Report – World Masters Day 7


No less than fifteen World Champions were crowned at Manchester on Friday on day 7 of the 2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships

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Report – World Masters Day 7

2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships – Day 7

October 4-11, 2014 | 430 riders from 33 countries

No less than fifteen World Champions were crowned at Manchester on Friday on day 7 of the 2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships. Seven of those champions were British with four from the USA, two from France and one each from New Zealand and Australia.


Phil Houlton decides he’d take his own podium photo with a difference – Selfie!

Men’s 40 to 45 Scratch Race
One of the most exciting Scratch races you could ever see was the Men’s 40 to 45 won in the end by John McClelland. For a long while it looked like Jason White was a certainty for either Gold or Silver as the break he was part of was doing a great job of keeping the chasing pack at bay. Eventually though the two leaders including White were caught and that was the signal for the race to just get even more frantic.

2014_Masters_Day7_Report 1

There some good riders getting gassed out there and the last few laps were mint to watch. What was left of the peloton at the front of the race were by now sprinting for the line when out of no-where one of the Frenchman in the race attacked over the top and gapped everyone. It was everyman for himself now and ducking and diving off the wheels well was John McClelland who blitzed his rivals over the last half a lap to win well clear of Bruno Redondo with Jason White a well deserved third.

In an equally brutal Men’s 35-39 scratch race, the win went to Jeromy Cottell of the USA ahead of Rolando H Ahumada (Argentina) and Scotland’s Martin Lonie getting the Bronze.

In the Men’s 64-69 Points race, Gerard Louis Robert of France won the first of two titles on the day when came out of the ongoing Men’s Sprint competition to dominate the Men’s 64-69 Points race winning every one of the Sprints.

New Zealand’s Colin Claxton was not only having to play second fiddle to Gerard in the Sprint competition but also the Points race and he finished second while third was another Frenchman Michel Briat.

One of Britain’s top pros in the 70s, Geoff Wiles was the winner of the 70-74 Points race winning three of four sprints and was second in the other. Geoff, riding a track bike made from 531 tubing he rode in the 70’s was British road race champion (1976) and winner of stages in the Milk Race. He’d also won British titles on the track as a senior. Geoff told VeloUK this week “I dug the 531 track bike out of the loft where it had been languishing since the 70s.”

2014_Masters_Day7_Report 3

“We ‘roadies’ only had occasional, and not very serious, forays on to the track in those days. I made the spiders homeless because I had the opportunity to ride the Olympic track a couple of months ago. A 40 year gap and a roof makes it all seem like a new and refreshing challenge. I hope I will get the hang of it.”

Today Geoff won a World title so I think we can say that Geoff has got the hang of it!

The Men’s 75 Plus Points race had a small field entered and that got ever smaller as the race went on. First, there were two non starters and then a rear wheel blow out for one of the riders saw his bike slide back first down the track sending the rider crashing to the crowd before Jim Turner of the USA had no where to go and came crashing down at speed injuring his arm.

Winner of the race was James Kloss of the USA who won three of the four sprints ahead of the consistent Aussie Rod Wagner whilst Derrick Woodings made a charge for the medals by attacking at the end and winning the final sprint which saw him finish the race with the Bronze medal.

Team Sprint & Team Pursuit
The day saw two team races against the watch, a Team Sprint and Team Pursuit. In the Men’s 45-54 Team Sprint, the Brooks Cycles & the Interloper team (Philip Houlton, Neil Potter, Adrian Dent) were not only fastest qualifiers but also the winners of the final for Gold and Silver against USA 1 (Michael Paulin, James Lawrence, Brian Abers).


Third was France II Didier Leinenweber, Bruno Caporossi, Dominique Sioul) who whilst slower than Team Imp (Mark Wiffen, Peter Ettles, Ivor Reid), the French team were award the bronze after Team Imp were relegated for an illegal change.

The Team Pursuit, like the one the day before, was a real corker of a race. Only thousandths of a second separated the British quartet “Better Together” (Chris Davis, Ian Humphreys, Graham Barclay, Steve Davies) and the Australian foursome (Michael Eastwood, John Zivanovic, Anthony Mills, Lewis Marshall) In qualifying.

