Report – Day 3 World Masters


Day 3 of the 2014 UCI World Track Cycling Masters World Championships saw eight new champions crowned at the Manchester Velodrome

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Report – Day 3 World Masters

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2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships – Day 3
October 4-11, 2014 | 430 riders from 33 countries

Day 3 of the 2014 UCI World Track Cycling Masters World Championships saw eight new champions crowned at the Manchester Velodrome after a day of racing on the boards which are the home of Team GB.

Fittingly then it was a day for the British masters riders to celebrate as well with five Gold medals whilst the USA had two and France one.


As well as Gold medals, there were records broken and a new event in the programme for women, the Team Pursuit held for the first time. This was due to be a test event in this year’s championships but with seven teams entered, and the women showing some disappointment at not being eligible for medals, there was a call to the UCI where the event was ratified at the last minute as a championship.

So the seven teams with names as imaginative as Green Eggs & Ham, Aussie Interstators and One Day Wonders went into qualifying today knowing there was a World title on the line. Fastest in the first round were Murphys Law from Britain with Janet Birkmyre, Niki Kovacs & Melanie Sneddon and they went on to win the Gold later that evening.

The second fastest team in qualifying, Green Eggs & Ham (GB) comprising Madeline Moore, Jayne Paine and Caroline Harding were the Silver medal winners whilst there was an upset in the fight for Bronze.

Third Fastest Celtic Cailini from Ireland came up against the USA trio (fourth fastest in qualifying) and with the American’s riding a better technical race, they put five seconds into the Irish team to win the Bronze and join the two British teams on the first ever Women’s Team Pursuit Podium at a world masters event.

Scratch Races
The night saw three bunch races for the more elderly age groups and the best of them was the 70-74 event where the race split and split again and a selection was made at the front. From that, Geoff Cooke (GBR), riding a brilliant race, made no mistake to win his 29th World Masters title from Michael Williams of the USA and former British pro in the 70’s, and still a force in vets races, Geoff Wiles.

The win by Gerard Louis Robert of France in the 65-69 event was just as decisive. A crash six laps from the end delayed the final rush to the line whilst the track was repaired. Once the gun went to signal a restart, the riders were soon up to speed. Leading out with a lap to go, the Frenchman not only held off any challengers on his wheel but actually gapped them to win by ten lengths or more.

The final bunch race was for the eldest category of over 75s and showing no slowing down despite their age, the fittest of the category were soon laying down the power on the boards and by the time the final half dozen laps were reached, there were only nine or so riders in contention.

The medals were decided in another rush to the line on the last lap and first to get to it was James Closs of the USA from the consistently successful Brian Darcey with Aussie Rod Wagner in third.

Against the Watch
The rest of the races on the night were against the watch. In the Men’s 60-64 Pursuit, over 2000 metres (8 laps) it was a 1-2 for the British riders. Thirteen riders rocked up in qualifying with eventual champion Humphreys fastest by over four seconds on Steve Davies, who despite not doing a lot of track work, was still in fine form.

2014_WORLDMASTERS_steve davies 60-64 Report

Silver for Steve Davies

The two met in the final that evening and Humphreys went half a second slower but was still almost seven seconds to the good of the time of Davies who came away with Silver. In the bronze medal ride off, Michael Birditt raced British rider Richard Williams and it was the American who was strongest, finishing with a time of 2.31.840 to Williams’ 2.35.059.

The Men’s 55-59 Individual Pursuit saw sixteen riders take to the track in qualifying and fastest of these was Larry Nolan of the USA, almost two seconds quicker than Canadian Stephane Le Beau. The other two to get through from the qualifiers were James Host of the USA and Australian Lewis Marshall.

In the final, the margin between Nolan and Le Beau in qualifying was an indicator of who was the fastest and so it proved. Nolan simply put the hammer down even harder and not only went quicker with a winning margin of almost four seconds over Le Bueu but Nolan also set a new World’s Best of 2.19.821 for the age category.

2014_WORLDMASTERS_Mens55-59 Report

New world best and a Gold for Larry Nolan

Twenty two riders from all over the world lined up to race the Men’s 45-49 Time Trial over 750 metres or three laps of the track. British rider Neil Potter was the only one of the twenty two to get under 50 seconds with a rapid 49.508. In second was his teammate in Britain, Philip Houlton whilst the bronze went to James Lawrence.

