News – Hour Record for Brändle


Double stage winner at the Tour of Britain, Matthias Brändle from austria breaks Jens Voigt’s Hour record in Switzerland

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News – Hour Record for Brändle

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51.852 kilometres – exact distance still to be ratified by the UCI

The 24 year old Austrian rider from IAM cycling who won two stages in the Tour of Britain in 2014, Matthias Brändle has broken Jen’s Voigt’s recently established hour record.


Matthias Brändle chose a 200 metre track to break the record, meaning he had a lot more ‘turns or corners’ to do than a rider on a 250 metre track over the hour. Despite this, he started quickly, taking his average to 52k an hour plus and then easing back below that mark in the second half.

Riding a Scott Plasma time trial bike the mechanics had adapted for the track, his bike’s power box was behind his seat so he could not see it as he can only have one source of information and that was coming from the side of the track in the same way a pursuiter would. The mechanic explained how they used ceramic bearings in the hubs of the double disc wheels and he was on 55 x 13 gearing.

Having seen the pain riders like Chris Boardman have been post record attempt, the 2009, 2013 and 2014 Austrian Time Trial Champion came off the track in pain for sure but was surprisingly ‘chipper’ when he was interviewed shortly after saying “I feel really great but during the race it was so hard and it was so good that I had so many people here supporting me”.


“I had a difficult period in the middle of the race and I really suffered and had to take a few laps a bit easier, but at the end I could find my rhythm again and bring it to the end. The closer the hour comes, the easier it goes because you know its ten minutes, five minutes, and then the end and you can suffer the pain”.

“I was sure at 30 minutes I could break the record but then I had my difficult period and I hoped I would recover so I could keep the speed until the end. In the end it was enough so I am really happy about it.”
The new hour record holder is more known for road exploits with nothing in his bio listing exploits on the track and asked how it was for a road rider, Matthias replied “the first minutes of the race you think it will be easy to do one hour but then the latic acid comes to your body and every pedal stroke gets hard and harder… and in the end its really hard and I was really on my limit but I could do it and I am really happy”.


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