Results – NW Cross League


Adrian Lawrence & Jack Humphreys winners at round 1 of the North West Red Rose Olympic Tower Cross

RST Cycle  Clothing & Trigon Bikes

Results – NW Cross League

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1 Jack Humphreys Wheelbase Altura MGD
2 Jack Clarkson Hope Factory Racing
3 Giles Drake Leisure Lakes
4 Scott Wilson Manchester Whlrs Club
5 Joseph Peatfield Horwich CC
6 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle
7 Thomas Clarke Red Rose Olympic CC
8 Kristian Spreckley Manchester Whlrs Club
9 Ryan Ashcroft St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow P & H Services
10 Richard Haughton Team Hoppers Rollers
11 Tom Owen Lune RCC
12 Adam Newall Horwich CC
13 Mike Wardle Wheelbase Altura MGD
14 Richard Knowles
15 Jay McCarthy Clitheroe Bike Club
16 James Walker Manchester Triathlon Club
17 Craig Sefton Horwich CC
18 Dave Powell Horwich CC
19 Robert Armstrong Epic Cycles RT
20 Andy Porter Horwich CC
21 Dean Harwood High Peak Cycles RT
22 Jack Griffiths Furness Future Flyers
23 Matthew Hakes
24 Greg McNally High Peak Cycles RT
25 Paul Upton
26 Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle
27 John Holmes
28 Steven Simpson Manchester Whlrs Club
29 Timothy Jones Cycle Sport Pendle
30 Becky Preece Contessa Scott Syncros
31 Paul Davies High Peak Cycles RT
32 Paul Marshall
33 Josh Varty Wheelbase Altura MGD
34 Edward Hibbert
35 Stephen Stuart Liverpool Century RC
36 Dan O’Halloran Sportcity Velo
37 Stephen Cooke Harry Middleton Cycling Club
38 Ian Boydon Lune RCC
39 Simon Oliver Chester Tri
40 Michael Lyon Harry Middleton Cycling Club
41 Daniel Cliffe Lancashire RC
42 Richard Baker Audlem Cycling Club
43 Mat Livesey Curtis bikes
44 Andrew Baxter
45 Stuart Percival G M C Fire Services
46 Neil Upton
47 Bryan Bates Red Rose Olympic CC
48 Stu Riley Tri Preston
49 Tom Frater
50 Peter Holland Here Come The Belgians
51 Elliot Gough
52 Daniel Hodsdon Salford
53 Kevin McCann Liverpool Century RC
54 Martin Jalowiec North Cheshire Clarion
55 Chris Donnelly
56 Thomas Figgins Lancashire RC
57 Pete Findon
58 Joseph Donnelly
59 Simon Morris Ribble Valley Juniors
60 Ben Fourie Clitheroe Bike Club
61 Joseph Clough Ribble Valley Juniors
62 Ben Griffiths Manchester Whlrs Club
63 Chris Atherton Lune RCC
64 Rob Riley
65 Jacob Peatfield
66 Wil Booth Congleton

