Report – World Masters Day 6


Six World titles were awarded on day 6 of the 2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at the Manchester Velodrome

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Report – World Masters Day 6

2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships – Day 6

October 4-11, 2014 | 430 riders from 33 countries


Six World titles were awarded on day 6 of the 2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at the Manchester Velodrome with British riders dominating the top step of the podium with four of the six titles. The other two went to the USA and Germany. Great Britain now leads the medal table.


Geoff Cooke got Day 6 off to a flying start with a successful World Record attempt. Covering the two laps of the track in 37.337, Cooke averaged just under 30 mph (29.956) – not bad for a 70 year old!

Team Sprint
The USA trio of Voss, Sato and Wolkoff struck Gold in this three lap sprint of the track in a race against the GB A team of Williams, Cronshaw and Wilkinson. After having qualified a second faster in qualifying, the USA trio were favourites and they didn’t let themselves down covering three laps in 50 seconds for the second time on the day.


Winners were the team from the USA


The bronze was a battle between the Aussies (above)  (Willmott, Mandy and Zivanovic) and another team from the USA (Seiken, Host and Thiele) and after there was only tenths between them in the morning qualifying, the Aussies came out ready to take the race on and their margin of victory was also over a second on their rivals from the USA.

The other team sprint event was the Women’s one where eleven teams rocked up for the event. It was not to be the Aussies day though as two of their teams including the third fastest one, were relegated for illegal changes. That was cruel luck for riders having travelled halfway round the world.

Fastest qualifiers were Chasing Rainbows (Birkmyre & Chisholm) from Britain a good half a second or more faster than another British team called Sister Act (Cooper & Capewell). They qualified for the Gold Silver rider off whilst Team 1920 (Van Herrikhuyzen & Criglington) from Holland and Australia (Wheadon/Barnett) were the next fastest and would fight over the Bronze medal in the evening session.

First on the track were Team 1920 and Australia and it was the Dutch pairing who were quickest on the two lap dash of the track and got to take home a Bronze medal for winning that race. The final for Gold was a much closer race with Chasing Rainbows winning but only by just over a tenth of a second to the other British pairing Sister Act.

Team Pursuit
Only five teams were at qualifying for this event with one of them to miss out on the chance for riding for a medal in the evening. That team turned out to be Argentina who were fifth. Fastest was a team from Sydney (Australia) called Bicisport (Austin, Glanville, Arancibia & McArdle) who were a few tenths quicker than British quartet Bush Healthcare (Postle, Notley, Holland-Leader and Elliott) and with both teams having riders in good form, the final was expected to be a cracker.


Later that evening, the four fastest teams from the morning clashed and the Bronze medal ride was dominated by Paris France (Muselet, Redondo, Dhinnin & Martin) who got with ten metres of catching the other quartet from Britain; South & North Combi (Stuart, Streather, Bishop & Withington). So with France having the Bronze, the big questions was, who would take the Gold – Australia or GB?

There have been many big battles between the nations over the years at many levels and in many sports and the Brits put in John McClelland for Holland-Leader to give them a pair of fresh legs and how that showed in the final.

Getting up to speed quickly, the Brits were soon applying the pressure and the Aussies soon started to buckle under that pressure of a British team gaining rapidly on them. Eventually Bush Healthcare turned that two tenths deficit in the morning to a six second win in the final to win the Gold. They were not only quick in time but visually looked the business and technically well drilled. Some time went into getting that right!


The British quintet on the podium after winning the World title with fast and well drilled performance on the track


The Aussies were fastest in qualifying but were unable to match the speed of the Brits in the final

Points Races
One of the most exciting races of the week was this in the 45-49 age category for Men. Kurt Begemann, who hails from Zimbabwe but lives in the USA, was off the front more than he was in the peloton and in a late move in a break of three, he scored enough points to give him a four point lead with just one sprint left.


45-49 Mens Points race podium –  L-R: Kurt Begemann, Elliot Davis & Germany’s Thomas Kapuste

Sadly for him, it wasn’t enough though as his nearest rival, Britain’s Elliot Davis came back to the Boston based rider with what was left of the peloton and whilst Begemann was gassed from his time off the front, Davis took full advantage to win the final sprint and with Begemann not scoring points at all in the final dash for the line, Davis won the title by a solitary point. Second overall was Begemann with Germany’s Thomas Kapuste third.

In the other Points race (Men’s 50-54), Germany’s Michael Blasczyk showed his delight at winning the title by leaping into the air on the podium to celebrate his victory over the rider who defeated him in the Scratch race, Denmark’s Andreas Hartkopp. Those two are clearly the strongest in the category with a title and silver medal between them in both the bunch races. Third in the Points race was Miguel Droguett of Chile.



