Report – Wessex Cyclo-Cross League 8


Farringdon Rider Dan Guest overcame the tricky conditions to win the latest round of the Wessex Cyclo-Cross league at Sparshot

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Report – Wessex Cyclo-Cross League 8

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Sunday 2nd November | by Graham Robins

Farringdon Rider Dan Guest (Performance Cycles) overcame the tricky conditions to win the latest round held at the Sparsholt Agriculture College near Winchester. For half the race he was kept in check by Joe Hickerton (Charlotteville CC) as the two were locked together until Dan broke free with a couple of laps to go. Jamie Norfolk (PedalOn) was third but towards the end of the race he slipped away finishing nearly a minute down.


The first lap saw Guest, Norfolk and Hickerton slowly pull away from the others and they managed to put distance into the chasers on the tricky course made more difficult by the early morning heavy shower and by the earlier races. Parts of the course did cut up making some of the off camber descents very slippery which produced some strange lines being used by some.

After a couple of laps Guest and Hickerton were together with the nearest rider back at 30secs as the two worked well. Jamie Norfolk was being chased down by Daniel Bell (Ellmore Factory Racing) with Sam Allen (UCI Nantes Atlantique) 42secs further back.

With a lap to go the order didn’t change it was just the gaps between riders that changed. Guest was now on his own with Hickerton at 20secs, Norfolk at nearly one minute and Bell a further 20secs down. Sam Allen closed out the top five just ahead of Chris Pedder.

Mike Simpson (GS Henley) to full advantage of Crispin Doyle’s (Hargroves Cycles) rolled tub on the first lap to build up a large lead while Doyle had a carry his bike to the pit to replace the offending rear wheel. Once up and riding again Doyle again slotted back into second place but 30secs down on Simpson. Sean Williams (Cotswold Veldrijden) had Tim Hyde (GS Henley) for company on the early laps with the rest loosing time as the course began to cut up.

With Simpson holding a 30secs gap from Doyle, Williams and Hyde were another 45secs back with Phil Bowley (Alton CC) and Dean Hitchings (Eden Veranda Racing) right on his wheel now over a minute down on the leader. Tom Sewell (Cotswold Veldrijden) was the first junior and he was back in seventh place along with team mates Graham Rogerson and Robin Wilmott.
Provisional Results

Senior Men
1 Daniel Guest Performance Cycles Senior
2 Joe Hickerton Charlotteville Senior
3 Jamie Norfolk Senior
4 Daniel Bell Ellmore Factory Facing Senior
5 Sam Allen UC Nantes Atlantique Senior
6 Daniel Stephens Rock n Road Senior
7 Christopher Pedde 0 Senior
8 Joseph Andrews Eden Verenda Racing Senior
9 James Cotty Senior
10 Nick Onslow Senior
11 Christopher Senior
12 James Bracey Pivot Boompods Race Team Senior
13 G Hughes Senior
14 Chris Atkins Specialized Racing Senior
15 Trevor Allen Southampton University RC Senior
16 Oscar hutchings Bike Shed, University Exeter Senior
17 Chris Linney Eden Verenda Racing Senior
18 Peter Beisty GS Henley Senior
19 Aaron Collins Cotswold Velderijn Senior
20 Phil Wilkes Sotonia CC Senior
21 Nathan Marks Eden Verenda Racing Senior
22 Julian Mann VC Venta Senior
23 Tony Parker Northants RC Senior
24 Rob Yeatman BH Solidor WAM Youth Senior
25 Simon White Maybush cc Senior
26 James Cooper Rock n Road Senior
27 Lawrence Walton 0 Senior
28 David Billings VC St Raphael Senior
29 Will Ranoe VCGH Senior
30 Tim Doole Maybush cc Senior
31 Andrew haines Cowley Road Cowders Senior
32 Lidia Gould 0 Senior Female at 1 lap
33 Thomas Key Southampton University RC Senior at 1 lap
34Christopher BrookSouthampton University RC Senior at 1 lap
35 Daryl Finter 0 Senior at 1 lap
36 Matt Haydon GS Henley Senior at 1 lap
37 Paul Osbourne 0 Senior at 1 lap
38 Niels Laughout Sotonia CC Senior at 1 lap
39 Nathan Hoy VCGH Senior at 1 lap
40 Andy Hazelwood Maybush cc Senior at 1 lap
41 Peter Weller VC Venta Senior at 1 lap
42 Gordon Bushel White Mountain Senior at 1 lap
43 Matthew MerryweaSwallowfield Senior at 1 lap
44 Richard Bennett Cotswold Velderijn Senior at 2 laps