1 Adrian Lawrence Team Elite
2 Pete Middelton Zepnat
3 Jason Tonge Lancashire RC
4 Mick Style Manchester Whlrs Club
5 Andrew Turner Manchester Whlrs Club
6 Jerrod Hartley Horwich CC
7 Nick Shaughnessy Colnago / BBB / Morgan Blue
8 Andrew Brindle Horwich CC
9 Steffan Chandler Horwich CC
10 John Shaw Colnago / BBB / Morgan Blue
11 Michael Lund
12 David Thorp Manchester BMX Club
13 Ian Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle
14 Joseph Heywood
15 Tony Sowden Horwich CC
16 Martha Gill PH-MAS Cycling
17 Neil Evans Manchester Whlrs Club
18 Pete Howarth Manchester Wheelers
19 Sean Beswick RT/GSG Clothing
20 David Headon Horwich CC
21 Michael Fugaccia Liverpool Century RC
22 Brian Gough
23 Derek Schofield Rossendale RC
24 Mark Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers
25 Kurt Scott Here Come The Belgians
26 Greg Vallance Glossop Kinder Velo
27 Paul Newby Furness Flyers
28 Andrew Harwood High Peak Cycles RT
29 Graham Bryce G M C Fire Services
30 Giles Perkins Here Come The Belgians
31 Stuart Thomson Lakes MEL Velo
32 Tom Fordyce
33 Andrew Barlow
34 Mike Cleary Manchester Whlrs Club
35 Andrew Unsworth Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
36 Tony Coughlan Stockport Clarion
37 Simon Cunningham
38 Brian Perks Pedal Sport
39 Simon Locke Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club
40 Michael Speirs Horwich CC
41 Paul Gorman
42 Clive Wilkinson Birkenhead North End CC
43 Russell Owen Horwich CC
44 Charles Gray Manchester Whlrs Club
45 Peter Murray The Endurance Store
46 Terry Bolland
47 Stewart Dwyer St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow P & H Services
48 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century RC
49 Ruth Gammell Macclesfield Wheelers
50 Philip Hunt
51 Ian Clarke Birkenhead North End CC
52 Craig Sneddon Harry Middleton Cycling Club
53 David Harrison St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow P & H Services
54 Mark Turner Cycle Sport Pendle
55 Stephen Gardner Lancaster CC
56 Paul Smith Stretford Whls CC
57 Geoffrey Garnham
58 Jamie Duffy Manchester BMX Club
59 Mark Royle North Cheshire Clarion
60 Dave Topping Pendle Forest CC
61 Julie Phelan Club Goldtec
62 Christopher Wilson Ashurst Bike Club
63 Michael Taylor Rossendale RC
64 Martin Jones Colnago / BBB / Morgan Blue
65 Brian Clayton
66 Alan Cook Wills Wheels Cycling Club
67 Adrian Watts Rossendale RC
68 Guy McKenzie Horwich CC
69 Frank Wigley
70 Peter Leadbeater Liverpool Century RC
71 Paul Warriner Rossendale RC
72 David Hollingworth Red Rose Olympic CC
73 Carolyn Speirs Horwich CC
74 Stephen Clough Ribble Valley Juniors
75 Ray Blow Cyclesport International RT
76 Andrew Boyle WVCC
77 Paul O’Halloran
78 Joanne Street Manchester Whlrs Club
79 Chris Endersby Ribble Valley Juniors
80 Geoff Ind
81 Andy Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle
82 Ros Clarke
83 Caroline Humphreys Red Rose Olympic CC
84 Rachel Mayers Runcorn Cycle Club
85 Michael Gregson Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
86 Dave Halman Weaver Valley CC
87 Nicholas Lloyd
88 Martin Holden Inspire Cycling Team
89 Chloe Parrington Red Rose Olympic CC
90 Kate Porter Horwich CC
91 Michael James
92 Leonard Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle
93 John Sharrock
94 Rick Byers Ribble Valley CRC
95 Glynn Lee
96 Sarah Gregson Sportcity Velo
97 Claire Livesey
98 Gordon Roberts
99 Diane Newsham
100 Bob Duckworth Bury Clarion

1 Lewis Hartley Velocity WD-40
2 Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle
3 Cory Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle
4 Tom Martin Furness Future Flyers
5 Tyla Loftus Furness Future Flyers
6 Jack Barton Furness Future Flyers
7 Halley Woods Eastlands Velo
8 Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
9 Lucy Horrocks Hope Technology Racing
10 Michael Hall Furness Future Flyers
11 George Ball Furness Future Flyers
12 Euan Hunt Preston Pirates BMX Club
13 Nicole Clarke Birkenhead North End CC
14 Elliot Reed Salt Ayre Cog Set
15 Corinne Side Bolton Hot Wheels CC
16 Sam Hollingworth Red Rose
17 Robert Donaldsoon Mossley CRT
18 Andrew Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels CC
19 Amy Monkhouse Lancaster Cogset
20 James Henderson Red Rose
21 Eve Barrow Salt Ayre Cog Set
22 Rebecca Gregson Sportcity Velo
23 Andrew Lemm Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
24 Robert Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers
25 Junior Jackson Mossley CRT
26 Lucy Naylor Cycle Sport Pendle
27 Addam Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels CC
28 Ruben Ind Ribble Valley Juniors
29 Maisy Vasic Eastlands Velo
30 Charles Paige Green Jersey RT
31 Dominic Rutter Cycle Sport Pendle
32 Jocasta Minton Bolton Hot Wheels CC
33 Melissa Boylin Bolton Hot Wheels CC
34 Chris Barlow Lancaster Cogset
35 Anna Hulme Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC
36 Georgie Whelan Ribble Valley Juniors
37 Oliver Nickson Birkenhead North End CC
38 Helen Osguthorpe North Cheshire Clarion
39 Kate Taylor Rossendale RC