2014_Masters_Day7_Report 4

The final was set to be a cracker and so it was. The British four put the pressure on the Aussies but they withstood it well and over the closing laps were coming back at the Brits only for the GB team to change gear on the final lap and open the gap back up and clinch the Gold medal with Silver for the Aussies. In the Bronze medal ride off, the USA foursome caught the South African quartet in just under two minutes to take the final place on the podium.

The older categories had their day of sprinting today with three different age groups taking to the track. James Kloss won his second Gold of the day beating Roland Crayford 2:0 in the Gold/Silver match races whilst Jim Turner won his matches for the Bronze also 2:0 against 80 plus rider Wally Fowler.

In the 70-74 age group, Geoff Cooke won his 31st Masters World title. To do that, in the semi final, he had to beat his tandem partner from the 1972 Olympics David Rowe and once he’d done that, the rest was a formality as he beat Earl Henry two nil in the final for Gold. The Bronze was won by David Rowe which meant the two riders who had worn the GB colours on a tandem in 1972 at the Olympics and reached the quarter final in the Sprint competition, both got to stand on the podium together.

The final Sprint title of the day was in the Men’s 65-69 where Gerard Louis Robert (France) continued his utter dominance of that category beating New Zealand’s Colin Claxton with Stanley Gregg of the USA winning the Bronze.

There were two Points races for Women during day 7 as well with the Womens 35 – 44 being won by Niki Kovacs from Christelle Ribault and Madeline Moore. Those same three riders stood on the podium for the Gold, Silver and Bronze in the 35-39 age category. In the 40-44 category from the same race, the Gold went to 5th placed Erin Criglington (New Zealand), Silver to Adriana Perino (Argentina) and the Bronze to Aussie Kellie Hards.

In the second of the Points races for Women 45 and over, 17 riders took to the track to battle it out for titles in three separate age categories. Winner of the race overall was Janet Birkmyre from Deborah Coulls (Australia) and Orla Hendron (Ireland).

The three titles were awarded as follows:

GOLD Janet Birkmyre GBR
SILVER Francine Haas USA
BRONZE Jayne Paine GBR

GOLD Deborah Coulls AUS
SILVER Orla Hendron IRL
BRONZE Myrtle Hagedorn RSA

GOLD Elizabeth Heller USA
SILVER Petra Kluender GER
BRONZE Christine Higgs GBR

F35-39 points race Niki Kovacs GBR
F40-44 points race Erin Criglington NZL
F45-49 points race Janet Birkmyre GBR
F50-54 points race Deborah Coulls AUS
F55+ points race Elizabeth Heller USA
M75+ sprint James Kloss USA
M70-74 sprint Geoffrey Cooke GBR
M65-69 sprint Gerard Louis Robert FRA
M65-69 points race Gerard Louis Robert FRA
M70-74 points race Geoff Wiles GBR
M75+ points race James Kloss USA
M45-54 Team Sprint Brooks Cycles & the Interloper GBR
M55-64 Team Pursuit Better Together GBR
M35-39 scratch race Jeromy Cottell USA


Mens Sprint 65 – 69 Years

Semi Finals

1 Gerard Louis Robert FRA 14.25 12.95
2. Stanley Gregg USA

1. Colin Claxton NZL 12.979 13.091
2. Shigeru Ito JPN


For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Gerard Louis Robert FRA 13.061 12.523
2. Colin Claxton NZL

For 3rd & 4th Place
3. Stanley Gregg USA 13.102 13.605
4. Shigeru Ito JPN

Mens Sprint 70 – 74 Years

Semi Finals
1. Geoffrey Cooke GBR 13.867 13.686
2. David Rowe GBR

1. Earl Henry TRI 13.780 14.751
2. Guido Lupo ITA


For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Geoffrey Cooke GBR 12.955 13.512
2. Earl Henry TRI

