News – 18th Downton 2-Day Classic


Startlist and details for the 18th Glenn Longland Downton 2-Day Classic Start Sheet October 4th/5th

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News – 18th Downton 2-Day Classic

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The 18th Annual Glenn Longland Downton 2-Day Classic 2014 Saturday 4th/Sunday 5th October 2014

Headquarters – Downton Football Club, Wick Lane Downton Salisbury,

3 Stages Under T.L.I.Cycling Rules
ENTRIES-: Members £20 Non Members £28 E.O.L. £32

Stage 1 Prologue 2.4km Saturday
Stage 2 Handicap Road Race 42km Saturday 2.30pm
Stage 3 Time Trial 37km Sunday 9.00am


1.00pm- Prologue (2.4 km)
START at Downton Leisure Centre, Wick Lane, Downton. Proceed up Wick Lane to FINISH at top of Whitsbury.

2.30 pm- Handicap Road Race 42km
START in lane on Lode Hill (LODE HILL SITE) Downton. Proceed up Lode Hill on the B3080 through Woodfalls, bear left via Hale into Forest Road to join the B3078 at Bramshaw Telegraph (M).Continue on B3078 to junction with B3079 at Brook Turn Left (M) through Bramshaw, continue through to turn left at Landford Village Hall (M) into Hamptworth Road. Stay on this road to Bowers Hill at Redlynch (M) turning left to complete Lap One. Continue on second lap as before, till approx. two miles past Hamptworth Golf Course. Turn Left (M) into Vicarage Road, Lover and continue left(M) at Redlynch Village Hall into School Road to bear into Whiteshoot passing Lover Sign to FINISH on climb 300 metres short of junction with B3080 at Woodfalls.

Sunday 6th October
9.01am – Circuit of Fritham 37km
START south of Traffic Lights at Trafalgar School Entrance on A338 at Downton. Continue on A338 to Ivy Lane, Blashford. Turn Left (M) (Sharp Bend and Narrow Road) (9.5 miles). Continue to end of Ivy Lane (M), Turn left (10.25 miles) after approx 0.5 mile, turn right (M). Continue straight on pass the Red Shoot Public House, continue to next road junction, Turn Left (M) (Junction sign-posted Stoney Cross), continue to next junction , turn left (M) continue to fork left (M) to Nomansland Crossroads, turn left (M) (19 miles) onto B3078 to next junction (M) (20.4 miles) turn Right onto B3080 (sign posted Downton/Hale/Woodfalls), continue on B3080 through Woodfalls to finish on Lode Hill at entrance to Excess Engineering (23.1 miles)


1 Richard Blake Antelope Racing Team A 1.01/9.01
2 John Sanchz-Bisson Crabwood C.C. E 1.02/9.02
3 Bob Tyrrell Dursley R.C. D 1.03/9.03
4 Michael Horsman Gloucester City C.C. C 1.04/9.04
5 Richard Burch Sotonia C.C. B 1.05/9.05
6 Megan Doolan Southampton Uni R.C. L 1.06/9.06
7 Roy Jones V.C.Montpellier B 1.07/9.07
8 Stewart Ward New Forest C.C. M 1.08/9.08
9 Phil Wilks Sotonia C.C. M 1.09/9.09
10 Dave (Gary) White Lookalike C.C. B 1.10/9.10
11 Patrick Walters New Forest C.C. B 1.11/9.11
12 Alica Love Southampton Uni R.C. L 1.12/9.12
13 Carl Silver Bournemouth Jubilee A 1.13/9.13
14 Ed Rowe Sotonia C.C. Jun 1.14/9.14
15 Dan Moore Take 3 R.T. M 1.15/9.15
16 John Webber Unattached B 1.16/9.16
17 Toby Hood Bournemouth Jubilee M 1.17/9.17
18 Becky Bellworthy Southampton Uni R.C. L 1.18/9.18
19 James Chant Gillingham & District Whls A 1.19/9.19
20 Tim Lee Unattached A 1.20/9.20
21 Sam Dorkings Charlotteville C.C. Sen 1.21/9.21
22 Adel Tyson-Bloor Mule Bar Fuel/Sigma Sport L 1.22/9.22
23 Rupert Silman Bournemouth Jubilee M 1.23/9.23
24 Dan Edwards Sotonia C.C. Sen 1.24/9.24
25 James Ash Rock N Road Performance Sen 1.25/9.25
26 Mike Cooke Nottingham Clarion Sen 1.26/9.26
27 Thomas Key Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 1.27/9.27
28 Hugo Walters New Forest C.C. Sen 1.28/9.28
29 David Lugton Portsdown Hill C.C. M 1.29/9.29
30 Henry Nelson Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 1.30/9.30
31 Pete Carter Unattached A 1.31/9.31
32 Andrew Tinkler Portsdown Hill C.C. Sen 1.32/9.32
33 Henry Nixon Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 1.33/9.33
34 Nick O`Hara New Forest C.C. B 1.34/9.34
35 Colin Dixon Portsdown Hill C.C. B 1.35/9.35
36 George Crammond Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 1.36/9.36
37 Stewart Peckham New Forest C.C. Sen 1.37/9.37
38 Chris Martin Portsdown Hill C.C. Sen 1.38/9.38
39 Scott Michaels Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 1.39/9.39
40 Julian Lockwood Unattached B 1.40/9.40
41 Tom Bandy Portsdown Hill C.C. Sen 1.41/9.41
42 Christopher Brooks Southampton Uni R.C. M 1.42/9.42
43 Robert Fryer Portsdown Hill C.C. Sen 1.43/9.43
44 Andrew Lockwood Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 1.44/9.44
45 Arthur Waghorn Unattached D 1.45/9.45
46 Colin Mooney Portsdown Hill C.C. M 1.46/9.46
47 Will Griffiths Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 1.47/9.47
48 Simon Barnes G.A.Cycles C 1.48/9.48
49 Kevin Smith Mapperley C.C. B 1.49/9.49
50 George Smith Gillingham & District Whls Jun 1.50/9.50
51 Barney Cox Hammond Cycles Sen 1.51/9.51
52 Steve Wood Antelope Racing Team C 1.52/9.52
53 James Peckham Sotonia C.C. Sen 1.53/9.53
54 James Hywel-Davies Gillingham &District Whls Jun 1.54/9.54
55 Oli Emmans Antelope Racing Team B 1.55/9.55
56 James Thomas Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 1.56/9.56
57 Gary Allan G.A.Cycles C 1.57/9.57
58 Edmond Leeming Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 1.58/9.58
59 Ray Claridge G.A.Cycles A 1.59/9.59
60 Christopher Bulstrode Peter Hansford Cycles E 2.00/10.00
61 Jay Hunter Sotonia C.C. Sen 2.01/10.01
62 Brook Elgie Peter Hansford Cycles M 2.02/10.02
63 Charlie Leech Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 2.03/10.03
64 Ray Hughes Clarence Wheelers D 2.04/10.04
65 Matthew Posner Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 2.05/10.05
66 Andy Bryson Peter Hansford Cycles M 2.06/10.06
67 Chris Tomsett Southampton Uni R.C. Sen 2.07/10.07
68 Harry Bulstrode Peter Hansford Cycles M 2.08/10.08

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