1 Scott Fisher Furness Future Flyers
2 Bryn Lawrence Eastlands Velo
3 Ben Mashiter Furness Future Flyers
4 Daniel Porter Bolton Hot Wheels CC
5 Casey Mortimer
6 Andrew Clarke Birkenhead North End CC
7 Elliott Bujac Birkenhead North End CC
8 Dan Eastham Red Rose Olympic CC
9 Ethan Grimshaw Bolton Hot Wheels CC
10 Kitt Haywood Bolton Hot Wheels CC
11 Ephraim Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle
12 Gabriel Jack Ribble Valley Juniors
13 Lily Brindle Preston Pirates BMX Club
14 Riley SaintSimmons Bolton Hot Wheels CC
15 Owen Woolland North Cheshire Clarion
16 Jake Holland Red Rose Olympic CC
17 Ruby Jennings Lyme RC
18 Michael Postlethwaite Mossley CRT
19 Isabel Koch Mossley CRT
20 Theo Ford
21 Imogen Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
22 Felix Cuerden Bolton Hot Wheels CC
23 Mackenzie Lee
24 Alex Poulston
25 Sam Oliver
26 Simeon Kilroy North Cheshire Clarion
27 Alice Colling Ribble Valley Juniors
28 Esther Wong Salt Ayre Cog Set
29 Finn Mortimer
30 Ben Warriner Bolton Hot Wheels CC
31 Neve Laycock Bolton Hot Wheels CC
32 Tom Gamwell Macclesfield Wheelers
33 Isla Newsham
34 Isabel Hockenhall
35 Chloe Mayers RCC
36 Grace Porter
37 Libby Rutter Cycle Sport Pendle
38 Ava Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle
39 Millie Baptista
40 Emma Poulston
41 Gorga Gildea
42 Poppy Haughton
43 Teddy Gildea
44 Shaun Laycock Bolton Hot Wheels CC
45 Freddie Haughton
46 Benjamin Livesey
47 Jack Livesey
48 Kiera Brailsford

1 Aidan Lawrence Eastlands Velo
2 Matthew Baptista Mid Lancs BMX
3 Benjamin Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
4 Zack Harrop Manchester BMX Club
5 Alfie Savage Furness Future Flyers
6 Adam Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set
7 Joe Thorp Manchester BMX Club
8 Daniel Vincent Cycle sport Pendle
9 Iestyn Keir Mossley CRT
10 Ethan Duffy Manchester BMX Club
11 John Roberts Salt Ayre Cog Set
12 Niamha Albones Liverpool Century RC
13 Tyr Bujac Birkenhead North End CC
14 William Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers
15 Ethan Cuerden Bolton Hot Wheels CC
16 George Bates Red Rose Olympic CC
17 James Ford Ashurst Bike Club
18 Samuel Kendall Liverpool Century RC
19 George Sayle Cycle sport Pendle
20 Spencer Unsworth Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
21 James Pennington Bolton Hot Wheels CC
22 Erin Corrigan Mossley CRT
23 Rhys Davies Preston Pirates BMX Club
24 Joe Bowles
25 Oliver Morris Ribble Valley Juniors
26 Thomas Purcell Ribble Valley Juniors
27 William Gregson Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
28 Nancye Roberts Salt Ayre Cog Set
29 Phoebe Houghton-Mitchell
30 Jude Hockenhall Bolton Hot Wheels CC

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