Report – CTT 10 Champs


Matt Bottrill wins his first ’10’ champs, setting a new championship record and leading his team to a new team comp record

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Report – CTT 10 Champs

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Sporting a 58 chainring on a fast course where over eight miles of the ten to be raced were on a dual carriageway, Matt Bottril made use of his hardest training week ever to beat An Post pro Ryan Mullen by just two seconds.


Matt with his two teammates and daughter after winning the team award.

With over 80 riders under 20 minutes, the speed of the course with a tailwind to the turn was easy to see and the top six riders covered by 25 seconds. Not only did Matt set a new championship record with 17.40, he led his team to a comp record for the 10 mile distance. There were lots of happy faces afterwards even if they didn’t win a medal. In the Bioracer speedsuit, Russell Hampton rode a PB, joining the ’17’ club without having done an 18 before!


Three time an Irish champion in 2014, Ryan Mullen was two seconds off being the British 10 champion!


The host clubs Andy Jackson (team Swift), close, very close to beating the favourites.


Ten times the champion Michael Hutchinson had to settle for the Bronze.


Russell Hampton on his way to a PB wearing his Bioracer speedsuit.


Matt Clinton, PB, and 6th place. 


Pushing a huge gear as he passed me, Matt withstood the pressure of beating the likes of Mullen to add to the 25 and 50 championship, and ride the second fastest 10 as well.

Matt won the race with the second fastest time for the 10 (Alex Dowsett holds the record) and it was a PB by over 40 seconds. “This course is renowned for fast times and whilst I’m not a fan of these type of courses, I’ll do them.”

“This has been the hardest championship to win because Ryan, he’s a professional rider and has pushed me harder than anyone”.

After the 25, I was thinking I’d had enough. I’d won the 50, and then the 25 but I was like it would be great to win the 10and then when Ryan did that 17 (on a local course to him in North Wales), training wise I went into over drive. This is the hardest I have trained for all the championships. I so wanted to do it.”

“So the day after the 25 champs, I was like saying to myself, ‘you have got to get it together now’.”

This last few weeks, I have done nothing but interval training and it killed me but it’s paid off.”

“I have used the 58 chain ring before and knew my cadence was not as good as it used to be so I knew on this course to go the speed I’d need to go, that I’d need the bigger gear. I can’t spin like I used to be able to and the lower cadence seems to work better for me.”

“Going out with the tailwind, the gear was perfect and I was on top of it all the time. I was doing 36 mph and I was thinking this is pretty scary even though it is nice going that fast. Over the last few miles though I was on the rivet. I got it all out and I am well pleased.”

“I have had an amazing season and I could stop now! But I’m not going to. This has been the best season I have ever had and I know it’s going to be hard to repeat this because I know how hard I have had to work. You have to commit so much to it and I don’t know I’ll ever top this.”

Asked about the comp record for the team, Matt explained “We knew it was on the cards going into this because the guys are going so well. I coach Dan (Barnett) so I knew he was coming into this going well. I said to him he’d do 18.59 and he did 19!”

Next up for Matt are the circuit champs for time trialling (RTTC)

