Result – Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League


George Thompson winner of the Witham Wheelers round of the Linconlshire Cyclo-Cross League

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Result – Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League
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1 George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers S 55:48:00
2 Mark Cotton Ellmore Factory Racing S at 0:52
3 Andrew Stuart Nottingham Clarion S at 1:10
4 Rick Lister Ellmore Factory Racing V 1st Vet at 2:00
5 Ryan Henry Numbplumz S at 2:01
6 Chris Rathbone Naked Bikes V 2nd Vet at 2:02
7 Carl Dyson Achieve CC S at 2:08
8 Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers J 1st Junior at 2:48
9 Tim James Bourne Wheelers J 2nd Junior at 3:11
10 Graham Clark Ellmore Factory Racing V50 1st Vet 50 at 3:18
11 Richard Baldwin Cottingham Coureurs S at 3:29
12 Martin Kennedy Ellmore Factory Racing V 3rd Vet at 4:23
13 Greg Tognarelli VC Cumbria V 4th Vet at 4:56
14 Mark Preston VC Lincoln V 5th Vet at 5:30
15 Adam Cadle S at 5:32
16 Leigh Andrews Zepnat S at 5:34
17 Josh Ashquith Arrow Cycles S at 5:54
18 George Baker Kings Cliffe Flyers J 3rd Junior at 1 Lap
19 Thomas Doe VC Norwich S
20 Bart Kieres Bourne Wheelers S
21 Ivan Oxborough V C Lincoln S
22 Aaron Tuplin Arrow Cycles S
23 Damian Roberts Ellmore Factory Racing V 6th Vet
24 Ian Russell Newark Castle V 7th Vet
25 Neil Mansfield Nottingham Clarion V 8th Vet
26 David Allen Arrow Cycles V 9th Vet
27 Lawrence Green S
28 Darren Smith Boston Wheelers S
29 Jack Wilson Arrow Cycles S
30 Adam Jackson Witham Wheelers S
31 Reece Egner Witham Wheelers J 4th Junior
32 Steve Hilbert VC Lincoln V50 2nd Vet 50
33 Wayne Hutson Arrow Cycles S
34 Martin Cullen VC Lincoln V 10th Vet
35 George Hackney Lincoln Tri V 11th Vet
36 Ryan Thomas Alford Wheelers S
37 Steve Wood Peterborough CC V 12th Vet
38 Jason Clark VC Lincoln V 13th Vet
39 Gavin Daley VC Lincoln S
40 Euan Adamson Lincoln Wheelers S
41 Andy Moore Lincoln Tri S
42 Phil Galpin Bourne Wheelers V 14th Vet
43 Jon Clarke Lincoln Wheelers V50 3rd Vet 50
44 Glen Allison Sherwood Pines V50 4th Vet 50
45 Ben Appleby Arrow Cycles V 15th Vet
46 Clayton Maltby VC Lincoln S
47 Martin White Boston Wheelers V 16th Vet
48 Micheal McDermot Heanor Clarion V60 1st Vet 60
49 Paul Kerr Melton Olympic CC S
50 Paul Conneely Witham Wheelers V50 5th Vet 50 at 2 Laps
51 Paul Sleaford Norton Wheelers V50 6th Vet 50
52 Sam Tuplin Ellmore Factory Racing S
53 Sean East Witham Wheelers V 17th Vet
54 Marc Fairclough Leicester Forest CC S
55 Dan Carr Boston Wheelers S
56 Eddy Loftus Lincoln Wheelers V 18th Vet
57 David Cocker Rossington Wheelers S
58 Craig Turner Sherwood Pines V50 7th Vet 50
59 Simon Croft V 19th Vet
60 Paul Andrews V50 8th Vet 50
61 Paul Hutson Arrow Cycles S
62 Andy Bowser Spalding CC S
63 Joe Clarke Fenland Clarion S
64 Matt Brian VC Lincoln V 20th Vet
65 Dave Moulds Witham Wheelers S
66 Malc Jacklin Fenland Clarion V50 9th Vet 50
67 Jenifer McAndrew Witham Wheelers L 1st Lady
68 Neil Booley Boston Wheelers V 21st Vet
69 Simon Ayliff Bourne Wheelers V 22nd Vet
70 Stephen Deamer V 23rd Vet
71 John Noone Lincoln Wheelers V 24th Vet
72 Vanessa Holmes Arrow Cycles L 2nd Lady
73 Barry Robinson VC Lincoln V60 2nd Vet 60
74 Jody Bett VC Lincoln S
75 Denis Smith V70 1st Vet 70
76 Steve Hull Unattached V50 10th Vet 50
77 Matt Everton Sleaford Wheelers V 25th Vet
78 Adam Coffey Alford Wheelers S
79 Andy Stewart Unattached S
80 Gareth Richards Spalding CC V 26th Vet
81 Andy Newham Lincoln Wheelers V 27th Vet
82 Chris Peel Spalding CC V 28th Vet
83 Jane Roberts V C Lincoln L 3rd Lady
84 Lindsey Clarke Fenland Clarion L 4th Lady
85 Richard Kettleborough VC Lincoln V 29th Vet
86 Edward Burkitt S
87 Helen Smith L 5th Lady
88 Simon Jones Leicester Forest CC S
89 Mark Staples Lindsey Roads CC S
90 Roger Mitchell Lincoln Wheelers V50 11th Vet 50
91 Brian Cooper VC Rutland V50 12th Vet 50
92 Tom Webster Spalding CC V50 13th Vet 50
93 John Farmer Witham Wheelers V 30th Vet
94 Simon Place Boston Wheelers S at 3 Laps
95 John Bateman Veg C&AC V60 3rd Vet 60
96 Jonathon Moody Lincoln Wheelers V 31st Vet
97 Tony Williamson Scunthorpe RC V50 14th Vet 50
98 Jeremy Lightfoot VC Rutland V50 15th Vet 50
99 Terry Beisty Scunthorpe Poly V60 4th Vet 60
100 Nathan Selby S
101 Ben Brierley S
102 Sean Murphy Peterborough CC V 32nd Vet
103 Jonathon Self Boston Wheelers V 33rd Vet
104 Ben Connell Alford Wheelers S
105 Robin Frisby V 34th Vet
106 Chris Bettinson Spalding CC V50 16th Vet 50
107 Steve Clarke Fenland Clarion V50 17th Vet 50
108 Becky Cadle L 6th Lady
109 Jeff Jones Leicester Forest CC V60 5th Vet 60
110 Jonathan Backhouse V 35th Vet
111 Dan Moore Witham Wheelers S
112 Alan Ellis Lincoln Tri V 36th Vet at 3 Laps
113 Kevin Woollas Sleaford Wheelers S
114 Stephen Wells VCAC V50 18th Vet 50
115 Heidi Moulds Witham Wheelers L 7th Lady at 5 Laps

