Result – Lewes Wanderers Gents’ GP


Conall & Christian Yates winners of the Lewes Wanderers Gents’ Grand Prix last Sunday

RST Cycle  Clothing & Trigon Bikes

Result – Lewes Wanderers Gents’ GP

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1 Conall Yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp 37:53
Christian Yates (FT) East Grinstead CC

2 Marc Townsend Eastbourne Rovers CC 39:21
Iain Brogden Eastbourne Rovers CC

3 Rob Pelham Lewes Wanderers CC 42:29
Dominic Lowden Lewes Wanderers CC

4 Mark Bashford East Grinstead CC 43:10
Kevin Bashford (FT) East Grinstead CC

5 Peter Baker Lewes Wanderers CC 46:03
John Mankelow Lewes Wanderers CC

6 Rick Hughes Worthing Excelsior CC 43:07
Chris Putnam Worthing Excelsior CC

7 Cameron Fraser 42:26
Craig McLean

8 Tamar Vanderhaas Lewes Wanderers CC 46:16
Gina McGeever (WV) Lewes Wanderers CC

9 Ian Cheesman Worthing Excelsior CC 43:34
Martin Booker Worthing Excelsior CC

10 Matthew Sumpter In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 43:41
Sam Dix In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT

11 Yuriy Tymchenko Sussex Nomads CC 45:00
Ade Fadero Sussex Nomads CC

12 Stuart Bettis Southdowns Bikes CC 44:26
Bruce Samuel Southdowns Bikes CC

13 Simon Atkinson Worthing Excelsior CC 44:35
Darren Muggeridge Worthing Excelsior CC

14 Michael Davey Eastbourne Rovers CC 43:35
Mark Edleston Eastbourne Rovers CC

15 Darren Brockhurst Lewes Wanderers CC 47:41
Ali Brockhurst (WV) (FT) Lewes Wanderers CC

16 Mark Jones GS Stella 46:36
Stuart Jago GS Stella

17 Nick Wilson Rye & District Wheelers 49:15
Rebecca Wilson (WV) (FT) Rye & District Wheelers

18 Jay Chisnall Brighton Mitre CC 47:25
Claire Leonard (WV) Brighton Mitre CC

19 Martin Bailey Kettering CC 52:55
Tom Bailey (FT) Kettering CC

20 Sally Baldwin GS Stella 47:00
Martin White GS Stella

21 Ruth Summerford Eastbourne Rovers CC 45:15
Ian Newbold Eastbourne Rovers CC

22 Tom Glandfield Lewes Wanderers CC 49:02
Lisa Glandfield (WV) (FT) Lewes Wanderers CC

23 Mark Storie GS Stella 45:54
Phillip Stubbs Tuff Fitty

24 Martin Green Bayeux CT 48:54
Chris Hill Bayeux CT
25 Brett Davis Lewes Wanderers CC 50:19
Lisa Davis (WV) (FT) Lewes Wanderers CC

26 Sam Winter Eastbourne Rovers CC 47:08
Simon Underwood CC Topp

27 Thomas Bowden Eastbourne Rovers CC 51:45
Tony Richardson Eastbourne Rovers CC

28 Edward Cockill Eastbourne Rovers CC 55:35
Symon Cockill (FT) Eastbourne Rovers CC

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