New – Raleigh release Criterium Range


New for 2015 is the Raleigh Criterium range of three bikes with differing groupsets from Shimano

New – Raleigh release Criterium Range

On a visit to Raleigh’s headquarters recently, VeloUK was shown a new range of bikes to compliment the already large range the company has for the would be racer.


The three Criterium models on display in the Raleigh showroom.

When it comes to the bikes appealing to those who ride road races, circuit races and ride sportives, Raleigh has three ranges; Militis (which the team use), Revenio (an endurance bike) and now the Criterium (a mix of the two).

The latest addition is the Criterium and never has a range been more apt for the British market where criterium racing is such a large part of any riders racing diet. The frames are carbon including front fork and steerer. Raleigh say these are quick enough to race but comfortable enough to ride all day. That will be something only the individual can confirm or deny but they look the business for sure.

On the visit to Raleigh, it was explained that the road carbon range are made from three different carbon blends (Speed, Performance & Endurance) and each of the different ranges have frames with a different geometry too. Put the Militis and the Criterium side by side for instance and you can see subtle differences like the shape of the ‘tubes’.


The Ultegra equipped Race model.

The Criterium range is an ideal bike for those on a budget. The most expensive is £1600 and not only do you get a Shimano’s Ultegra groupset that I’ve seen on pro bikes over the years but Cole wheels and a range of sizes from 49cm to 58cm. Each model is also a different colour:

The ‘Race’ model with the Ultegra is Yellow (£1600 & weighs Elite 8.4kg as standard), the Comp with Shimano 105 is a champagne colour for want of a better description and the RRP of that is £1300 (weights 8.7 kg as standard) while the entry level bike is the Elite with Shimano Sora and priced at £1000 (weighs 9kg as standard).

The carbon frame is the same with each model whilst the groupsets and finishing kits will differ and for those who are really fussy, sweet talking to a dealer may see you able to customise it further. Being a carbon frame, the bike is light and like any carbon bike, for the weight conscience, customising it can make it as light as the pro bikes out there you see racing around the country all season.


The Criterium range is for sure a master move by Raleigh. The bikes, especially the Race model with its Ultegra, is of such a standard that anyone racing it should feel proud of what is under them. Not only because of that iconic badge on the front of it but the quality of the frame and components. I certainly wouldn’t say no to owning one!

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