In the 50-54 age category, there were also twenty two riders ready to challenge the clock over two laps of the track and it wasn’t until the last pairing to set off that the result was decided. Adrian Dent scorched the boards with a time of 34.577 to win the Gold a tenth ahead of South African Grenville Scullard whilst just outside the 35 second mark, Thomas Donohue of the USA was the quickest of the rest to take home the Bronze.

The other events held that day were the Men’s 35/39 40/44 sprint competition which reached the semi final stage with the medals to be decided on day 4.

Competing in the events are several riders who until only a few years ago were racing in the Olympics and includes an Olympic medallist José Antonio Escuredo. He won three silver and one bronze world championship medal and a silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics. He’s now racing in the World Masters adding prestige to his age group. Ainars Kiksis, a former European Champion, is also competing in that age category so high octane sprinting at Manchester on Day 4!


Men’s 75+ Scratch
1 James Kloss USA
2 Brian Dacey GBR
3 Rod Wagner AUS
4 Roland Crayford GBR
5 Joseph Nicolosi FRA
6 Gordon Johnston GBR
7 Derrick Woodings GBR
8 James Turner USA
9 Brian Newton GBR
10 Raymond Pelle FRA

dnf Brian Kennedy AUS
dnf Neil Orrell GBR
dnf Victor Possee GBR
dnf Laurence Rissbrook GBR

Men’s 70-74 Scratch
1. Geoffrey Cooke GBR
2. Michael Williams USA
3.G eoff Wiles GBR
4. Guido Lupo ITA
5. Peter Jenn GBR
6. David Rowe GBR
7. Peter Smith GBR
8. Paul Morphet GBR
9. John Larsen DEN
10. Peter Robertson GBR
11. Roger Langlois FRA
12. Barry Ferguson GBR
13. John Mason GBR

dnf Brian Moat GBR
dnf Clive Walmsley GBR
dnf Mike Wolstenholme GBR

Men’s 65-69 Scratch
1. Gerard Louis Robert FRA
2. Patrick Whelan USA
3. Enrique E Moyano ARG
4. Stanley Gregg USA
5. Heinz Bandener GER
6. David Mulica USA
7. David Rutherford GBR
8. Christopher Anstey CAN
9. Graham Truelove GBR
10. Dick Cubison GBR
11. Bill Cotton GBR
12. Michel Briat FRA
13. John Moss RSA
14. Colin Claxton NZL
15. Steffen Munch Hansen DEN
16. Robbie Duncan GBR
17. George Grant GBR

dnf Michael Allen GBR
dnf Bent Christiansen DEN
dnf Douglas Conroy GBR
dnf Mark Rodamaker USA

Men’s 60-64 Individual Pursuit
1. Ian Humphreys 2.28.670 GBR
2. Steve Davies GBR 2.35.161
3. Michael Birditt 2.31.840 USA
4. Richard Williams 2.35.059 GBR


1. Ian Humphreys GBR 2.28.077
2. Steve Davies GBR 2.32.571
3. Richard Williams GBR 2.33.436
4. Michael Birditt USA 2.35.799
5. Patrick Gellineau USA 2.36.530
6. Shannon Fox USA 2.36.585
7. Patrick Samson FRA 2.39.389
8. Wendell Bole RSA 2.39.913
9. Malcolm Clasohm AUS 2.42.589
10. Giuseppe Bortoliero ITA 2.47.228
11. Jean Michel Richefort FRA 2.50.327
12. Brian Jones GBR 2.53.138
13. Russ McGarry NZL 2.58.948

Men’s 55-59 Individual Pursuit
1. Larry Nolan USA 2.19.821 (World Best)
2. Stephane Le Beau CAN 2.23.740
3. James Host USA 2.25.790
4. Leiws Marshall AUS 2.28.774


1. Larry Nolan USA 2.20.649
2. Stephane Le Beau CAN 2.22.454
3. James Host USA 2.26.470
4. Lewis Marshall AUS 2.26.969
5. Graham Barclay GBR 2.27.527
6. Michael Eastwood AUS 2.28.236
7. Simon Lusk NZL 2.29.464
8. Vladimir Zyryanov RUS 2.30.999
9. Chris Davis GBR 2.31.814
10. Wally Bodin RSA 2.34.458
11. Ken Roesner GBR 2.34.521
12. George J Van Rooyen RSA 2.35.972
13. Anthony Jones GBR 2.38.166
14. Mark Minting GBR 2.42.749
15. Patrick Lemoine FRA 2.47.550
16. Anders Staack GER 2.53.341

