterworth CC 00:23:18
20 Nigel Ford VC Long Eaton 00:23:29
21 Richard Garratt Welland Valley 00:23:30
22 Alex Whitmore Ratae RC 00:23:36
23 Ian Rosewarne Leics. RC 00:23:50
24 Steve Boat Welland Valley 00:24:01
25 Chris Wilcox Ratae RC 00:24:09
26 Mike Garvey VTTA Nth Mids. 00:27:15
27 Louise Burnie Loughb’ro’Students 00:24:17
28 Nick Burton Newark Castle CC 00:24:21
29 Chris Whitmore Ratae RC 00:24:23
30 Michael Wilkinson Nth Notts Olympic 00:24:34
31 Anthony Hardenberg Witham Wheelers 00:24:34
32 Chris Whittle Ratae RC 00:24:40
33 David Yarham Peterborough CC 00:24:40
34 Ryan Ballard Coalville Wheelers 00:24:41
35 Paul Fairey Witham Wheelers 00:24:49
36 Louise Day TeamJM1RacingPolyP 00:24:56
37 Martin Lister Withamwh.EchoPers. 00:25:14
38 Terry Horsburgh Ratae RC 00:25:22
39 Clare Tacey Leics. RC 00:25:31
40 Chris Spray Ratae RC 00:25:39
41 Bryan Fenwick Melton Olympic 00:25:39
42 Brian Peto VC Long Eaton 00:25:41
43 Bill Bentley CC Giro 00:25:44
44 John Arlott Leicester Forest CC 00:26:14
45 Rodney Weston Leics. RC 00:26:40
46 Grant Warwick Welland Valley 00:26:58
47 Colin Hearn Ratae RC 00:27:02
48 Ron Gratrix Leicester Forest CC 00:27:14
49 Colin Howson Coalville Wheelers 00:27:30
50 Jim Green Leicester Forest CC 00:27:43
51 Brigitte Gaillard Ratae RC 00:27:43
52 Deborah Shaw Melton Olympic 00:28:10
53 Dean Weston Ratae RC 00:28:12
54 Rieta Simmonds Ratae RC 00:28:20
55 Mike Spurr Leicestershire RC 00:28:25
56 Annette Roberts Ratae RC 00:28:36
57 Robin McLagen VTTA NM 00:28:38
58 Richard Burnett VC Long Eaton 00:30:43
59 Peter Rose MerciaLloyds CC 00:34:10

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