1 Matthew Bottrill 00:17:40
2 Ryan Mullen An Post Chain Reaction Sean Kelly – Foreign (UCI registered) 00:17:42
3 Michael Hutchinson In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:17:53
4 Russell Hampton Team Athlon Sport – Cloudnine Telecoms 00:17:58
5 Andy Jackson Team Swift 00:18:02
6 Matt Clinton Mike Vaughan Cycles 00:18:05
7 Edmund Bradbury Cambridge University RT-Hunter Gibson-Chain Reaction Cycles 00:18:15
8 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles RC 00:18:29
9 David Crawley Fibrax-Wrexham RC 00:18:29
10 Blake Pond North Devon Wheelers 00:18:33
11 Adam Duggleby Wheelbase Altura MGD 00:18:33
12 Matt Sinclair Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 00:18:36
13 Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles – SCU 00:18:39
14 Mark Jones 00:18:41
15 Steve Irwin Kingston Wheelers CC 00:18:45
16 Rob Sharland Kingston Wheelers CC 00:18:46
17 Nick English AW 00:18:46
18 Simon Bridge Manchester Wheelers Club 00:18:47
19 Simon Wilson Team Corley Cycles 00:18:48
20 Jason Bouttell Team 00:18:48
21 Rob Pears Procycling Magazine RT 00:18:49
22 Matthew Smith Team 00:18:51
23 Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power Loughborough 00:18:53
24 Alastair Wareham Team Swift 00:18:59
25 Conall Yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:19:00
26 Chris Mcnamara Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT 00:19:00
27 Daniel Barnett 00:19:00
28 Graham Moir Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 00:19:00
29 Ben Anstie Cadence RT 00:19:01
30 Tom Ward Team Echelon – Rotor 00:19:05
31 Scott Burns Manchester Wheelers Club 00:19:06
32 Richard Dean Barnsley RC 00:19:11
33 Scott Walker MG Decor Team Carbon Bikes Solutions 00:19:13
34 Simon Norman Bedfordshire Road CC 00:19:14
35 Peter Lawrence Team Swift 00:19:14
36 Darren Maironis Forma Racing 00:19:15
37 Harry Bulstrode Edinburgh RC – SCU 00:19:18
38 Julian Ramsbottom Pedal Pushers 00:19:19
39 Mark Arnold CC Desiragear 00:19:19
40 Jack Green VC St Raphael 00:19:20
41 Mark Wolstonholme Team Swift 00:19:20
42 Steve Turner Lyme Racing Club 00:19:21
43 Ken Buckley AW 00:19:22
44 David Woodhouse Twickenham CC 00:19:22
45 Ian Greenstreet Newbury RC 00:19:25
46 George Fox 45 RC 00:19:26
47 Simon Mcnamara South Downs Bikes 00:19:28
48 David Ellis Mapperley CC 00:19:29
49 Jonathan Wears Team Jewson – MI Racing 00:19:30
50 Benjamin Harvey Birdwell Whs 00:19:31
51 Billy Oliver RST Sport/Aero-Coach 00:19:34
52 James Falconer Ferryhill Whs/Mountain High 00:19:34
53 Simon Beldon Team Swift 00:19:34
54 Greg Parker Velo Club St Raphael 00:19:35
55 Nick Dwyer Lewes Wanderers CC 00:19:37
56 Jim Moffatt Virgin Active Cycling Team 00:19:37
57 Andrew Perkins Mid Devon CC 00:19:37
58 Joshua Williams Revolutions Racing 00:19:38
59 Phil Brown Didcot Phoenix CC 00:19:38
60 Chris Isats Berwick Wheelers – SCU 00:19:40
61 Ian Holbrook Stone Wheelers CC 00:19:41
62 Simon Williams Dursley RC 00:19:41
63 Robert West RST Sport/Aero-Coach 00:19:42
64 Richard Bickley Border City Whs CC 00:19:43
65 Nick Cave Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 00:19:43
66 Michael Cross Yorkshire Road Club 00:19:46
67 Tim Ashton Royal Sutton CC 00:19:46
68 Ben Hetherington Achieve-Skinnergate Racing 00:19:46
69 Ian Holmes York Cycleworks 00:19:47
70 Gerry Mcgarrity Paisley Velo Race Team – SCU 00:19:49
71 Rob Young Team Vision Racing 00:19:50
72 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC 00:19:51
73 Justin Layne CC Ashwell 00:19:51
74 Anthony Gill Pedalsport CC 00:19:52
75 Joel Lewis Arbis-Colbert Cycles RT 00:19:53
76 Blaine Metcalf Team Swift 00:19:54
77 Dave Lazenby Silverstone Cycle-Baines Racing 00:19:54
78 Simon Mitchell Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 00:19:55
79 Richard Harrison Oxford City RC 00:19:55
80 David Williams Fibrax-Wrexham RC 00:19:56
81 Shaw Pickard Scarborough Paragon CC 00:19:57
