Report & Result – CC Sudbury Hill Climb


Youngster Frank Longstaff of Colchester Rovers CC winner of the CC Sudbury Hill Climb on Sunday

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Report & Result – CC Sudbury Hill Climb

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Cycle Club Sudbury Press Report for East District Cycle Association Hill Climb Championship
(Incorporating CC Sudbury Hill Climb Championship)

Cycle Club Sudbury held the E.D.C.A. Hill Climb Championships (Sunday 19th October) at the Semer Hill near Hadleigh.

CCS hillclimb Winner Frank Longstaff Oct 2014

Bringing the event date forward by two weeks and offering cash prizes of nearly £600 which included equal monies to both male and female riders, helped secure a record entry of 76 riders. Heavy early morning rain left the course very wet and covered with a blanket of leaves, which was cleared in time before the first riders appeared. As ever, a very large gathering of spectators lined the hill and were probably worth a few extra seconds off the rider’s times with their enthusiastic vocal support.

Fastest time of the day was set by a young rider from the juvenile category, Frank Longstaff (Colchester Rovers CC), who is on British Cycling’s Olympic Talent Squad, in 48.9secs. Second fastest was Tim Weller (University of Exeter CC) in 48.2secs followed by Lewis Symes from the relatively newly formed club of Manningtree Wheelers CC in 48.8secs.

Only 1/10th of a second slower was the organising club’s own Lee Ford which was an outstanding effort. Jason Bouttell (Team and Dominic Schils (Zannata Racing Team) rounded off the top 6 positions with 49.0 and 49.2 respectively.

The Ladies prize was won by Samantha Segger from the nearby Boxford B C who got under the minute with a time of 59.4secs. Becky Ridge (Manningtree Wheelers BC) took second spot with 63.2secs and third place went to Tanya Griffiths (Starley Primal Pro Cycling) in 66.6secs.

The team competition went to Manningtree Wheeler BC, with Ipswich BC taking 2nd place and also the E.D.C.A. Hill Climb Team Championship. Interbike Veloschils RT took 3rd place.

CCS Hillclimb Champ Lee Ford receives Trophy from CCS Event Organiser Jonathan Weatherley Oct 2014

Not only did Lee Ford win the CCS Hill Climb Championship, but also secured the E.D.C.A. Hill Climb Championship to complete an excellent days work! Young Charlie Felstead won the CCS Schoolboy Hill Climb Champions Shield in a time of 64.3secs. Finally, as there is a one rider per prize rule and Longstaff had already won overall, the winner of the fastest Junior/Juvenile went to Oliver Jones (Ipswich BC).

1 Frank Longstaff Colchester Rovers C.C. 46.9 Juv
2 Tim Weller University of Exeter C.C. 48.2 S
3 Lewis Symes Manningtree Wheelers B.C. 48.8 S
4 Lee Ford C.C. Sudbury 48.9 S
5 Jason Bouttell Team 49 S
6 Dominic Schils Zannata Racing Team 49.2 S
7 Dougie Allen Velo Schils Interbike R.T. 49.4 V
8 Daniel Zagni Ipswich B.C. 49.7 V
9 Paul Moss Stowmarket & District C.C. 49.9 V
9 Graham Collins Manningtree Wheelers B.C. 49.9 S
11 Thomas Foster Manningtree Wheelers B.C. 50.7 S
12 Adrian McTigue Plomesgate C.C. 51 V
13 Matthew Carter Velo Schils Interbike R.T. 51.2 S
14 Peter Ingram Ipswich B.C. 51.9 V
15 Shaun Andrews Ipswich B.C. 52 V
15 Mathew Shotbolt Autostrasse Porsche R.T. 52 S
17 Andrew Sanders Braintree Velo 52.3 S
18 Joshua Aiken Stowmarket & District C.C. 52.5 S
19 Andrew Pearce Ipswich B.C. 53 S
20 James Rush C.C. Sudbury 54.1 S
21 Andrew Lovelock Velo Schils Interbike R.T. 54.3 S
21 John Swindells Iceni Velo 54.3 V
23 Richard Farrow West Suffolk Wheelers 54.4 V
24 Trevor Ormes Velo Schils Interbike R.T. 54.5 V
25 Daniel Price Braintree Velo 55.4 S
25 Oliver Jones Ipswich B.C. 55.4 J
27 Matthew Bond Kenton R.C. 56.5 S
28 Jack Payne Anglia Velo 57 S
29 Darren Rule C.C. Sudbury 57.4 V
30 Lyster Romero Plomesgate C.C. 57.6 Juv
31 Bob Longstaff Colchester Rovers C.C. 57.7 Juv
32 Robert Harman C.C. Sudbury 57.9 V
33 Humfrey Jeakins Ipswich B.C. 58 S
34 Jim Clayton Colchester Rovers C.C. 58.8 V
34 Jason Turner Norwich A.B.C. 58.8 V
36 Samantha Segger Boxford B.C. 59 W
37 Thomas Long West Suffolk Wheelers 59.4 J
38 Ralph Keeler Cambridge C.C. 59.5 V
39 Ian Short API-Metrow 59.6 V
40 Gary Pamment Velo Schils Interbike R.T. 59.7 V
40 George Broughton West Suffolk Wheelers 59.7 J
42 Robert Hayton Colchester Rovers C.C. 59.9 V
43 Ken Baker Colchester Rovers C.C. 1.00:2 V
43 Matthew Shinn Boxford B.C. 1.00:2 V
45 Andrew Elderfield V.C. Revolution 1.00:3 V
45 Martin Waters Stowmarket & District C.C. 1.00:3 S
47 James Ormond Stowmarket & District C.C. 1.00:8 J
48 Michael Remblance Wolsey R.C. 1.01:5 V
48 Chris Steward Boxford B.C. 1.01:5 S
50 Peter Nichols West Suffolk Wheelers 1.02:1 V
51 Daniel Upton C.C. Sudbury 1.02:4 S
52 Paul Goldsmith Colchester Rovers C.C. 1.02:5 V
53 Becky Ridge Manningtree Wheelers B.C. 1.03:2 W
54 Jim Erith V.T.T.A. (EA) 1.03:6 V
55 Steve Willett Plomesgate C.C. 1.03:9 V
56 Alex Harrison Stowmarket & District C.C. 1.04:0 Juv
56 Cliff Matthews Wolsey R.C. 1.04:0 V
58 Charlie Felstead C.C. Sudbury 1.04:3 J
58 Doz Bree C.C. Sudbury 1.04:3 V
60 James Lones Boxford B.C. 1.04:5 V
61 Ben Hammond Manningtree Wheelers B.C. 1.04:7 S
62 Steve Norman Boxford B.C. 1.05:2 S
63 Tanya Griffiths Starley Primal Pro Cycling 1.06:6 W
64 David Young West Suffolk Wheelers 1.10:5 S
65 Andy Fearn Manningtree Wheelers B.C. 1.10:6 V
66 Simon Norton C.C. Sudbury 1.10:8 V
67 Corinna Francis Chelmer C.C. 1.11:6 WV
68 Verity Smith Stowmarket & District C.C. 1.14:6 W
69 Daniel Clark Wolsey C.C. 1.22:9 V
70 Mitchell Noller Diss C.C. 1.28:6 Juv
71 Alex Cutmore Hadleigh C.C. 1.37:0 Juv

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