Result – Cycle Sport Dynamo TTT


North Devon Wheelers winners of the Cycle Sport Dynamo 4 Up Team Time Trial on Sunday, 17th August on the S1/25R course

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Result – Cycle Sport Dynamo TTT

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1st TEAM- £80 Plus £80 Echelon Vouchers
North Devon Wheelers (Pond, Snow, Henderson, Lees) 52:24

2nd TEAM £60 – North Devon Wheelers (Morrish, Morrish, Wright, Butler) 56:17
3rd TEAM- £40 – Mid Devon CC (Parker, Davey, Gratton, Drury) 59:36
4th TEAM £30 – Somerset Road Club (Avery, Daniels, Potts, Saunders) 59:59
1st COMPOSITE TEAM £60 – (Lewis, Pickering, Gourley, McEvoy) 53:01
1ST TEAM WITH JUNIOR £40 – (Langworthy, Cullen, Perkins, Bayliss) 53:48


1. North Devon Wheelers 52.24
Blake Pond, Harry Snow, Sean Henderson, Mark Lees

2. Composite Team 53.01
Martyn Lewis, Stuart Pickering, Alessandro Gourley, Tim McEvoy

3. Mid Devon CC 53.48
Matt Langworthy, Ian Cullen, Andrew Perkins, Thomas Bayliss (Haribo Beacon)

4. Exeter Whs CC 55.38
Jack Ibbotson, Joe Elworthy, Alex Mcgrath & Peter Haworth

5. North Devon Wheelers 56.17
Philip Morrish, Peter Morrish, Oliver Wright, Nick Butler

6. Composite Team (Juniors) 58.2
Oli Cooper, Elliot Redfern, Charlie Meredith, Jack Salvidge

7. Composite Team 59.04
Sam Barker, James Stewart, Arved Shwendel, Chris Shakya

8. Mid Devon CC 59.36

Andrew Parker, James Davey, Mike Gratton, Alan Drury

9. Somerset RC 59.59
Darren Avery, Mick Daniels, Stephen Potts, Stuart Saunders

10. North Devon Wheelers 1.00.01
Philip Ley, Greg Stacey, Roger Sherridan, Mark Henderson

11. Revo Racing 1.00.01
Mary McFadzean (W), Becky Smith (W), Simon Edney, Harry Edney

12. Mid Devon CC 1.00.07
Harry Loader, Ian Deakin, Mark Sanders, Jake Durant

13. Mid Devon CC 1.00.54
Julian Pitocco, Paul Shannon, Phil Powlesland, Will Hornby

14. Mid Devon CC 1.01.26
Trevor Reynolds, Stewart Dunn, Andrew Friend, Ben Tisdall

15. Somerset RC 1.02.05
Clive Franklin, Carl Guppy, Dan Wellings, Andy Wellings

16. Exeter Wheelers CC 1.02.16
Mike Rose, Martin Fullard, Chris Gostling & Karl Hodson (N1 Tri Club)

17. Mid Devon CC 1.04.58
Simon Medlyn, Kevin Weymouth, Martyn Holmes, Tim Prowse

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