Report & Results – Tickhill Grand Prix


Harry Tanfield & Tanya Griffiths among the many winners at the Tickhill Grand Prix day of circuit races on Sunday in South Yorkshire

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Report & Results – Tickhill Grand Prix

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Sunday afternoon was spent in a place I know well, Tickhill (near Doncaster), home to a legend in cycling Russell Downing and where the Tour of Britain visited many years ago.

I think I am right in saying this was the second Tickhill Grand Prix and the organisation had closed a load of roads off in the town centre for lots of circuit races for Youth riders up to the top Elite riders in the country.


With most of the circuit barriered, covered in banners from the many sponsors of the event, the event also had several big screens so the crowds could see the racing while another legend, Matt Stephens, provided the commentary on the podium. The pub opposite the finish was doing a roaring trade and there were several tents like that for VeloUK sponsor Velotastic selling to the many fans at the race.

After getting some chips and hotdog to keep me going through the night, I spent most of my time at the ‘quiet’ end of the course where many of the residents, had stayed to watch the racing. Garden chairs were brought out, bottles of wine and nibble as well whilst young and old watched the racing. Everyone now and then there were questions like is there anyone famous racing to which I had to reply, the towns own Russ Downing who was 4th in the Commie Games was out there.

I was mainly interested in testing equipment which was just as well as I found a few things to test again later this week but the two races I did see, the Women’s and Men’s, were both won by breakaways.


The Women’s was more aggressive as it stayed together for most of the race until Tanya Griffiths clipped off and with no teams having the numbers behind to organise a chase, and no riders wanting to drag the rest up to her, Tanya stayed away to win the big money and trophy. Whilst I watched asking myself why the teams with two or more in the break didn’t ‘get together’ to put a rider each at the front to organise a chase, those without teammates tried to go it alone.

Nicola Juniper, Womens National Series winner for instance had a good go solo but the chase group was soon on her before she could bridge across. And when she was caught, the lead for Griffiths went out again and that was it as she crossed the line first to win the big prizes on offer. Grace Garner was second from Hannah Walker in third.

In the Men’s race, a five up break went up the road early on and with the major teams represented, it was never seen again. So from that point of view, it was quite straightforward (can I say boring?) but what the race lacked during the majority of the distance, it made up for at the end.

First, the comms wisely pulled the peloton out with five to go as it was about to be lapped and Russ Downing ‘won’ the sprint to get sixth place. Then the fireworks in the break where the men in orange (Velosure Giordana) had two riders in the move, Richard Hepworth on his way back from illness, and Marcin Bialoblocki.


The other three were Harry Tanfield (KTM), Jon Mould (NFTO) and Jacob Scott of Haribo Beacon.

With a few laps to go, Hepworth started the moves and when he was pulled back by Mould, Bialoblocki countered in a double ‘hit’ before Jon Mould took the ‘best line of defence is attack’ strategy and had a dig as well.

Nothing was escaping and then Hepworth put in a doozy of a move with a lap to go and his dad alongside me was soon giving Richard the full lungs treatment.

It looked good as he raced past us with three quarters of a lap to go chased by Harry Tanfield and then Bialoblocki and co. No big screen near us to watch what happened next but as they came out of the gloom of the darkness setting in, it was Tanfield clear by a few lengths from Bialoblocki and Scott heading for the line and that’s how it stayed.

The KTM rider had won his biggest race so far, beaten some real quality riders but also admitted that the race had been one of the easiest once he was in the move and the pace was constant out front.


Abby Mae Parkinson leads the Women’s race followed by Nicola Juniper.


Tanya Griffiths leads Jo Tindley and the rest of the front group before clipping off the front to win the race solo.


Tanya Griffiths.


Jon Mould looks round to see they are clear and were never seen again by the chasers.


As a young kid races the riders on his scooter, local resident Rus Downing hurts some legs at the front of the chase group.


Jacob Scott of Haribo Beacon Bioracer had a great race, making the move and getting on the podium as well.


