Report – Mud,Sweat & Cheers on Whiteway Hill


Mud, Sweat ‘n Gears won the Inter-club hill climb series ending CC Weymouth’s three year run

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Report – Mud,Sweat & Cheers on Whiteway Hill
From Eamonn Deane (see lots of pics here)

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Mud,Sweat ‘n Gears won the Inter-club hill climb series ending CC Weymouth’s three year run. The Dorchester-based shop outfit played Weymouth at their own game, packing out the field to take maximum points in the 4 race competition.

Lewis Keightley ( won the final round on Whiteway hill in the Purbecks but it was Ryan Weston (Poole Wheelers) who took the individual honours after finishing sixth.

A chill easterly wind ensured times were well down on last year and reminded those watching that the days of riding in shorts were over for another year. The 2.4 mile climb scythes its way up the northern aspect of Whiteway in the army ranges above East Lulworth. Gently rolling at first it is not until two thirds of the way up you enter the hurt locker, you don’t come out till the chequered board! Keightley clocked 7.12.6 a good 40 secs down on his winning time of last year but still 15 seconds ahead of Simon McLaughlin (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers), with Ricky Benson (Fit to Ride) in third place.

McLaughlin has won the individual title for the past three seasons but a mechanical DNF in round 3 at Creech took him out of contention. Paddy Dunn (CC Weymouth) surprisingly took three seconds out of Weston to finish in fourth place. For reasons known only to himself, John O’Brien (Bournemouth Jubilee) tackled the hill on a trike, his time of 10.52.2 very possibly a course best. The inter-club series has proved to be a popular end to the season, this year attracting 225 rides over the four events.

1 Lewis Keightley Primera 7:12:7
2 Simonn McLaughlin BJW 7:27:6
3 Ricky Benson Fit to Ride 7:37:7
4 Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth 7:45:5
5 Harrison Fielding CHS Racing 7:47:7
6 Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers 7:48:5
7 Rob Midmore MSG 7:57:4
8 Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 8:01:5
9 Martin Rowland Poole Wheelers 8:04:7
10 Darren Mayne Poole Wheelers 8:06:1 day member
11 John Vinson Poole Wheelers 8:08:4
12 Steve Pink CC Weymouth 8:09:7
13 Alex Jolliffe Poole Wheelers 8:10:7 day member
14 Jon Brumfield CC Weymouth 8:16:0
15 Sam Wadsley Poole Wheelers 8:20:5
16 Robert Koppenhol CC Weymouth 8:23:6
17 Alex Adams MSG 8:23:7
18 Richard Porter CC Weymouth 8:24:4
19 Simon Chainey MSG 8:27:8
20 Andrew Leach MSG 8:28:1
21 Wayne Roberts CC Weymouth 8:31:3
22 Steve Gordon Poole Wheelers 8:35:1 day member
23 Rob Wood MSG 8:40:4
24 Ali Fielding Poole Wheelers 8:42:5 junior
25 Dave Boss MSG 8:44:3
26 Nick Voss MSG 8:45:9
27 Peter Sharp Poole Wheelers 8:53:4 day member
28 Kawin Chosarat UK Biking 8:58:7
29 Dan Haskins MSG 8:58:9
30 John Chapman CC Weymouth 9:04:3
31 Luke Dighton Poole Wheelers 9:04:7 juvenile
32 Dean Crichel CC Weymouth 9:08:2
33 Gordon Scott Chippenham & Dist 9:18:6
34 Mark Fagg MSG 9:20:1
35 Oliver Hitchings Hansford Racing 9:21:5
36 Martin Peters MSG 9:24:7
37 Jeremy Guy CC Weymouth 9:27:3
38 Amy Jo Hansford MSG 9:34:2
39 Rob Hansford MSG 9:35:00
40 Eve Jefferies Poole Wheelers 9:35:7 junior
41 Kevin Harris BJW 9:37:8
42 Phil Smith CC Weymouth 9:44:5
43 Martin Midmore MSG 9:49:3
44 Alison Ford VC Meurden 9:50:6
45 Philip Clive CC Weymouth 9:54:3
46 Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth 9:54:6
47 Sarah Wise MSG 10:09:1
48 Gordon Skillen Poole Wheelers 10:14:0
49 Jeff Horseman Wessex RC 10:16:2
50 Chris Chapman MSG 10:22:3
51 Andrew Preston CC Weymouth 10:23:9
52 Howard Pankhurst Poole Wheelers 10:33:1
53 Alan Robinson MSG 10:36:0
54 Debbie Cooper BACC 10:36:1
55 Nick Mannerings MSG 10:39:3
56 Steve Trigwell CC Weymouth 10:45:5
57 John O’Brien BJW 10:52:2 trike
58 Ali Hansford MSG 11:10:4
59 Wayne Fordham MSG 11:22:7
60 Brian Sands CC Weymouth 12:42:4
61 Dell Coppola CC Weymouth 12:50:9
62 Russell Wright MSG 13:02:4

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