For 3rd & 4th Place
3. David Rowe GBR 13.819 13.712
4. Guido Lupo ITA

Mens Sprint 75 Plus Years

Semi Finals – Result
1. James Kloss USA 14.138 13.457
2. Wally Fowler GBR

1. Roland Crayford GBR 14.518 15.072
2. Jim Turner USA

For 1st & 2nd Place
1. James Kloss USA 13.215 13.708
2. Roland Crayford GBR

For 3rd & 4th Place
3 Jim Turner USA 14.681 14.893
4. Wally Fowler GBR

Men 40 – 44 Years Scratch Race

Final – 10 Km (40 Laps)
1 John McClelland GBR
2 Bruno Redondo FRA
3 Jason White GBR
4. Frederic Martin FRA
5. Aderito Da Cruz FRA
6. Matthew Glanville AUS
7. Peter John Wheeler RSA
8. Alessandro Picco ITA
9. Martin Ruepp SUI
10. Jerome Gueret FRA
11. Jayson Austin AUS
12. Nikalas Cook GBR
13. Matt Howell GBR
14. Richard Hughes GBR
15. Jason Roberts GBR
16. Diego Rozie ARG
17. Graeme Lackford GBR @ 1 Lap
dnf Hugo Alfredo Auge ARG
dnf Sergio A Chucoff ARG
dnf John Russell GBR
Race Time: 12:27

Qualification Heats – 7.5 Km (30 Laps)

Heat 1
1st Graeme Lackford GBR
2nd Jason Roberts GBR
3rd Bruno Redondo FRA
4th Aderito Da Cruz FRA @ 1 Lap
5th Martin Ruepp SUI ”
6th Jason White GBR ”
7th Matthew Glanville AUS ”
8th Hugo Alfredo Auge ARG ”
9th Sergio A Chucoff ARG ”
10th Jerome Gueret FRA ”
11th Jason Streather GBR ”
12th Richard McArdle AUS ”
13th Gerry Bowditch GBR ”
14th Jeremy Pile GBR ”
Race Time: 09:46

Heat 2
1st Nikalas Cook GBR
2nd Peter John Wheeler RSA
3rd Diego Rozie ARG
4th Jayson Austin AUS
5th Richard Hughes GBR
6th Frederic Martin FRA
7th John McClelland GBR
8th Alessandro Picco ITA
9th John Russell GBR
10th Matt Howell GBR
11th Thierry Forler FRA
12th Alain Bornet FRA
dnf Christian Ellis GBR
Race Time: 09:49

Men Team Sprint 45 – 54 Years

1. Brooks Cycles & the Interloper 49.218
Philip Houlton, Neil Potter, Adrian Dent

2. USA 1 50.411
Michael Paulin, James Lawrence, Brian Abers

3. France II 51.823
Didier Leinenweber, Bruno Caporossi, Dominique Sioul

Rel Team Imp 51.454
Mark Wiffen, Peter Ettles, Ivor Reid

Men Team Sprint 45 – 54 Years

Qualification Round
1st Brooks Cycles & the Interloper 49.513
Philip Houlton, Neil Potter, Adrian Dent

2nd U S A 1 50.554
Michael Paulin, James Lawrence, Brian Abers

3rd Team Imp 51.256
Mark Wiffen, Peter Ettles, Ivor Reid

4th France II 51.694
Didier Leinenweber, Bruno Caporossi, Dominique Sioul

5th Newcastles Finest 54.679
James Hollins, Paul Whatmough, Paul Gittins

6th Texie Cali USA 54.813
Robert Cronin, Alphonso Whaley, Deogracias Asuncion

7th VCCC 56.278
Andy Aldridge, Dean Padley, Jeff Winstanley

Rel Arcane Brendan Whelan 54.095
Liam Collins
William Cannon

Amico Team Roberto Dardi 50.174
Geoff Stoker
Ferruccio Veschetti

Mens Team Pursuit 55 – 64 Years
1 “Better Together” 3.35.255
Chris Davis, Ian Humphreys, Graham Barclay, Steve Davies

2. Queensland 3.36.924
Michael Eastwood, John Zivanovic, Anthony Mills, Lewis Marshall

3. USA 55 3.36.597
Mark Sommers, James Host, Larry Nolan, Richard Voss

4. Out of Africa Caught in 1.46.935
Wendell Bole, Glen Heuvel, Lee Kane, Wally Bodin

Qualification – 3000m (12 Laps)

1st “Better Together” 3.38.034
Chris Davis, Ian Humphreys, Graham Barclay, Steve Davies

2nd Queensland 3.38.042
Michael Eastwood, John Zivanovic, Anthony Mills, Lewis Marshall

