Report – Welwyn Track League


The final Welwyn Track League meeting of the season saw some fantastic high speed racing in all the various categories

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Report – Welwyn Track League
(from Peter Waghorn)

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The meeting had its best attendance of the year with 39 youth riders and 43 seniors. It was also the ‘swan song’ for organiser Peter Waghorn who has run the League for many years – he has now retired and handed it over to his successor David Scott.

In form Alex Minting again won all four of the Senior A events from series leader John McClelland. The two A/B Block handicaps were run at an incredible pace with the A group catching the B group with 3 or 4 laps remaining in each race. Charles Page won the ‘odd’ numbers race by inches from John McClelland while Alex Minting was lengths ahead in the ‘evens’ race. The race pace was well in excess of 30mph. The 10 mile also produced the fastest time of the season – 20-21 – with a limited number of ‘hard men’ left at the end.

In the youth categories – Welwyn dominated the Under 16 group – the series winner was Will Raymond. The Lea Valley riders were on form in the under 14 group especially in the points race – the overall winner in this section was home rider Millie Gage with a two point margin over Christian Manzi.

The CDE group of 14 riders was the usual battle between Welwyn and CC Ashwell. Overall series winner was Ollie Stockwell with Sophie Lewis in second spot.

A good seasons racing with the best left ‘til last.


Senior A
10 lap scratch – Alex Minting (Neon Velo) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare) Martin Ruepp (Iceni Velo)
Devil – Alex Minting (Neon Velo) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare) Andy Hastings (Richardson Trek)
10 mile – Alex Minting (Neon Velo) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare) Louis Modell (Catford)

Senior B
10 lap scratch – Chris Burns (Welwyn) Tony Marriot (Herts Whs) Ian Bibby (Finsbury Park)
10 Lap Points – Mostyn Crokett (Lea Valley) Michael Parry (Welwyn) Ian Bibby (Finsbury Park)

10 Lap AB Block Handicap (odds) Charles Page (Hillingdon) John McClelland (Bush Healthcare) Andy Hastings (Richardson)
10 lap AB Block handicap (Evens) – Alex Minting (Neon Velo) Martin Ruepp (Iceni Velo) Louis Modell (Catford)

Youth A
8 lap Scratch – Will Raymond , Ethan Vernon , Glen Dossett (all Welwyn)
8 lap Block Pursuit – Will Raymond, Ethan Vernon, Alexi Edwards (all Welwyn)
8 lap Points – Glen Dossett, Will Raymond , Ben Webster (all Welwyn)
8 lap Handicap – Ben Webster (Welwyn) Alexi Edwards (Welwyn) Bradley Clarke (Green Arrow)

Youth B
6 lap scratch – Mille Gage (Welwyn) Sam Asker (West Suffolk) Sophie Holmes (Team Terminator)
6 lap Points – Louis Bilyard (Lea Valley) Ben Selfe (Lea Valley) Reece Pollen (CC Hackney)
6 lap Handicap – Ben Longstaff (Colchester) Louis Bilyard (Lea valley) Sam Asker (West Suffolk)

Youth CDE
3 lap Scratch – Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn) Adam Lightfoot (CC Ashwell) Sam Gage(Welwyn)
3 lap handicap A – Richie Selfe (Lea valley) Max Jackson ( Welwyn) Ted Brett (Welwyn)
3 lap Handicap B – Max Jackson (Welwyn) Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn) Adam Lightfoot (CC Ashwell)
4 lap Handicap – Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn) Joe Kiely (Welwyn) Sophie Lewis (CC Asshwell)

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