Men’s 45-49 Time Trial
1. Neil Potter GBR 49.508
2. Philip Houlton GBR 50.204
3. James Lawrence USA 51.348
4. Brian Abers USA 51.412
5. Didier Leinenweber FRA 52.278
6. Michael Paulin USA 52.59
7. Kurt Begemann USA 52.713
8. James Tainter USA 53.105
9. Takahiko Hatano JPN 53.378
10. Fabio Alberti ITA 53.579
11. Wayne Roberts RSA 54.419
12. Paul Gittins GBR 54.546
13. Dean Padley GBR 54.817
14. Brendan Whelan IRL 54.902
15. Jean Paul Benvenuto FRA 54.928
16. Tony Brooks GBR 55.109
17. James Hollins GBR 55.561
18. Christian Dorle GER 57.247
19. Ian Barton GBR 57.304
20. Stephen Pelletier USA 57.539
21. John Hind GBR 58.097
22. Manuel Siekavizza GUA 58.849

Men’s 50-54 Time Trial
1. Adrian Dent GBR 34.577
2. Grenville Scullard RSA 34.643
3. Thomas Donohue USA 35.197
4. Alphonso Whaley USA 35.251
5. Matthew Diefenbach USA 35.55
6. Mark Wiffen GBR 35.584
7. Roberto Dardi ITA 35.686
8. Ferruccio Veschetti ITA 35.866
9. Philippe Vernet FRA 36.183
10. Mark Zambarda GBR 36.188
11. Ivor Reid GBR 36.208
12. Dominique Sioul FRA 36.612
13. Martin Pockett GBR 36.809
14. Vladimir Makeev RUS 37.002
15. Konstantin Bronnikov RUS 37.271
16. Bruno Mery FRA 37.291
17. Brian Fudge GBR 37.681
18. Edward MacInnes GBR 38.397
19. Jose Cardoso BRA 38.476
20. David Gulick USA 39.149
21. David Barnard GBR 40.245
22. Geraldo Reis BRA 41.055

Women’s Team Pursuit
1. Murphy’s Law GBR (Birkmyre, Kovacs, Sneddon) 2.29.361
2. Green Eggs & Ham GBR (Moore, Paine, Harding) 2.36.063
3. USA (Kalich, Heller, Holland) 2.36.751
4. Celtic Cailini IRE (Hendron, Kennedy, Mitchell) 2.41.001


1st Murphys Law 2.30.538
Janet Birkmyre
Melanie Sneddon
Nicki Kovacs

2nd Green Eggs & Ham 2.37.877
Madeline Moore
Jayne Paine
Caroline Harding

3rd Celtic Cailini 2.38.492
Orla Hendron
Roisin Kennedy
Susie Mitchell

4th USA 2.39.679
Jennifer Kalich
Elizabeth Heller
Annabell Holland

5th No Secret 2.41.629
Ruth Taylor
Chrissie Higgs
Elizabeth Clayton

6th Aussie Interstators 2.43.421
Rebecca Wheadon
Janelle Smith
Julie Barnett

7th One Day Wonders 2.46.838
Kellie Hards
Sharee Faulkner
Deborah Coulls

Mens Sprint 40 – 44 Years

1st Jose Escuredo ESP 10.414
2nd Ainars Kiksis LAT 10.608
3rd Harri Rajaniemi FIN 10.95
4th Gavin White AUS 11.076
5th Michael Smith AUS 11.081
6th Joseph Santaniello NOR 11.154
7th Daniel Rickard AUS 11.205
8th Aderito Da Cruz FRA 11.269
9th John Bagnall GBR 11.41
10th Christos Rantos GRE 11.45
11th Kev Babakian AUS 11.554
12th Sergio Chucoff ARG 11.645
13th John McClelland GBR 11.669
14th Tommi Nieminen FIN 11.808
15th Alessandro Picco ITA 11.81
16th Thierry Forler FRA 11.871
17th Jerome Gueret FRA 11.915
18th Andrej Wesolowski POL 11.999
19th Amaury Hernandez PUR 12.113
20th Ricardo Gomez ARG 12.211