Philip Houlton beats  Brian Abers in the final of the Men’s 45-49 Sprint.

The final medals were decided in the Men’s 45-49 Sprint where in the semi finals, teammates Neil Potter and Philip Houlton met in the first one where it took three matches to decide who would ride for the Gold. They were the two quickest riders on the track but only one was going to get the chance for Gold.

Houlton won the first match but Potter hit back in the second before Houlton won the decider. In the other semi, it was more straight forward with James Lawrence (USA) the winner from fellow countryman Brian Abers in two straight matches.

The finals were more straight forward with Houlton winning his Gold medal in two straight rides and his teammate Potter doing likewise in the battle for the Bronze.


Above: 50-54 Men’s Points race L-R  Andreas Hartkopp, Michael Blasczyk and Miguel Droguett 

Gold Medal Winners
Female Team Sprint Chasing Rainbows GBR Birkmyre, Chisholm
M55-64 Team Sprint SVW Express USA Voss, Sato, Wolkoff
M35-44 Team Pursuit Bush Healthcare GBR Postle, Notley, McClelland, Elliott
M45-49 points race Elliot Davis GBR
M45-49 sprint Philip Houlton GBR
M50-54 points race Michael Blasczyk GER

1. GBR 18
2. USA 17
3. DEN 5
4. AUS 4
5. FRA 3
6. ITA 2
7. LAT 1
8. NZL 1
9. AUD 1
10. NED 1
11. ESP 1
12. FIN 1
13. GER 1
14. IRL 1


Mens Sprint 45 – 49 Years
Semi Finals Result
1. Philip Houlton GBR 11.48 11.789
2. Neil Potter GBR 11.654

1. Brian Abers USA 12.581 11.997 –
2. James Lawrence USA


For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Philip Houlton GBR 11.459 11.569 –
2. Brian Abers USA

For 3rd & 4th Place
3. Neil Potter GBR 11.579 12.657 –
4. James Lawrence USA

Men 45 – 49 Points Race

Final – 20 Km (80 Laps)
1 Elliot Davis GBR 16pts
2 Kurt Begemann USA 15pts
3 Thomas Kapuste GER 12pts
4 Roberto Salvadeo ITA 8pts
5 German Cassani ARG 8pts
6 Luca Agostino Salvadeo ITA 7pts
7 Daniel Casper USA 5pts
8 Alun Owen GBR 3pts
9 Paul Whatmough GBR 3pts
10 Eric Bonneau FRA 2pts
11 Giuseppe Ravasio ITA 2pts
12 Takahiko Hatano JPN 1pt
13 Nick Abraham GBR 1pt
14 Christopher Pyatt GBR
15 Juan Carlos Bosmediano ECU
16 Liam Curran IRL
17 Glenn O’Brien GBR
18 Ian Whittell GBR
19 David Klipper USA
20 Jean-Philippe Meret FRA
21 Brian Haas USA
dnf Timothy Lawson GBR
dnf Johannes Roux GBR
dnf Jean Paul Benvenuto FRA
Race Time: 25.04

Qualification Heats – 10 Km (40 Laps)

Heat 1 Result
1st Thomas Kapuste GER 8pts
2nd Luca Agostino Salvadeo ITA 7pts
3rd Giuseppe Ravasio ITA 7pts
4th Timothy Lawson GBR 5pts
5th Kurt Begemann USA 5pts
6th German Cassani ARG 4pts
7th Nick Abraham GBR 4pts
8th Brian Haas USA 3pts
9th Glenn O’Brien GBR 1pt
10th David Klipper USA
11th Eric Bonneau FRA
12th Johannes Roux GBR
13th Alan Davies GBR
dnf Brendan Whelan IRL
dnf Fabio Alberti ITA
dnf Marco Bergoni ITA
Race Time 12:37

Heat 2 Result
1st Elliot Davis GBR
2nd Juan Carlos Bosmediano ECU 10
3rd Jean-Philippe Meret FRA 10
4th Alun Owen GBR 10
5th Daniel Casper USA
6th Takahiko Hatano JPN
7th Roberto Salvadeo ITA
8th Christopher Pyatt GBR
9th Paul Whatmough GBR
10th Liam Curran IRL
11th Ian Whittell GBR
12th Jean Paul Benvenuto FRA
13th Aidan Reade IRL
14th Simon Best GBR
dnf Stephen Campbell GBR
dnf Wayne Roberts RSA
Race Time 12:46