1 Mike Simpson GS Henley vet 40
2 Crispin Doyle Hargroves Ridley RT vet 40
3 Sean Williams Coltswold Veldrijden vet 40
4 Tim Hyde GS Henley vet 40
5 Phill Bowley Alton CC vet 40
6 Steve Warwick Didcot Pheonix vet 50
7 Dean Hitchiins Eden Veranda vet 40
8 Thomas Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden Jun
9 Graham Rogers Cotswold Veldrijden vet 40
10 Robin Wilmott Cotswold Veldrijden vet 40
11 William McDon Take 3 Tri vet 40
12 Steven Davies Hargroves Cycles Ridley RT vet 50
13 Ed Gurney VC Venta vet 40
14 Gary Barlow Reading CC vet 40
15 Andy Plewes RN RMCA vet 40
16 Dave Mc Mulle Cotswold Vel;drijden vet 50
17 Gareth Dridge Southdown Velo vet 40
18 Tim Jones Zappis CC vet 40
19 Robert Carter VC Venta vet 40
20 Andy Sykes Team Quest – The Bike Shop vet 40
21 Paul Thomas VC Venta vet 40
22 Pete Scott Cotswold Veldrijden vet 40
23 Philip Clacy Chapel Tri vet 40
24 Pete Hutchinso Cotswold Vedrijden vet 40
25 Rob Ford Beeline Bikes vet 40
26 Nick beech GS Henley vet 40
27 Steve Mead Didcot Pheonix CC vet 40
28 Chris Hutchings VC Venta vet 50
29 Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC vet 40
30 Phil Connell Sotonia CC vet 40
31 Martyn Dymon Cotswold Veldrijden vet 50
32 Neil Simpson London Pheonix vet 50
33 Simon Guard Sotonia CC vet 40
34 Peter Kimber Cotswold Veldrijden vet 40
35 Anthony DymenNorth Hants RC vet 50
36 Dominic Judd VC Venta Jun
37 David Wrey CC Basingstoke vet 50
38 Tim Costello GS Vecchi vet 50
39 Ed Rollitt Eden Veranda Jun
40 Mike Williams Fareham Wheelers vet 50
41 Barry Harvey Blazing Saddles vet 40
42 Phil Rose Palmer Park Velo vet 40
43 Robert Tutt GS Europa vet 40
44 Keith Pitcher vet 40
45 Adam Freewin vet 40
46 Richard Bremne North Hants RC vet 50
47 Andy Cracknell Pedalon.Co.Uk vet 50
48 Nigel Pratt Andover Wheelers vet 40
49 Andy Smith Cotswold Veldrijden vet 50
50 Tamina Oliver Cotswold Veldrijden Wom
51 Helen Pattinson Solent Pirates Wom
52 Steven Longma Andover Wheelers vet 40
53 Steve Robinson North Hants RC vet 40
54 Rachel Fenton Trek Bicycle Coventry Wom
55 Graig Hay Rock n Road vet 40
56 Adam Gardner GS Henley vet 40
57 Sam Oliver Palmer Park Velo Jun at 1 lap
58 Chalie Elsey Newbury CC vet 50 at 1 lap
59 Scott Swalling vet 40 at 1 lap
60 Harjinder Obhi North Hants RC vet 40 at 1 lap
61 Dave Phillips Team Fatboy Vet 40 at 1 lap
62 Steve Denham vet 40 at 1 lap
63 Chistopher Sau Swallowfield Velo vet 40 at 1 lap
64 Tony Langridge VC Venta vet 50 at 1 lap
65 David Martin Hargroves Cycles CC vet 50 at 1 lap
66 Corina Bennet Wom at 1 lap
67 Johnathan GriggFareham Wheelers vet 40 at 1 lap
68 Cheis Macleod Palmer Park Velo vet 50 at 1 lap
69 Susan Parker North Hants RC Wom at 1 lap
70 Jon Dudley Sotonia CC vet 50 at 1 lap
71 Mark Fisher Yeovil CC vet 40 at 1 lap
72 John Phillips Sotonia CC vet 50 at 1 lap
73 Georgina Panch Cycleworks.Co.Uk Wom at 1 lap
74 Chritian Vaugha VC Meudon vet 50 at 1 lap
75 Domonic Laval Odiham CC vet 50 at 1 lap
76 Natasha Reddy Palmer Park Velo Wom at 1 lap
77 Richard Abbott Didcot Pheonix CC vet 50 at 1 lap
78 Mitchell Purvis Didcot Pheonix CC vet 50 at 1 lap
79 Pete Williams vet 50 at 1 lap
80 Geoffrey Booke Oxonian CC vet 50 at 1 lap
81 Tracy Cornell North Hants RC Wom at 1 lap
82 Martin Hughes vet 50 at 1 lap
83 Richard Mynott vet 50 at 1 lap
84 Sharon Dorman Cotswold Veldrijden Wom at 1 lap
85 Jon Fox Charlotteville CC vet 50 at 1 lap
86 Simon WorthingCotswold Veldrijden vet 50 at 1 lap
87 Chris Kimpter Fareham Wheelers CC vet 50 at 1 lap
88 Mike McLachla Sotonia CC vet 50 at 1 lap
89 Carly Hughes Wom at 1 lap
90 Melanie Dixon Solent Pirates Wom at 1 lap
91 Michael Boyce a3crg vet 50 at 1 lap
92 John Rayner GS Henly vet 50 at 1 lap
93 Zoe Sheehan Cotswold Veldrijden Wom at 1 lap
94 Mandy Scott Cotswold Veldrijden Wom at 1 lap
95 Harriet Guest Perfomance Cycles Wom at 1 lap
96 Mark Adams Hargroves CC vet 50 at 1 lap
97 Michael Brooke vet 50 at 1 lap
98 Martin Ward Sotonia CC vet 50 at 1 lap
99 Glenn Thorpe vet 40 at 1 lap
100 David Jowett Hargroves CC vet 50 at 1 lap
101 Nick Roux GS Henley vet 40 at 1 lap
102 Robert Tomlins Sotonia CC vet40 at 1 lap
103 Peter Coupe vet 40 at 1 lap
104 Simon Murray Take 3 Tri vet 40 at 1 lap
105 Caroline Stewar RN RMCA Wom at 1 lap
106 Kim Lassiter Citswold Veldrijden vet 40 at 2 laps
107 Paul wood Swindon Wheelers vet 50 at 2 laps

