Report – Scottish Cyclo-Cross Opener


Record breaking field 469 riders for the Ridley Scottish Cyclo-Cross opening event where Rob Wardell ruled at Callendar Park

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Report – Scottish Cyclo-Cross Opener

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Words: John McComisky | Images: Martin Young

Round One of the Ridley Scottish Cyclocross Series ensconced itself to an autumnal and picturesque setting of Callendar Park this weekend (Oct 5th). Event organisers Franco Porco and a David Lines, as well as a strong support team put on an incredibly fast and exciting course, with many additions to the previous years event which featured switchbacks and drops, swoops and slick turns taking in the natural landscape of the Falkirk venue.


These features were mated with the new for 2014 event the Ridley Steps, which offered the riders the choice of running or in some cases riding the feature. Before the racing had even started in earnest, the organisers were proud to announce a record breaking field 469 riders, 89 of them Female, had signed up for a Scottish Series event.

The course held up well despite some overnight rain, and the scene was set for a race and venue that is more than capable of putting on British National Trophy and indeed International events in the future.

In the Senior event, World Cup Mountain biker Rab Wardell (OrangeMonkey Pro Team) was soon at the thick end of the proceedings, along with event organiser Lines (Starley Primal), this pairing put the hammer down early on to shake off the attentions of an impressive Jack Ravenscroft (Thomson Cycles) and a fast starting Callum MacGowan (Alpine Bikes).

The full out riding of Wardell and Lines looked set to go down to a sprint finish in the sixty minute race until Lines un-shipped his chain on one of the many technical features and and despite raucous support from his home crowd, was unable to make inroads to the on form Wardell.


Behind all this drama Ravenscroft secured the last step of the podium despite a mid race collision and a welcome return of James McCallum (NFTO Pro Cycling) in fourth, who is sure to feature strongly in the upcoming series events this year.

The Veteran 40 class had the strongest field of the day with one hundred and ten riders taking to the grid, which included reigning Ridley Series Senior winner Colin May,who has moved up a category to take on the might of Gary McCrae, John McCaffery, Alan Lamont and event co organiser Franco Porco (Leslie Bikes/ Bikers Boutique).

From the crowded and manic start, McCrae soon dispensed with the attentions of May and Glasgow United’s wrecking crew of James Melville, Hans Forhaug and Stevie Jackson, and set into a race pace that saw him lap almost half the field before race end. Twenty seconds down was an impressive Colin May who divides his time between cycling and driving one of Edinburgh’s trams, and a strong ride from Forhaug who was top United rider on the day.

The Veteran 50/ Women/Junior race which is run as a split category saw Brenden Roe (Leslie Bikes/Bikers Boutique have to work hard after a fall to see off the attentions of Alastair Dow (Ronde) who really took the race to the reigning Scottish Champion, and an impressive ride from Malcolm Dunlop (VC Edinburgh) .


The fastest Juniors though, would end up first across the line however in the shape of Andrew Vettraino, with local rider Jamie Mason having to give best on the day. Really worthy of note though is the lap times of the Junior riders, both of these lads are more than capable of riding in the Senior class with distinction.

In the the Women’s class, Anne Ewing (WV Breda) added some International flavour to the race by putting the hurt into a twenty eight strong field who took to the parcour, Ewing, fresh from stage racing in Ireland was soon in charge of the class and finished comfortably in front of Kerry McPhee (Rock and Road), another rider with a fine pedigree in International racing, with the last spot on the podium going to the impressive Lucy Grant (Peebles CC).

In the Veteran Female category, a fine ride was had by former Scottish Time Trial Champion Sian Tovey (Dooleys Cycles) who is looking like a rider to watch this year for overall honours.

The Kids and Youth events, also had a fantastic turnout in all the classes, it is such a heartening sight to see the the future stars of cycling, having a safe and well organised arena to ply their skills in the setting of the park and Central Region.

After all the mud had stopped flying, the organisers were quick to acknowledge the continued support of Ridley, Lazer Helmets and Madison, who really have enhanced Cyclocross in Scotland. Additional race sponsors on the day in the shape of Sufferfest Training, Wheelsmith, Andrew Wilson at Visual Fit, Soigneur Embrocation and Grange Kitchen are worthy too of mention in supporting grass roots cycling events.

There is also a lot of credit due to the team at Falkirk Community Trust who have liaised with a great team of ground staff to help put on what many see as the best ever event held in Scotland.