3rd USA 55 3.40.741
Mark Sommers, James Host, Larry Nolan, Richard Voss

4th Out of Africa 3.56.211
Wendell Bole, Glen Heuvel, Lee Kane, Wally Bodin

Womens 35 – 44 Points Race
Final – 15 Km (60 Laps)
1. Niki Kovacs* GBR 20pts
2. Christelle Ribault* FRA 14pts
3. Madeline Moore* GBR 13pts
4. Susie Mitchell* IRL 9pts
5. Erin Criglington** NZL 4pts
6. Adriana Perino** ARG 4pts
7. Ruth Taylor* GBR 2pts
8. Caroline Harding* GBR
9. Kellie Hards** AUS
10. Peggy Series** FRA
11. Jennifer Kalich* USA
12. Roisin Kennedy* IRL
dnf Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen* NED
dnf Linsey Hamilton* USA

* 35-39 Years Race Time: 22:03
** 40-44 Years


35 – 39 Years
Gold Niki Kovacs* GBR
Silver Christelle Ribault* FRA
Bronze Madeline Moore* GBR

40 – 44 Years
Gold Erin Criglington** NZL
Silver Adriana Perino** ARG
Bronze Kellie Hards** AUS

Womens 45 Plus Years Points Race

Final – 10 Km (40 Laps)
1st Janet Birkmyre* GBR 16pts
2nd Deborah Coulls** AUS 7pts
3rd Orla Hendron** IRL 6pts
4th Elizabeth Heller*** USA 6pts
5th Francine Haas* USA 3pts
6th Petra Kluender*** GER 3pts
7th Myrtle Hagedorn** RSA 2pts
8th Makiko Hamada** JPN 1pt
9th Jayne Paine* GBR
10th Elizabeth Clayton** GBR
11th Christine Higgs*** GBR
12th Sharee Faulkner* AUS
13th Meg Mautner** USA
14th Brenda Tate*** GBR -10 -10pts
dnf Alejandra Roca Satorres** ESP
dnf Edvige Pettinato* ITA
dnf Julie Barnett** AUS
Race Time: 9:01

Mens 65/69 Points
1 Gerard Louis Robert FRA 20pts
2 Colin Claxton NZL 7pts
3 Michel Briat FRA 6pts
4. Steffen Munch Hansen DEN 6pts
5. David Mulica USA 3pts
6. Dick Cubison GBR 2pts
7. Christopher Anstey CAN
8. John Moss RSA
9. Bill Cotton GBR
10. Patrick Whelan USA -20 -20pts
dnf Heinz Bandener GER
dnf Douglas Conroy GBR
dnf Robbie Duncan GBR
dnf George Grant GBR
Race Time: 13:58

Men 70 – 74 Points Race Final – 10 Km (40 Laps)
1. Geoff Wiles GBR 18pts
2. Michael Williams USA 11pts
3. Guido Lupo ITA 9pts
4. John Larsen DEN 3pts
5. Peter Smith GBR 2pts
6. Peter Jenn GBR 1pt
7. Brian Moat GBR
8. Clive Walmsley GBR
9. Paul Morphet GBR
dnf Earl Henry TRI
dnf Roger Langlois FRA
dnf Mike Wolstenholme GBR
dnf Barry Ferguson GBR
dnf John Mason GBR
Race Time: 15:12

Men 75 Plus Points Race
Final – 10 Km (40 Laps)
1. James Kloss USA 15pts
2. Rod Wagner AUS 9pts
3. Derrick Woodings GBR 7pts
4. Joseph Nicolosi FRA 6pts
5. Laurence Rissbrook GBR 1pt
dnf Jim Turner USA
dnf Neil Orrell GBR
dnf Brian Dacey GBR
dnf Brian Kennedy AUS
dnf Roland Crayford GBR
Race Time: 16:17
Men 35 – 39 Scratch Race
Final – 10 Km (40 Laps)

1. Jeromy Cottell USA
2. Rolando H Ahumada ARG
3. Martin Lonie GBR
4. Julien Muselet FRA
5. Mathieu Charruau CAN
6. Andy Stuart GBR @ 1 Lap
7. Mickael Dhinnin FRA ”
8. Alex Arancibia AUS ”
9. James Notley GBR ”
10. Michael Oosthuysen RSA ”
11. John Hollier GBR ”
12. Christophe Nicolle FRA ”
13. Neil Withington GBR @ 2 Laps
dnf Sam Alison AUS
dnf Robert Bishop GBR
Race Time: 12:17

UCI World Masters Track Championships at Manchester’s National Cycling Centre on October 4th and each day until Saturday October 11th. 430 riders are entered from 33 countries. Full information is at the championships web site

Tickets are on sale on the web site and will also be available at the velodrome.

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