Result – Welsh CA Open 50


Big personal best for David Crawley who is fastest in the Welsh CA Open 50 mile time trial on the R50/1b on Sunday (28 September)

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Result – Welsh CA Open 50

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On a close to ‘perfect’ morning for this time of year there were lots of smiles around the result board. This was not just due to the bacon rolls eaten but from the large number of ‘pb’s’; the first three men amongst the many great rides.

David Crawley Fibrax Wrexham RC, a frequent visitor from the north nailed this one with a personal best of over 5 minutes to take the win by nearly 3 minutes with a time of 1:43:38. Second place went to Matt Burden Severn RC who posted an even greater improvement of almost eight and a half minutes to record a 1:46:23 to win the greatest improvement award. What a shame he does not have a 100 time to go with his Welsh CA 12 hour win to be well up in the BBAR.

The Women’s award was no surprise; Paula Mosely Climb on Bikes RT rode well within her best to ‘only’ do a 1:58:45 giving her a margin of over eleven minutes over the second woman. Daniel Thorogood Ystwyth CC clinched a closely fought Vets’ award with a ‘plus’ of 29:16: the Vets’ Standards most recent revision seems to be about right.

A surprising number of entrants had already finished their racing season and there was a bittersweet air from the ‘nearly’ teams who had 2 quick men but failed to get a third qualifying rider. The Team award was a fairly close run contest among the Welsh Clubs with Bynea CC getting it with Phillip Tucker, Darrel Williams and evergreen John Shehan finishing with a time of 6:00:06. Spare a thought for Luke Mosely who had the quickest ever DNF of less than one second with a catastrophic failure of his carbon fibre stem: lightning reflexes from pusher off Paul Robinson Ystwyth CC prevented an horrific injury.

1 David Crawley Fibrax-Wrexham RC 1:43:38
2 Matt Burden Severn RC 1:46:23
3 Rich Hunt Richmond Tri Kudu 1:47:57
4 David B Jones Fibrax Wrexham RC 1:50:07
5 Daniel Thorogood Ystwyth CC 1:51:38
6 Simon Williams Dursley RC 1:52:25
7 Will Bevan Ross on Wye & Dist CC 1:52:46
7 Oliver Simon Team NBCC 1:52:46
9 Charles Zanettacci 1:53:02
10 Joseph Beech Ogmore Valley Whs 1:53:21
11 Philip Tucker Bynea Cycling Club 1:53:44
12 Nick Green Team Swift 1:54:10
13 Justin Ford CC Blaenau Gwent 1:55:08
14 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC 1:56:13
15 Toby Hopper Cardiff Ajax CC 1:57:01
16 Rob Jones Ogmore Valley Whs 1:57:35
17 Andi Timothy Revo Racing 1:58:44
18 Paula Moseley Climb on Bikes RT 1:58:45
19 Kevin Williams Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 1:58:53
19 Paul Winchcombe Chippenham & Dist Whs 1:58:53
21 David Meacham Wyre Forest CRC 1:58:56
22 Steuart Saunders Somerset RC 1:59:00
23 Darrel Williams Bynea Cycling Club 1:59:06
24 David Sleigh Clevedon & District RC 1:59:28
25 Mark Sims Climb on Bikes RT 1:59:54
26 Richard Howes Coventry Road Club 2:00:20
27 Ian Deakin Mid Devon CC 2:00:26
28 Paul Stephens Ross on Wye & Dist CC 2:01:45
29 Eric Grill Cardiff Ajax CC 2:02:09
30 Ray Retter North Devon Whs 2:02:29
31 Tom Foster Cardiff Ajax CC 2:03:12
32 Roger Taylor Frome & Dist Whs 2:05:49
33 Mike Hazlewood Saracen RC 2:06:17
34 Clive Franklin Somerset RC 2:06:45
35 Richard Turpin Wellington Whs 2:07:13
36 John Shehan Bynea Cycling Club 2:07:16
37 Darren Avery Somerset RC 2:08:22
38 Andy Cole Westbury Whs 2:08:59
39 Michael Bradley Wyre Forest CRC 2:09:38
40 Andrew Curley Beacon Roads CC 2:09:45
41 Alistair James Morgan Pontypool RCC 2:09:47
42 James Elgar Cardiff Ajax CC 2:10:01
43 Paul Gibson Wyre Forest CRC 2:11:01
44 Rebecca Timothy Revo Racing 2:11:05
45 Cliff Voller Newbury RC 2:11:07
46 Dave York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 2:11:20
47 Miles Preece M & D Cycles Specialised 2:13:04
48 Jenny York Mid Shropshire Wheelers 2:13:23
49 Gareth Hill Abercynon Road Club 2:13:33
50 Tina Reid Trainsharp Racing Team 2:13:48
51 Andrew Harries Ogmore Valley Whs 2:14:01
52 John Murphy Gloucester City CC 2:14:09
53 Catherine Etchell Brecon Wheelers 2:17:03
54 John Thompson (Trike) Severn RC 2:17:33
55 Paul Rees Bynea Cycling Club 2:21:02
56 Andrew Williams Merthyr CC 2:23:10
57 Fenella Brown Redditch Road & Path CC 2:24:20
58 Simon Kinsey Acme Whs (Rhondda) CC 2:26:04
59 Fiona Davies Acme Whs (Rhondda) CC 2:26:59
60 Derek Morgan Gannet CC 2:28:22
61 Sally Harmer Pembrokeshire Velo 2:28:27
62 Paul Griffiths Cardiff Ajax CC 2:37:46
63 Philippa Crocker Dursley RC 2:45:05
64 Nadine Pilkington Wrecsam Triathlon Club 2:51:47

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