By category

1st Vet Rick Lister (Ellmore Factory Racing)
1st Vet 50 Graham Clarke (Ellmore Factory Racing)
1st Junior Henry Thompson (Sleaford Wheelers)
1st Lady Jenny McAndrew (Witham Wheelers)

1 Jake Norton Sherwood Pines RT U14 1st U14 27:42:00
2 James Swalding Nottingham Clarion U14 at 0:08
3 Finn Mansfield Nottingham Clarion U14 2nd U14 at 1:04
4 Alex Haines Leicestershire RC U14 3rd U14 at 2:38
5 Adam Egner Witham Wheelers U16 at 4:14
6 Robert McAndrew Witham Wheelers U16 at 5;24
7 Bradley Sprogis Paul Milnes Cycles U14 4th U14 at 6:24
8 Cameron Neilson Spalding CC U14 5th U14 at 6:54
9 Kerrigan Robb Light Source U14 6th U14 at 7:13
10 Abigail Armstrong VC Lincoln U14 Girl 7th U14, 1st Girl at 9:21
11 Thomas Webster Spalding CC U16 at 1 Lap
12 Mia Purnell Fenland Clarion U14 Girl 8th U14, 2nd Girl
13 Alice Standish VC Lincoln U14 Girl 9th U14, 3rd Girl
14 Elizabeth McLoughlin Witham Wheelers U14 Girl 10th U14, 4th Girl at 2 Laps

1 Max Poole BikeBox Alan 13:42
2 Christopher Hilbert V C Lincoln at 0:23
3 Bryn Richards Spalding CC at 0:40
4 Alex Galpin Bourne Wheelers at 1:32
5 Ben Norton Spalding CC at 1:42
6 Alex Armstrong VC Lincoln at 2:05
7 Joshua Backhouse VC Lincoln at 1 Lap
8 Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln
9 Molly Peel Spalding CC Girl 1st Girl
10 Emily Richards Spalding CC Girl 2nd Girl
11 Bradley Worth Boston Wheelers
12 Dan Galpin Bourne Wheelers
13 Joe Manning Bourne Wheelers
14 Harry Garfiled Bourne Wheelers
15 Max Moore Witham Wheelers
16 Cassey Rook Boston Wheelers
17 Finley Bass Newark Castle
18 Tazmin Brown Witham Wheelers Girl 3rd Girl
19 Edward Lindsell Bourne Wheelers
20 Mazel Brown Witham Wheelers Girl 4th Girl
21 Joe Ward Newark Castle
22 Thomas Smith Boston Wheelers
23 Luke Issitt at 2 Laps
24 Paige Elding Boston Wheelers Girl 5th Girl
25 Bradley Perkins Arrow Cycles
26 Daniel Backhouse VC Lincoln
27 Ben Birkitt
28 Leo Moore Witham Wheelers
29 Penelope Lindsell Bourne Wheelers Girl 6th Girl
30 Max Burkitt
31 Jael Maw Boston Wheelers Girl 7th Girl
32 Connor Wilkinson Boston Wheelers
33 Jessica East Witham Wheelers Girl 8th Girl
34 Harry Self Boston Wheelers
35 Kye Rook Boston Wheelers
36 Lewis Self Boston Wheelers
37 Thomas Preston Bourne Wheelers
38 Leo Bass Newark Castle
39 Jack Simpson Witham Wheelers
40 Callum East Witham Wheelers
41 Joshua Farmer Witham Wheelers
42 Megan Kirk V C Lincoln Girl 9th Girl
43 Noah Farmer Witham Wheelers
44 Benjamin Smith


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