Round 1
1. Jose Escuredo ESP 12.508
2. Ricardo Gomez ARG

1. Ainars Kiksis LAT 12.375
2. Amaury Hernandez PUR

1. Harri Rajaniemi FIN 15.712
2. Andrej Wesolowski POL

1. Gavin White AUS 12.852
2. Jerome Gueret FRA

1. Michael Smith AUS 11.716
2. Thierry Forler FRA
3. Sergio Chucoff ARG

1. Joseph Santaniello NOR 11.701
2. Kev Babakian AUS
3. Alessandro Picco ITA

1. Daniel Rickard AUS 11.914
2. Christos Rantos GRE
3. Tommi Nieminen FIN

1. Aderito Da Cruz FRA 11.715
2. John Bagnall GBR
3. John McClelland GBR

Round 1 Reps
1. John Bagnall GBR 11.724
2. Alessandro Picco ITA
3. Ricardo Gomez ARG

1. Christos Rantos GRE 11.854
2. Amaury Hernandez PUR
3. Sergio Chucoff ARG

1. Kev Babakian AUS 11.837
2. John McClelland GBR
3. Andrej Wesolowski POL

1. Tommi Nieminen FIN 12.329
2. Thierry Forler FRA
3. Jerome Gueret FRA

Round 2
1st Jose Escuredo ESP 11.898
2nd Christos Rantos GRE

1st Ainars Kiksis LAT 12.148
2nd Kev Babakian AUS

1st Harri Rajaniemi FIN 11.743
2nd Tommi Nieminen FIN

1st Gavin White AUS 12.146
2nd John Bagnall GBR

1st Michael Smith AUS 11.477
2nd Aderito Da Cruz FRA

1st Joseph Santaniello NOR 11.786
2nd Daniel Rickard AUS

Round 2 Repechage
1. Christos Rantos GRE 11.846
2. Aderito Da Cruz FRA
3. John Bagnall GBR

1. Daniel Rickard AUS 11.658
2. Tommi Nieminen FIN
DNS Kev Babakian AUS

Quarter Finals
1. Jose Escuredo ESP 11.992
2. Daniel Rickard AUS

1. Ainars Kiksis LAT 12.55
2. Christos Rantos GRE

1. Joseph Santaniello NOR 11.473
2. Harri Rajaniemi FIN

1. Michael Smith AUS 11.374
2. Gavin White AUS

Minor Final Result (5th to 8th Place)
1. Gavin White AUS 11.571
2. Harri Rajaniemi FIN
3. Daniel Rickard AUS
4. Christos Rantos GRE

Mens Sprint 35 – 39 Years

200m Qualifying Time Trial

1st Dario Zampieri ITA 10.827
2nd Adam Welch GBR 11.134
3rd Lauri Arte FIN 11.168
4th Estevam Mancini BRA 11.266
5th Martin Lonie GBR 11.364
6th Julien Muselet FRA 11.562
7th Geoffroy Soulaine FRA 11.601
8th Sebastien Thery FRA 11.737
9th Andy Stuart GBR 11.86
10th Fabio Rossetto BRA 11.918
11th Vincent Kerfourn FRA 12.108
12th Seb Horner GBR 12.15
13th Christopher Holt GBR 12.191
14th Bruno Tanjon FRA 12.48

Round 1
1st Dario Zampieri ITA 11.759
2nd Bruno Tanjon FRA

1st Adam Welch GBR 11.719
2nd Christopher Holt GBR

1st Lauri Arte FIN 11.63
2nd Seb Horner GBR

1st Estevam Mancini BRA 11.439
2nd Vincent Kerfourn FRA

1st Martin Lonie GBR 12.019
2nd Fabio Rossetto BRA
3rd Sebastien Thery FRA

1st Julien Muselet FRA 12.141
2nd Geoffroy Soulaine FRA
3rd Andy Stuart GBR

Round 1 Repechages
1st Vincent Kerfourn FRA
2nd Fabio Rossetto BRA
3rd Bruno Tanjon FRA
4th Andy Stuart GBR

1st Geoffroy Soulaine FRA
2nd Sebastien Thery FRA
3rd Seb Horner GBR
4th Christopher Holt GBR
Round 2
Not Held

Quarter Finals
Not Held

Minor Final (5th to 8th Place)
1st Lauri Arte FIN 11.906
2nd Vincent Kerfourn FRA
3rd Martin Lonie GBR
4th Geoffroy Soulaine FRA


UCI World Masters Track Championships at Manchester’s National Cycling Centre on October 4th and each day until Saturday October 11th. 430 riders are entered from 33 countries. Full information is at the championships web site

Tickets are on sale on the web site and will also be available at the velodrome.

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Twitter: @masterstrack

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