Harry Tanfield leads the break through the corners on the back section of the course


Yesss Electrical Mens Elite 1/2/3
1. Harry Tanfield, KTM
2. Marcin Bialoblocki, Velosure Giordana
3. Jacob Scott, Haribo Beacon Cycling Team
4. Jon Mould, NFTO
5. Richard Hepworth, Velosure Giordana
6. Russ Downing, NFTO
7. Jacob Tipper, KTM
8. Matt Cronshaw, Velosure Giordana
9.Brad Morgan, Velosure Giordana
10.William Bjerfelt, Metaltek Kuota Rt

Giant Sheffield Womens Elite 1/2/3
1. Tanya Griffiths, Starley Primal Pro Cycling
2. Grace Garner, RST Racing Team
3. Hannah Walker, Epic CyclesScott Wrt
4. Melissa Lowther, Matrix Fitness Vulpine
5. Louise Borthwick,
6. Nicola Juniper, Team Echelon
7. Cha Joiner, Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International
8.Gabriella Shaw, Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International
9.Charlotte Broughton, Mg Decor
10.Kayleigh Brogan, Team Thomsons Cycles

J E James Cycles Mens Cat 3/4

1. Jamie Ridehalgh Kirklees Cycling Academy
2. Ross Lamb Mansfield
3. Daniel Stocchero 3RT
4. Alistair Wood Aire Valley Racing Team
5. Joseph Elwood
6. Joshua Cutler 3RT
7. Jonathan Harvey Dinnington Racing Club
8. Liam O’Toole Sheffrec Cycling Club
9. Chad Markland Hinckley Cycle Racing Club
10.Calum Lawson Dinnington Racing Club

Fentons Flying Sausage AwardHighest Placed Junior: Alexander Speirs, Bikeboxalan

Giant Sheffield Womens Cat 3/4
1. Fiona Hunter, Johnston
2. Kirsty Boak, Marton Race Team
3. Ann Walsham, Womens Cycling Sheffield Race Team
4. Charlotte Parnham, Womens Cycling Sheffield Race Team
5. Samantha Verrill, Marton Race Team
6. Jenny Eastham, Airedale Olympic Cycling Club
7. Natasha Morrison, Mg Decor
8. Sophie Enever, Tyneside Vagabonds Cycling Club
9. Lindsay Atkinson-Wright, Albarosa Cycling Club
10.Elisa Mcdonagh, Team Wnt

Polypipe Under 16 Boys
1. Max Williamson, Bike Box Alan / Whiston Velo
2. Buuana Ball, Zappis Racing Team
3. Robert Gray ,Clifton Cycling Club
4. Richie Allen, Marton Race Team
5. Jamie Ridehalgh, Kirklees Cycling Academy
6. Liam Hindmarsh, Dinnington Racing Club
7. Will King, East Bradford Cycling Club
8. Jake Beach, Velocity Wd-40
9. William Turnbull, Marton Race Team
10.Jake Dobson, Newcastle Phoenix Cycling Club

Hill House School Under 14 Boys
1. Jack Ford, Holmfirth Cycling Club
2. Alistair Leivers, Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
3. Jim Brown, Holmfirth Cycling Club

Hill House School Under 16 Girls
1. Eleanor Dickinson Rst Racing Team
2. Samantha Verrill Marton Racing Team
3. Sophie Enever Tyneside Vagabonds Cycling Club

Hill House School Under 14 Girls
1. Elizabeth Catlow, Vc Lincoln
2. Isabel Darvill, Vc Lincoln
3. Ava May Oxley-Szilaggi, Kirklees Cycling Academy

Aad Gas Under 12 Boys & Girls
1. Josh Giddings, Heanor Clarion Cycling Club
2. Hugo Lutz-Atkinson, Marton Race Team
3. Max Pool,e Bike Box Alan / Whiston Velo
4. Matthew Kingston, Lichfield City Cycling Club
5. Edward Dawson, North Midlands Youth Squad
6. Henry Hollyman, Kirklees Cycling Academy
7. Carter Howe, Heanor Clarion Cycling Club
8. Lois Farndale, Nyt
9. Matthew Homa, Clifton Cycling Club
10.Erin Avill, North Midlands Youth Squad

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