1 Robert Wardell
2 David Lines
3 Jack Ravenscroft
4 James McCallum
5 Steven Halsall
6 Sean Clark
7 Gary MacDonald
8 Graeme Warren
9 Tom Owens
10 Scott Logan
11 Jordan Doig
12 Calum Macgowan
13 Gavin McDougall
14 Paul Carmichael
15 Graeme Cross
16 Stuart Dun
17 Neil Scott
18 Brian McCardle
19 Ian Dunlop
20 Craig Adams
21 Roger Campbell-Crawford
22 Richard McDonald
23 David Atkinson
24 Lauri Peil
25 Brian Duncan
26 Jonathan Goldstraw
27 Addy Pope
28 John-Paul Baxter
29 Stephen Couper
30 Craig Owen
31 Eoghan Maguire
32 Kieran Stirling
33 Steven Turbitt
34 Allan Love
35 Scott Kerr
36 Jonathan Herbert
37 Greig Baird
38 David Hamill
39 Owen Philipson
40 Peter Ross
41 Colin Sergeant
42 Brian Traynor
43 Scott Denny
44 Tom Blankenstein
45 Craig Webster
46 Richard Lord
47 David Glover
48 Kevin Pugh
49 Paul Petrie
50 Michael Walker
51 Russell Craig
52 David MacNeil
53 John Huston
54 Russell Duncan
55 Calum Ridout
56 Christopher Johnson
57 Lorne Ralston
58 Stephen Collins
59 Alan Knox
60 Graham Trousdale
61 Jack Davison
62 John McCracken
63 Saul Ayton
64 Andrew Birkett
65 Andrew Scouller
66 Graham paton
67 Ed Vickers
68 Graeme Duncan
69 Nick McCue
70 Aaron Outhwaite
71 Gordon Macrae
72 Simon Needham
73 Kevin Blundell
74 Raymond Harper
75 Garry Nicol
76 John Macarthur
77 Scott Shaw
78 Barry McCleery
79 Lewis Clark
80 Jason McCulloch

Women Vets50+ Juniors
1 Andrew Vettraino
2 Jamie Mason
3 Brendan Roe
4 Alistair Dow
5 Malcolm Dunlop
6 Brian Nicholas
7 Anne Ewing
8 Rhys Donnelly
9 Mark Barnett
10 Conor Nally
11 Kerry MacPhee
12 Alistair Merry
13 Euan Ritchie
14 William Young
15 Lucy Grant
16 Robert Bloor
17 Madeleine Robinson
18 Andrew Short
19 Colin Shearer
20 William McCord
21 Dougie Carchrie
22 Calum Grant
23 Allan James
24 Neil Raitt
25 Stephen Walker
26 Sian Tovey
27 Mona Petrie
28 Ryan Glasgow
29 Jeremy Toy
30 James O’Kane
31 Jack Savage
32 Alan Wilson
33 Brenda Callander
34 Erika Allen
35 Kate Carmichael
36 Andrew Bothwell
37 Alan Shanley
38 Jon Hook
39 Robert Earp
40 Howard Perkins
41 Chris Duncan
42 Norman Skene
43 Kevin Sabiston
44 Peter Laing
45 Lyndsey Carson
46 Marie Meldrum
47 Graeme Scott
48 Emma Borthwick
49 Stuart Gough
50 Ainsley Turbitt
51 James Jackson
52 Anne Chisholm
53 Catherine Logan
54 Mike Ferguson
55 Lorna Sloan
56 Katherine Simpson
57 Philippa Samphier
58 Robert Armitage
59 Chris Farrell
60 Emma Bean
61 John Myerscough
62 Katie Newlands
63 Carina Convery
64 Tabitha Ewing
65 James MacLaren
66 Alistair Ross
67 Sharon O’leary
68 Gary Smith
69 Kirsty Duncan
70 Sarah Barry
71 Geraldine Ward
72 Susan Pryde
73 Kate Kitchin
74 Caroline Lukes
75 Fiona Walker

