Report – Women’s Team Series


Lauryn Trenin winner of the penultimate round of the women’s Team Series at Darley Moor today.

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Report – Women’s Team Series
(thanks to Jon Miles)

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The penultimate Women’s Team Race Series event held at the Darley Moor circuit near Derby was convincingly won by Lauryn Trenin, Bonito Squadra Corse after an attack with 5 laps to go. Second was Sarah Byrne, Newcastle Tri Club who had joined Lauryn in the break.



Pic sent to us by Louise van Adrichem

Circuit racing can lend itself to negative racing but this was never the case with this women’s race ably organised by Arthur Gamble and the Ashfield RC. The pace was fast even after just one lap and was never a dull race.

Although there were a few breaks, none were allowed much leeway until with just few laps to go, the big one went with both Lauryn and Sarah keeping the break speed high. Going into the final lap, there were 22 seconds gap and at the back of the circuit this was down to 15 seconds and by the final corner, it was just seconds …if only the bunch had started the main chase half a lap earlier!


Pic sent to us by Louise van Adrichem

1. Lauryn Trenin Bonito Squadra Corse
2. Sarah Byrne Newcastle Tri Club
3. Grace Garner RST
4. Nicola Juniper Bonito Squadra Corse
5. Jayne Payne London Dynamo
6. Lauren Murphy Composite Team
7. Jennifer Crouch London Dynamo
8. Sophie Black Bikepure
9. Sophie Faulkner Fusion RT
10. Tanya Griffiths Composite Team
11. Lucy Harper Bikepure
12. Madeline Gammons Composite Team
13. Molly Weaver Epic Cycles
14. Lou Collins Composite Team
15. Nicole Oh Les Filles RT
16. Claire Richardson London Dynamo
17. Nikola Englebach Les Filles RT
18. Charlotte Colclough Squadra Donne Shutt VR
19. Alison Fourgave Composite Team
20. Emma Rata Bonito Squadra Corse
21 Isla Rush WyndyMilla
22 Lauren Humphreys Composite Team
23. Elizabeth Malins Fusion RT
24. Julia Matheson Newcastle Tri Club
25. Francesca Morgan-Slader Bikepure
26. Sian Botteley Squadra Donne Shutt VR
27. Jenni Lake Squadra Donne Shutt VR
28 Charlotte Broughton Composite Team
29. Tracy Corbett London Dynamo
30. Malve Savage London Dynamo
31. Clare Spencer Newcastle Tri Club
32. Laura Morgan Merlin Cycles
33. Saskia Hook Squadra Donne Shutt VR
34. Rebecca Hughes Composite Team
35. Christina Smith Newcastle Tri Club

1. Bonito Squadra Corse 288 points
2 London Dynamo 225 points
3. Composite Team 215 points
4. Newcastle Tri Club. 204 points
5. Bikepure 146 points
6. RST 115 points
7. Squadra Donne Shutt 92 points
8. Fusion RT 90 points
9. Les Filles 82 points
10. Epic Cycles 47 points
11. WyndyMilla 32 points
12. Merlin Cycles

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