1 Edward Gronbech Oxford City Road Club u16
2 Harry Rose PPV u16
3 Angus Hawkins Palmer Park RT u14
4 Charlie Cooper Eden Veranda u16
5 Callum Macleod A/W Cycles u16
6 Archie Scott Cotswold Veldrijden u16
7 Erin Baker Team MK u16
8 Jamie Ellis Cotswold Veldrijden u16
9 Will Cooper iTeam u16
10 Ieuan Woods Charlotteville CC u16
11 Barney Clacy Chapel Tri u14
12 Maddie WasworthBeeline Bicycles u14 female
13 Bryn Turner Poole Wheelers u16
14 Harry Dridge Solent Pirates u14
15 Boston Sorensen — u14
16 Sam Bishop Charlotteville CC u14
17 Lorna Bowler HSS u16 female
18 Liam Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden u16
19 Alex Cross Oakley Pedalers u16
20 Alderny Baker Team MK u14 female
21 Ben Bishop Charlotteville CC u16
22 Abbie Manley Jedi Cycle Sport u14 female
23 Holly Powell Chapel Tri u14 female
24 Emma Pitt A/W Cycles u16 female
25 Amy Perryman Solent Pirates u14 female
26 Jay Allen Pedalon u14
27 Liam Harris PPV u16
28 Rowan Turner Poole Wheelers u14
29 Kara Perryman Solent Pirates u16 female
30 Gabriel Banner Hillingdon SS u14
31 Ben Fawcett Solent Pirates u14
32 Fletcher Adams Hargroves CC u16
33 Hugh Johnson Charlotteville CC u16
34 Rory Plewes Solent Pirates u14
35 Euan Macleod Palmer Park RT u14
36 Sam Dawson PPV u16
37 Jemma Bowler Hillingdon SS u14 female
38 Max O’Connor Evolution u14
39 Conor HutchinsonCotswold Veldrijden u14
40 Eua Freeman Solent Pirates u16 female
41 Jamie Kimber Cotswold Veldrijden u16
42 Christopher YoungOxonian CC u16
43 Katie Scott Cotswold Veldrijden u14 female
44 Poppy Pattinson Solent Pirates u14 female
45 Amy Cantelo Solent Pirates u14 female
46 Amber Joseph Palmer Park RT u16 female
47 Duncan Pritchard Palmer Park RT u14
48 Ben Fox Charlotteville CC u14 at 1 lap
49 Ella Shaftoe Cotswold Veldrijden u14 female at 1 lap