Men 50 – 54 Points Race 15 Km (60 Laps)
1. Michael Blasczyk GER 15pts
2. Andreas Hartkopp DEN 10pts
3. Miguel Droguett CHI 8pts
4. Colin Parkinson GBR 7pts
5. Ricardo Pereyra ARG 6pts
6. Michel Lacouline CAN 5pts
7. Peter Ettles GBR 4pts
8. Peter Toth CAN 4pts
9. Geoffrey Baxter AUS 3pts
10. Courtney Rowe GBR 3pts
11. Mark Wiffen GBR 1pt
12. Stephen Clayton GBR
13. Andrew Nevitt USA
14. Dave Maminski USA
15. Jose Cardoso BRA
16. Ralph Carter GBR
17. Jerry Cross GBR
18. Kenny Gray GBR
19. Ian Greenstreet GBR
20. Nigel Stephens GBR
21. Philippe Corvaisier FRA
22. David Gulick USA -10 -10pts
dnf 237 Francis Bruderer GUA
Race Time: 19:09

Qualification Heats – 10 Km (40 Laps)

Heat 1 – Result
1st Geoffrey Baxter AUS 11pts
2nd Courtney Rowe GBR 10 10pts
3rd Colin Parkinson GBR 8pts
4th Nigel Stephens GBR 5pts
5th Philippe Corvaisier FRA 5pts
6th Ralph Carter GBR 5pts
7th Peter Ettles GBR 5pts
8th Kenny Gray GBR 3pts
9th Andrew Nevitt USA 1pt
10th David Gulick USA
11th Dave Maminski USA
dnf Adrian Ward GBR
dnf Andrew Ballentyne GBR
dnf Philippe Vernet FRA
dnf Barry Hughes GBR
Race Time: 13:37

Heat 2 – Result
1st Miguel Droguett CHI 11pts
2nd Andreas Hartkopp DEN 6pts
3rd Ricardo Pereyra ARG 5pts
4th Michael Blasczyk GER 5pts
5th Peter Toth CAN 3pts
6th Jose Cardoso BRA 3pts
7th Stephen Clayton GBR 3pts
8th Mark Wiffen GBR 3pts
9th Francis Bruderer GUA 3pts
10th Ian Greenstreet GBR 2pts
11th Michel Lacouline CAN
12th Jerry Cross GBR
13th Geraldo Reis BRA
dnf Cecil Bernard USA
dnf Tony Orrell GBR

Mens Team Pursuit 35 – 44 Years


1. Bush Healthcare 3.18.338
Matt Postle, James Notley, John McClelland, Ben Elliott (James Holland-Leader)

2. Bicisport Australia 3.24.460
Jayson Austin, Matthew Glanville, Alex Arancibia, Richard McArdle

3. Paris France 3.20.535
Julien Muselet, Bruno Redondo, Mickael Dhinnin, Frederic Martin

4. South & North Combi 3.28.337
Andy Stuart, Jason Streather, Robert Bishop, Neil Withington

Qualification Round – 3000m (12 Laps)
1st Bicisport Australia 3.21.954
Jayson Austin, Matthew Glanville, Alex Arancibia, Richard McArdle

2nd Bush Healthcare 3.22.299
Matt Postle, James Notley, James Holland-Leader, Ben Elliott

3rd Paris France 3.25.390
Julien Muselet, Bruno Redondo, Mickael Dhinnin, Frederic Martin

4th South & North Combi 3.30.703
Andy Stuart, Jason Streather, Robert Bishop, Neil Withington

5th Team Argentina 3.33.984
German Cassani, Hugo Alfredo Auge, Sergio Adrian Chucoff, Rolando Horacio Ahumada

Men Team Sprint 55 – 64 Years

1. SVW Express USA 50.068
Richard Voss Jay Wolkoff, Kurt Sato

2. GB “A” 51.291
Keith Williams, Steve Cronshaw, Steve Wilkinson

2. Ancient Antipodeans 51.217
David Willmott, Gary Mandy, John Zivanovic

4. USA – 1 52.486
Aron Seiken, James Host, James Thiele

Qualification Round
1st SVW Express USA 50.041
Richard Voss, Jay Wolkoff, Kurt Sato

2nd GB “A” 51.307
Keith Williams, Steve Cronshaw, Steve Wilkinson

3rd Ancient Antipodeans 51.773
David Willmott, Gary Mandy, John Zivanovic

4th USA – 1 51.970
Aron Seiken, James Host, James Thiele

5th Captain Hook & the Pirates 53.585
David Smith, Paul Sydenham, Phil McWilliam

6th Out of Africa 55.738
Lee Kane, Wendell Bole, Glen Heuvel

Womens Team Sprint


1. Chasing Rainbows 36.541
Janet Birkmyre & Alison Chisholm

2. Sister Act 36.716
Julie Cooper & Debbie Capewell

3. Team 1920 37.447
Erin Criglington & Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen

4. Australia 38.214
Rebecca Wheadon/Julie Barnett

Qualification Round

1st Chasing Rainbows 36.125
Janet Birkmyre & Alison Chisholm

2nd Sister Act 36.735
Julie Cooper & Debbie Capewell

3rd Team 1920 37.523
Erin Criglington & Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen

