Report – Newport Nocturne


Matthiew Boulo of Team Raleigh was just awesome as he solo’d to a convincing victory in front of a huge crowd at the Newport Nocturne

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Report – Newport Nocturne

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The tenth edition of the Newport Nocturne may have not have had the support of the big teams like it has in the past but there was still many a legend riding in front of crowds most circuit races in Britain just do not see.


Former winner Russell Downing (3rd), Matthieu Boulo (1st) and Graham Briggs (2nd)

The night saw two great races, one for the women won by Katie Curtis and the other by Raleigh’s Matthieu Boulo. With the circuit lined with people, live music played while the riders raced and the pubs did great trade. It was, unsurprisingly, a great night yet again organised by Mick and Nick Jeggo, the original organisers of a Nocturne race.

Mick explained whilst the racing was going on that the idea came along many years ago after a visit to France and a Nocturne there and when they came home, they added their own touch by bringing in floodlights. The event is also far more relaxed than most with none of the red tape I encounter in too many events these days and that is highlighted by the fact that the winner went home with much more than his weight in beer.

The Frenchman even had time to crack open a tinny for the press!


With the floodlights adding the atmosphere along with a great crowd, the two leaders, Boulo and Sam Williams build up a good lead on the Newport town centre circuit

The night began with an aggressive race by a small field in the Womens event, a pace fast enough to see the 30 odd riders reduced by a third by the end by the speed and also by several crashes. Notable at the front were the likes of Jo Tindley and Katie Curtis and both made the podium after the event had been won in a sprint by Curtis. Second was Hannah Walker and third 16 year old Charlotte Broughton.

Tindley meanwhile had won all the sprints to dominate that competition.

There were presentations and a sprint competition held before the main race at 9pm and it was said that had it not been for Raleigh putting their weight behind the event, it may not have gone ahead at all as no other UCI teams were interested in racing it due to the road race at Ipswich the next day. It did go ahead and it was almost like a reunion for the riders not selected to ride the Tour of Britain with the likes of Graham Briggs, Rus Downing, Matt Cronshaw and others all talking about that pre-race. Once the racing got underway, there were a few digs before after only half a dozen laps, two riders escaped, Sam Williams of NFTO and Matthieu Boulo of Raleigh.

It was early and the peloton wasn’t full gas which gave the duo time to build up a good lead. Over half the race gone and the peloton were not hanging around anymore and soon, two former winners of the event, Ian Wilkinson (Raleigh) and Rus Downing (NFTO) were off the front. By this time, Boulo had dropped the young Sam Williams and he was doing his best to stay away.

Downing and Wilkinson were soon caught and then so was Williams but Boulo, a rider who has been very impressive since signing for Raleigh, simply carried on, increasing his lead and crossing the line over a minute clear of Briggs who won the sprint for second from Rus Downing. The Sprints award went to Boulo.

Overall it was another successful night, brilliant atmosphere, cracking racing and fingers crossed, in two years time, it will return again to Newport.


Russell Downing and Ian Wilkinson, both former winners, went clear for a spell chasing the two leaders.


The bottom corner with plenty of floodlights and a huge crowd.


Matthieu crosses the line over a minute clear. Watch out for him in the Tour of Britain!


Graham Briggs wins the gallop for second.


Sam Williams doing his best to hold on to second but alas was caught by the chasing peloton.


Matthieu gets some help to make sure he gets plenty of beer to take on the road with him!


… and then cracks open a tinny to celebrate!


The women’s race lines up in daylight.


Gabby Shaw leads the peloton around through the cobbled section


Light starts to go and the floodlights come on


Jo Tindley wins yet another sprint to dominate that competition


The final sprint was tight!


Hannah Walker, Katie Curtis, Jo Tindley and Charlotte Broughton

1. Matthiew Boulo, Team Raleigh
2. Graham Briggs, Rapha Condor Sharp
3. Russell Downing, NFTO Pro Cycling
4. Ian Wilkinson, Team Raleigh
5. Jacob Tipper, KTM
6. Germain Burton, GB Academy
7. Evan Oliphant Team Raleigh
8. George Pym, Starley Primal
9. Chris Latham, GB Academy
10. Andrew Hawdon, KTM
11. George Harper, Velosure Giordana
12. Stephen Williams, NFTO Club
13. Liam Stones, Raleigh
14. Morgan Kniesky, Raleigh
15. George Moore, Bicicelo
16. Sam Williams, NFTO
17. Ben Chapman, Corley Cycles
18. James Williams, Starley primal
19. Ben Simmons, Team Wiggle
20. David Clarke, KTM
21. Kirk Vickers, Mid Shropshire Wheelers
22. George Atkins, Raleigh
24. Matt Cronshaw, Velosure Giordana
25. Declan Byrne, Baguet MIBA

WOMENS – Provisional!
1. Katie Curtis, Starley Primal
2. Hannah Walker, Epic Cycles
3. Charlotte Broughton, MG Decor
4. Jo Tindley, Matrix Fitness
5. Gabriella Shaw, Pearl Izumi
6. Rebecca Womersley, WyndyMilla
7. Alison, Kinloch, PH MAS
8. Amy Gornall, RST Racing
9. Penny Rowson, Matrix Fitness
10. Jessie Walker, Matrix Fitness
11. Emily Kay, Epic Cycles
12. Sarah Byrne,
13. Lucy Harper, Bike Pure
14. Melanie Potter, Brosmgrove Olympique
15. Rose Osbourne. WNT
16. Maisie Duckworth, Wolverhampton Wh
17. Sophie Faulkner, Fusion RT

* due to lapped riders not stopping, the results may be amended. They are provisional!


1 Matt Cronshaw Velosure – Giordana
2 Russell Downing NFTO
3 Christopher Lawless 100% ME

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