Vets 40-49
1 Gary McCrae
2 Colin May
3 Hans Forhaug
4 Stephen Jackson
5 John McCaffery
6 Colin Bain
7 James Melville
8 Gordon Chisholm
9 Barry McGuire
10 Franco Porco
11 Alister Watt
12 Paul McInally
13 Michael Nally
14 John Woodrow
15 Martin Ferry
16 David Lindsay
17 Steve Nicholson
18 Jonathan Buckley
19 Troy Fraske
20 John Owen
21 Crawford Carrick-Anderson
22 Gordon Dickson
23 Stephen McDowall
24 Alan Picken
25 Gavin May
26 Gordon Traynor
27 Andrew Isherwood
28 George Roberts
29 Fraser Moore
30 Gary Beall
31 Andrew Kitchin
32 Nathan Beard
33 David Lindsay
34 Adrian Wallis
35 Craig Kidd
36 Alastair Little
37 Iain McMullen
38 Gary Robson
39 Malcolm Cooper
40 Paul Gibson
41 Fraser Waters
42 Ronald Barker
43 Ross Black
44 John McLaggan
45 Keith Mailer
46 Kelvin White
47 Simon Fagan
48 Anthony Jones
49 Matthew Smith
50 Chris Marquis
51 Andrew Bell
52 John McComisky
53 Simon Kenny
54 Gary Johnstone
55 David Mason
56 Andy Brewster
57 Christopher Wilkinson
58 Russell Stout
59 Iain Macleod
60 Nigel Holl
61 Jerome Finlayson
62 Colin Murray
63 Scott Glasgow
64 Ben Ulyatt
65 Martin Steele
66 Allan Dawson
67 Mike Lynch
68 Kenny Lind
69 Kenneth Morrice
70 David Borland
71 Roddy Fawbert
72 Paul Hutton
73 Tom Barr
74 Ian Churcher
75 Cameron Weir
76 John Reid
77 Sean Webster
78 James Goldie
79 David Hordon
80 Jason Lindsay
81 Gordon Watt
82 Colin Moulson
83 Alastair Chisholm
84 Nick Rowan
85 Alan Lamont
86 Robert Kelly
87 Russell Mowat
88 Gavin Dunmall
89 William Young
90 Lindsay McGarvie
91 Neil Mackay
92 Tim Fuller
93 Iain Grant
94 Stephen Harkins
95 Gary Douglas
96 Joseph Fee
97 Paul Davies
98 Paul Freeman
99 Calum Punton
100 Ian Hill
101 Mark Snowden
102 Darren Gilchrist
103 Brian Mccutcheon
104 Gareth Edwards
105 Chris Rowlands
106 Derek Forsyth
107 Scott Walkingshaw
108 Michael Stewart

1 Anne Ewing (WV Breda) 47:34
2 Kerry MacPhee (Rock and Road Cycles) at 41 seconds
3 Lucy Grant (Peebles CC) at 1:30

Veteran 40-49
1 Gary McCrae (Leslie Bike Shop) 43:19
2 Colin May (VC Edinburgh) at four seconds
3 Hans Forhaug (Glasgow United CC) at 26 seconds

Veteran 50+
1 Brendan Roe (Leslie Bike Shop) 46:43
2 Alistair Dow (Ronde Cycling Club) at 13 seconds
3 Malcolm Dunlop (VC Edinburgh) at 45 seconds

Veteran Women
1 Sian Tovey (Dooleys Cycles) 44:15
2 Brenda Callander (Stirling Bike Club) at 44 seconds
3 Anne Chisholm (Perth United CC) at 4:15

Junior Men
1 Andrew Vettraino (Glasgow Riderz) 46 minutes
2 Jamie Mason (West Lothian Clarion CC) at 17 seconds
3 Rhys Donnelly (Edinburgh RC) at 01:37

Junior Women
1 Erika Allen (Team Thomsons Cycles) 45:17
2 Emma Borthwick (Edinburgh RC) at 2:52
3 Philippa Samphier (Stirling Bike Club) at 4:36

1 Conner Johnstone
2 Joe Nally
3 Sean Flynn
4 Struan Pryde
5 Jamie Johnston
6 Calum Shackley
7 Alfred George
8 Charlie Johnston
9 Cameron Mason
10 Stephen Dent
11 Jack Cruden
12 Alexander MacRae
13 Charlie Aldridge
14 Innes Johnston
15 Callum Cooper
16 Hamish MacLaren
17 Rory McGuire
18 Alexander Dent
19 Christopher Hordon
20 Anna McGorum
21 Keir Robb
22 Anna Flynn
23 Finley Atterton
24 Sean Dupree
25 Ishbel Strathdee
26 Maximilian Bloor
27 Conor Stevenson
28 Anna Shackley
29 Kyle Thomas
30 Logan Maclean
31 Jenny Holl
32 Alexander Ball
33 Sorley Johnston
34 Louisa Watt
35 Cameron Mellis
36 Oran McConville
37 Eleanor Strathdee
38 Niamh Doherty
39 Aaron King
40 Toby Dawson
41 Harry McGarvie
42 Tormod Doherty
43 Georgia Ferry
44 Daniel McGarrie
45 Estelle Fuller
46 Rhona Samphier
47 Alison Bryce
48 Robert Brewer
49 Andrew Oxley
50 Emily Wilkinson
51 Aidan Carlin
52 Kieran Ballard
53 Findlay Webster
54 Nia Struthers
55 Beth Wilson
56 Joseph Crawley
57 Iona Pryde
58 Connor Emordy
59 George Freeman
60 Kyle Harvey

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