Result – South West Cyclo-Cross League


Andy Parker of Mid Devon CC winner at the South West Cyclo-Cross League in Somerset

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Result – South West Cyclo-Cross League

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1 Andy Parker Mid Devon CC V
2 Tim Carpenter EliteVelo V
3 Charlie McFadzean CS Dynamo J
4 Oscar Wiessler MDCC J
5 Steven Sage North Devon Wheelers/Southfork Racing V
6 Roy Wyle-Smith EliteVelo S
7 James Bovey MDCC V
8 Martin Lenny Kernow Riders S
9 Steven Birch Exeter Wheelers S
10 Vin Cox S
11 Alan Drury MDCC V
12 Graham Roberts Tavistock Wheelers S
13 Steven Holmes Plymouth Cx/VeloSmith S
14 Peter Robinson West Coast/Velotive S
15 Steve Hodgson MDCC S
16 Richard Taylor Exeter Wheelers V
17 John Peters CSSH V
18 Ben Tisdall MDCC V
19 Alan Vicary SRC V
20 Tom Evans CSSH S
21 Martin Crocker Southfork Racing S
22 Marcus Durant Unattached V
23 Ashley ToweyMDCC J
24 Oliver Childs Bike City T3 S
25 Joe Loader Cheddar S
26 Anthony Cowling Wellington Wheelers V
27 Stacey Bray Kernow Riders V
28 Nick Lumb Exeter Wheelers V
29 Will Hutchins Tri Logic V
30 Gary Bees Yogi V
31 Steve Challinor Sid Valley V
32 Chirs Mabey Tavistock Wheelers V
33 Neil Carey Exeter Wheelers S
34 Andy Collins MDCC V
35 Lucy Allan Fully Sussed W
36 Matthew Zietz Plymouth Cx/VeloSmith S
37 John NewboldMDCC V
38 Mark Behand Weston Wheelers V
39 Sam Whittlesea Unattached S
40 Andy Friend MDCC V
41 Nigel Orpin CS Dynamo V
42 Chris Slough Unattached S
43 Adam Forrest Unattached V
44 John DonnellyExeter Wheelers V
45 David Hamilton Unit 6 V
46 Lee Muscott Unattached S
47 Jon Hinds 1st Chard Wheelers V
48 Robin Worman RNRMCA V
49 Neil Ayres Plymouth Cx/VeloSmith S
50 John MeredithUnattached V
51 Stuart Ball ExeVelo S
52 Lester Young V
53 Mike Gould Unattached V
54 Andre Kearsey Unattached S
55 Tom Woodman Unattached V
56 Nathan GristyUnattached V
57 Chris Bamforth Unattached V
58 Gareth Payne ExeVelo V
59 William George University of Exeter S
60 Alice Miller Look Mum No HandsW
61 Jeremy Hayden Unattached V
62 Penny Allen Yogi W
63 Catherine Kilburn Unattached W
64 Josh Priest Unattached S
65 Gary Frazer Yogi V
66 Steve Whitehouse Kernow Riders V
67 Tex Lord Unattached V
68 Roger Marley ExeVelo V
69 Dave Poole SRC V
70 Nicky Grant MDCC W
71 Maria Weymouth MDCC W
72 Elaine Mason MDCC W
73 Jackie Shute EMBCW
74 Claire HaskinsUnattached W

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