82 Harry Armstrong Berwick Wheelers – SCU 00:19:57
83 Nige Wood Wills Wheels 00:19:58
84 Angus Macinnes RAF CA 00:19:58
85 Colin Parkinson South Western Road Club 00:19:58
86 David Watson Coventry Road Club 00:19:59
87 Shaun Eden Mapperley CC 00:20:00
88 Xavier Scott Bolsover & District CC 00:20:02
89 Warren Gell Coveryourcar.Co.UK/RT 00:20:02
90 Carl Whitwell St Ives CC 00:20:04
91 Richard Walker Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC 00:20:04
92 Keith Ainsworth Sheffrec CC 00:20:04
93 Stewart Smith Team Swift 00:20:04
94 Steve Gibson Peak RoadClub 00:20:05
95 Paul Jay Team 00:20:06
96 David Pollard In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:20:07
97 Genadijs Tilgalis Peterborough CC 00:20:07
98 B Xavier Disley RST Sport/Aero-Coach 00:20:08
99 Paul Robinson Lyme Racing Club 00:20:08
100 Nick Wilson Rye & District Wheelers CC 00:20:09
101 Richard Robinson Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC 00:20:12
102 Russell Jelly Mapperley CC 00:20:13
103 Gerallt Allen The Edge Cycleworks 00:20:13
104 Dave Green RAF CA 00:20:14
105 Ian Dalton Cherry Valley RT (B&C Express) 00:20:15
106 Peter Weir Banjo 00:20:15
107 Jeremy Stone Solihull CC 00:20:16
108 Stephen Wood Yorkshire Velo 00:20:18
109 Matthew Rowley Oxonian CC 00:20:18
110 Jimmy Little Velo Club St Raphael 00:20:22
111 Patrick Lince Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT 00:20:22
112 Adam Coffey Alford Wheelers 00:20:22
113 Dan Taylor Bikebox 00:20:23
114 Steve Gore -Browne Team Swift 00:20:24
115 Nick Rogers Team Swift 00:20:25
116 Matthew Wilde Huddersfield Star Whs 00:20:25
117 Nev Martin Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue CC 00:20:28
118 Richard Gifford In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 00:20:29
119 Nick Frewin Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 00:20:30
120 Matthew Webster Team 00:20:31
121 Simon Coates Cleveland Wheelers CC 00:20:32
122 Alan Cooke Matlock CC 00:20:32
123 Jason Turner Norwich A B C 00:20:33
124 Andrew Bean Wisbech Whs 00:20:39
125 Anthony Westwood Gravesend CC 00:20:43
126 Declan Davis CC Breckland 00:20:44
127 Mark Steers Team Vision Racing 00:20:45
128 Duncan Hassall Liverpool Century RC 00:20:46
129 Gavin Tillson Oxonian CC 00:20:48
130 Tim Humphries Team Swift 00:20:48
131 Sean Vincent Team Zenith 00:20:48
132 Jack Hugill Mercia Lloyds Cycles CC 00:20:50
133 Mark Mccartney Nottingham Clarion CC 00:20:52
134 Richard Dixon Team Swift 00:20:52
135 Chris Spencer RLS Cycling Club (Inc 1:00 ls) 00:20:56
136 Lee Cairns Team Swift 00:20:57
137 Phil Barnes Team Swift 00:20:57
138 Jim Trevor Hull Thursday RC 00:21:00
139 Bill Seddon Bolsover & District CC 00:21:00
140 Will Bamber VC Norwich 00:21:02
141 David Paterson Adept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 00:21:02
142 Simon Travell Bolsover & District CC 00:21:19
143 Ashley Roue Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 00:21:27
1002 James Perkins Team Zenith
1003 Gareth Pymm Coalville Wheelers
1004 Andrew Green Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team
1005 Sean Townsend Gloucester City CC
1006 Christopher Fennell PMR @ Toachim House
1007 Lee Piercy Performance Cycles CC
1008 Alexander Royle Army Cycling Union
1009 Jason Young City RC (Hull)
1010 Stephen Morrell High Wycombe CC
1011 Scott Westwood Walsall Roads Cycling Club
1012 James Ratcliffe Fred Williams Racing
1013 Ian Cox North Lancs RC
1014 Jonathan Parker PMR @ Toachim House
1015 John Brearley Cottingham Coureurs
1016 Michael Ellerton Team Swift
1017 Richmond Denton Ilkley CC
1018 Tom Trimble CC Ashwell
1019 Frank Montague TS Racing Team – Vankru
1020 Jonathan Weatherley CC Sudbury
1021 Mark Harrison Houghton CC
1022 Mick St Leger Team Echelon – Rotor
1023 Mark Woolford Chippenham & Dist. Whs

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