Results – National Clarion Circuit Race Champs


Callum McBrearty of Nottingham Clarion one of the winners at the National Clarion Circuit Race Championships at Mallory Park on Sunday

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Results – National Clarion Circuit Race Champs

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RESULTS  (thanks Steve)

Under 8’s/Under 10’s (Youth D & Youth E)
1 Euan Hacker (North Cheshire Clarion) 1st Youth D
2 Callum Twelves (West Lothian Clarion 2nd) 2nd Youth D
3 Jack Lofthouse (Nottingham Clarion) 3rd Youth D
4 Ben Marsh (Heanor Clarion) 1st Youth E
5 Luke Campbell (Heanor Clarion) 2nd Youth E
6 Jack Ray (Fenland Clarion) 3rd Youth E

Under 12’s (Youth C)
1 Joshua Giddings (Heanor Clarion) 1st Youth C
2 Jack Brough (Heanor Clarion) 2nd Youth C
3 Carter Howe (Heanor Clarion) 3rd Youth C
4 Lachlan Hacker (North Cheshire Clarion)
5 Alex Ball (West Lothian Clarion)
6 Alfie Lofthouse (Nottingham Clarion)
7 Oliver Cole (Nottingham Clarion)
8 Edward Lowe (Fenland Clarion)
9 Lotta Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion)
10 Sam Marsh (Heanor Clarion)

Under 14’s/Under 16’s (Youth A & Youth B)
1 Ozzie Chiemel (Nottingham Clarion) 1st Youth A
2 Liam Shaw (Bury Clarion 2nd) 2nd Youth A
3 Finn Mansfield (Nottingham Clarion) 1st Youth B
4 David (Jerry) Norman (Fenland Clarion) 2nd Youth B
5 Elliot Bannister (Nottingham Clarion) 3rd Youth B
6 Will Beech (Nottingham Clarion) B
7 Mia Purnell (Fenland Clarion) B
8 Bryn Mitchell (North Cheshire) B
E/1/2/3/4 (+Masters Over 50 & Women)
1 Callum McBrearty (Nottingham Clarion)
2 Oliver Nuthall (Nottingham Clarion)
3 Paul Searson (Nottingham Clarion)
4 Anthony Jackson (Nottingham Clarion)
5 Michael Humphreys (Bury Clarion)
6 Adrian Hughes (North Cheshire Clarion)
7 Josh Housley (Heanor Clarion)
8 Chris Taylor (Bury Clarion)
9 Duncan McLaren (Sockport Clarion)
10 Stephen Smith (Stockport Clarion)
11 John Hughes (Nottingham Clarion)
12 Geoff Giddings (Heanor Clarion)
13 Matthew Ball (Heanor Clarion)
14 Paul Lilley (Fenland Clarion) 1st Over 50
15 Peter Campbell (Heanor Clarion)
16 Martin Usher (Bury Clarion 2nd)
17 Joseph Cadwallader (Bury Clarion)
18 Andrew Martin (Tuxford Clarion)
19 Nick Hall (Bury Clarion)
20 Matthew Hacker (North Cheshire Clarion)
21 Richard Birkin (Nottingham Clarion)
22 Ryan Whatmough (Bury Clarion 2nd)
23 Lindsay Clarke (Fenland Clarion) 1st Woman
24 Malc Jacklin (Fenland Clarion) @ 1 lap
25 David Mitchell (North Cheshire Clarion) @ 2 laps
26 Jack Levick (Tuxford Clarion) @ 2 laps
27 Richard Grayling-Youle (North Cheshire Clarion) @ 3 laps
28 Kathryn Grayling-Youle (North Cheshire Clarion) @ 4 laps
29 Nick Caton (North Cheshire Clarion) @ 4 laps

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