4th Australia 38.378
Rebecca Wheadon & Julie Barnett

5th 22 Wheels 39.393
Ruth Taylor & Suzanne Duncan-Gilbert

6th USA W 40.444
Jennifer Kalich & Annabell Holland

7th Speed Weapon 40.706
Petra Kluender & Emi Wachi

8th Flying Finns 42.439
Jaana Hyvarinen & Arja Scarsbrook

9th Hino Cycling Team 45.241
Micheline Morel & Maria Herrera

rel Australia Gold 37.015
Janelle Smith & Jessica Laws

rel South Aussies 41.961
Sharee Faulkner & Kellie Hards

Mens Sprint 75 Plus Years

1st James Kloss USA 12.938
2nd Roland Crayford GBR 13.973
3rd Joseph Nicolosi FRA 14.34
4th Jim Turner USA 14.615
5th Wally Fowler GBR 14.631
6th Brian Dacey GBR 14.64
7th Laurence Rissbrook GBR 15.674
8th Brian Kennedy AUS 16.552
9th Neil Orrell GBR 17.017

Round 1

Round 1 Repechage – Result
1st Wally Fowler GBR 18.344
2nd Neil Orrell GBR

1st Brian Dacey GBR 15.373
2nd Brian Kennedy AUS
3rd Laurence Rissbrook GBR

Round 2 – Result
1st James Kloss USA 14.336
2nd Brian Dacey GBR

1st Roland Crayford GBR 14.169
2nd Wally Fowler GBR

1st Jim Turner USA 14.477
2nd Joseph Nicolosi FRA
Round 2 Repechage
1st Wally Fowler GBR 15.296
2nd Joseph Nicolosi FRA
3rd Brian Dacey GBR

Mens Sprint 70 – 74 Years

1st Geoffrey Cooke GBR 12.412
2nd Earl Henry TRI 13.002
3rd David Rowe GBR 13.238
4th Guido Lupo ITA 13.402
5th John Mason GBR 13.811
6th Russ Snowdon GBR 14.869

Round 1
1st Geoffrey Cooke GBR 15.044
2nd Russ Snowdon GBR

1st Earl Henry TRI 14.824
2nd John Mason GBR

1st Guido Lupo ITA 13.827
2nd David Rowe GBR

Round 1 Repechage
1st David Rowe GBR 14.131
2nd John Mason GBR
3rd Russ Snowdon GBR

Mens Sprint 65 – 69 Years

1st Gerard Louis Robert FRA 11.931
2nd Colin Claxton NZL 12.458
3rd Patrick Whelan USA 12.845
4th Michel Briat FRA 13.111
5th Stanley Gregg USA 13.131
6th Norman Kalmanovitch CAN 13.376
7th Richard Kidd GBR 13.38
8th Shigeru Ito JPN 14.366
9th Jose Olaskoaga ESP 15.836
10th Douglas Conroy GBR 16.778

Round 1
1st Gerard Louis Robert FRA
2nd Norman Kalmanovitch CAN
3rd Douglas Conroy GBR

1st Colin Claxton NZL
2nd Stanley Gregg USA
3rd Jose Olaskoaga ESP

1st Shigeru Ito JPN
2nd Patrick Whelan USA
3rd Michel Briat FRA
dns Richard Kidd GBR

Round 1 Repechage – Result
1st Norman Kalmanovitch CAN 14.209
2nd Jose Olaskoaga ESP

1st Stanley Gregg USA 14.043
2nd Michel Briat FRA

1st Patrick Whelan USA 15.222
2nd Douglas Conroy GBR

Round 2
1st Gerard Louis Robert FRA 12.96
2nd Patrick Whelan USA

1st Colin Claxton NZL 13.426
2nd Stanley Gregg USA

1st Shigeru Ito JPN 14.016
2nd Norman Kalmanovitch CAN

Round 2 Repechage
1st Stanley Gregg USA 13.900
2nd Patrick Whelan USA
3rd Norman Kalmanovitch CAN

UCI World Masters Track Championships at Manchester’s National Cycling Centre on October 4th and each day until Saturday October 11th. 430 riders are entered from 33 countries. Full information is at the championships web site

Tickets are on sale on the web site and will also be available at the velodrome.

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Twitter: @masterstrack


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