Under 12s
1 Jed Smithson Hillingdon SS u10
2 Anna Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles u12 female
3 Thomas WadswortBeeline Bicycles u10
4 Josh Fawcett Solent Pirates u12
5 Lewis Evans Cotswold Veldrijden u12
6 Finn Hawkins PPV u10
7 Adam Potter I-Team u12
8 Mack Mellish Zappis u10
9 Tyler Smith Cotswold Veldrijden u12
10 Madeline Cooper Chapel Tri u12 female at 1 lap
11 Harry Penman — u12 at 1 lap
12 Arlo Carey Palmer Park Velo u10 at 1 lap
13 Sam Graham NHRC u10 at 1 lap
14 James Brown Palmer Park Velo u10 at 1 lap
15 Ben Hunt — u12 at 1 lap
16 Jamie Whitcher Solent Pirates u12 at 1 lap
17 James Salter VC Venta u12 at 1 lap
18 Nathan Cracknell u12 at 1 lap
19 Edward Charles Charlotteville CC u10 at 1 lap
20 Niamh Murphy Cotswold Veldrijden u10 female at 1 lap
21 Lewis Ellis Cotswold V u12 at 1 lap
22 Tommy Lindsell Hillingdon SS u12 at 1 lap
23 Thomas u10 at 1 lap
24 Patrick Atkinson — u12 at 1 lap
26 Lewis Seaward Solent Pirates u10 at 1 lap
27 George Mahon BCS Tri Club u10 at 2 laps
28 Daniel Phillips Team Fatboy u10 at 2 laps
29 Melissa Cooper Chapel Tri U10 female at 2 laps
30 Rohan Gray — u10 at 2 laps
31 Gareth Davies Didcot Phoenix u12 at 2 laps
32 Callum Robins Solent Pirates u10 at 2 laps
33 Felix Clacy Chapel Tri u12 at 2 laps
34 Sam Carter VC Venta u10 at 2 laps
35 Drew Tucker Newbury Road Club u10 at 2 laps
36 Ellen Phillips Team Fatboy u10 female at 2 laps
37 Thomas Hampson– u12 at 2 laps
38 Elise Hawkins PPV u8 female at 2 laps
39 Daisy Pattinson Solent Pirates u8 female at 2 laps
40 William Dunn Thatcham u12 at 2 laps
41 Bobby Buenfeld Gosport BMX u10 at 2 laps
42 Freya Hunt — u10 female at 2 laps
43 Saskia Fawcett Solent Pirates u10 female at 2 laps
44 Hayden Gray — u12 at 3 laps
45 Ethan Cross — u10 at 3 laps

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